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NATIONAL TREASURE 3 Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies Torrent. Modern treasure hunters search for a chest of riches rumored to have been stashed away by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. The film grossed $ million worldwide off a $ million budget, and the sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, performed even better.

Pingu This is great! It is stop-motion penguin antics. Step Brothers Hah, yeah, this movie is hilarious. State and Main Mamet, again! Last Action Hero Yeesh. What happened here?

Who decided fucking Schwarzenegger should be playing the Willis role? Multiplicity Michael Keaton! It is, wow. Quarantine This movie made no damn sense. Viggo Mortensen! The black guy dies but the DOG survives! And lots of self-congratulation. The 13th Warrior Oh man, I watched this because of John McTiernan, and then it turned out that Michael Crichton took over directing and ruined it uncredited because presumably McTiernan was trying to make his utter nonsense into something awesome.

Anyway — Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer. John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns This was good! I love John Carpenter!

Though I was thinking — was George Wendt his first choice? Did John Goodman turn him down? Some random SNL specials The — era is always underrepresented in these. And, obviously, the — era is never mentioned, at all, except for a couple Eddie Murphy sketches. Sometimes I wonder if it was as bad as we have been told! Clear and Present Danger Hah, man, this is actually pretty good, but it is so damn long.

The idea of an acting deputy director of the CIA literally having no understanding of what the CIA actually does and has always done is hilarious. Why did people hate it? Is that seriously why?

Because it is great. Fighting adorable baby godzillas in Madison Square Garden! Jean fucking Reno! It has Dennis Hopper, it has Jet-Ski stunts performed by actual human stunt men, it has hilariously inept attempts at making satirical points about society. It also never makes any sense. I am morbidly curious about the like ten-hour extended version. Evans put an end to fans' hopes in saying the franchise is "a closed book. Instead, Fox attempted to reboot the Fantastic Four in with Josh Trank at the helm — a film so bad it might've finally iced the franchise for good.

He is also a director who likes to make one story at a time, moving from one project to another without sequelizing. However, just a few short months prior to Kill Bill releasing in theaters, Tarantino and Miramax concluded that the four-hour film would have to be split into two releases. Although they aren't his most commercially successful films, the two-part grindhouse homage has become a cult hit in the years since its release.

The second film ends on a solid note, with Bill dying and Beatrix and B. However, Tarantino believes there is always room for more. But Tarantino said he would probably wait around 15 years before making another one. Tarantino said he planned on making another installment and maybe even a fourth one , with the story potentially focusing on "the revenge of two killers whose arms and eye were hacked by Uma Thurman in the first stories," or a daughter's revenge story.

But nothing ever came of either idea. Don't expect them to be working together anytime soon. Chinatown Not many people know that Roman Polanski's masterpiece Chinatown already has a sequel. But had The Two Jakes set the box office alight, it would've paved the way for a full-on trilogy. Polanski's original turned the detective movie on its head with its story of evil, rich men being shielded by a rotten system, even as they exploited a vital resource water and destroyed the lives of those they loved.

The Two Jakes chose not to flip the formula back and featured yet more evil, rich men exploiting natural resources oil while destroying loved ones' lives. While not directed by Polanski Nicholson took over as director, for obvious reasons , it was still high-profile enough for writer Robert Towne to envisage yet another tale of evil men exploiting resources and messing up family members' lives.

Hey, if it ain't broke. Gittes vs. Gittes would've seen Nicholson's detective take on a monopoly controlling access to the L. Not that Chinatown 3's story ended there.

A competing treatment commissioned by the studio wound up being reused as the basis of another L. Clash of the Titans The tagline for 's remake of Clash of the Titans was "Titans will clash," which does an excellent job of summing up both the plot of the movie and exactly what the filmmakers thought of their audience.

Not much. Despite this, the film wound up being kinda fun, in a dumb, goofy sorta way. Good box office and not-as-awful-as-expected reviews from Roger Ebert , no less evidently led the producers to think they had a series on their hands because a sequel was immediately announced, and then a third part announced before that sequel was even released via Hollywood Reporter.

It seemed Titans would be clashing forever, or at least they could have been, had the sequel not sucked reproductive organs. Despite having been announced back in , the final part of the trilogy was put on indefinite hold. In very little time at all, "indefinite hold" became industry speak for "canceled. If you're still looking, Mr.

Iwanyk, how about a movie where Titans resolutely refuse to clash? Now that would be a twist. David Fincher's Millennium trilogy On paper, the Millennium trilogy must have looked like the surest bet in Hollywood. Based on the mega-selling books by Stieg Larsson? Shirtless Daniel Craig? Double check. To paraphrase Philip J. Fry, shut up and take our money! Since the original books function as a trilogy, it made sense for the films to do the same. Well, it would have made sense if the movies were fronted by a cheaper lead actor.

Sony claims Craig wanted too much money to reprise the role of Mikael Blomkvist for two more films. At one point, they considered completing the trilogy with a different lead. Then they ditched Fincher, too, and talk of a trilogy went out the window.

Latest reports say Sony was planning a reboot with a new cast, adapting the semi-official fourth Millennium book, written after Larsson's death without consent of his partner and without referring to Larsson's own unfinished draft or notes.

It may turn out to be popular, but it sure as heck won't be a continuation. Tim Burton's Batman Forever If the turnaround on some superhero franchises seems fast now ahem, Spider-Man , spare a thought for audiences in the s.

After Bat-breaking box office records with 's Batman, director Tim Burton and star Michael Keaton returned three years later with Batman Returns, a movie that hinted at more Bat-adventures to come.

In , those adventures dutifully arrived, only now they were a neon-drenched Bat-debacle fronted by Val Kilmer, directed by Joel Schumacher, and featuring Jim Carrey as an ordinary actor bitten by a radioactive slice of ham.

What happened? As with Chinatown, Burton's trilogy was completely sunk by its underperforming middle part. Batman Returns received negative reviews by the bucketload. While it did OK at the box office, it also got lambasted for promoting violence , damaging McDonald's Happy Meal tie-in toy sales.

So Warner Bros. Burton fans or Schumacher haters can still content themselves with the little clues about Part 3 in the existing films. Billy Dee Williams had been all teed up to play Twoface. Marlon Wayans was cast as Robin in Batman Returns but was left on the cutting room floor. Industry rumor suggests Robin Williams was meant to play a manically unhinged Riddler. Would it have been any good?


Hey, it couldn't have been worse than Batman and Robin. Escape from New York Escape from New York is John Carpenter's gritty, weird ode to a city he apparently hated, a tale in which New York has become a giant prison and only Kurt Russell is man enough to punch his way in there to save the president.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Yeah, it's a B-movie, but what a B-movie! There's action. Watergate parallels. Harry Dean Stanton's hangdog face. You get the idea.

By the s, Escape was already a cult classic, and one that was crying out for a sequel. So Carpenter and Russell obliged, twice.

Amazing Spider-Man

Spoiler alert: Only one of those would actually get made. Geek site The Mary Sue has the full details, but they can be summed up in a single sentence. Escape from LA bombed. It bombed harder than any movie featuring Kurt Russell hang-gliding into Disneyland while firing a machine gun has any right to.

The trouble was, LA was beyond wacky. It had Russell chase a car by surfing after it. It had Botox monsters. World-saving basketball games.

No Harry Dean Stanton. While some people love it today, '90s audiences treated it like the celluloid itself was made from roadkill. Nevertheless, Carpenter and Russell tried to get their trilogy's capstone finished. It nearly became a TV series, then an anime movie.

Today, though, Escape from Earth is officially dead, with the production company instead reviving Escape from New York as a new trilogy directed by Robert Rodriguez. Narnia, the Avatar books, and more were all bought up, but it was New Line that bagged the winner.

Pullman that had set the literary world alight a decade earlier. It had battles. School children sprinting through spectacular set pieces. Post-Potter, it seemed a surefire success. And it might have been had the first film, The Golden Compass, not managed to anger just about everyone. Fans were outraged that New Line tried to water down the books' anti-religion themes, while religious organizations were outraged by the diluted remnants of those same themes.

It didn't help that New Line forced the creation of a cliffhanger, gotta-watch-the-sequel ending in an attempt to milk money right out of viewers' pockets.

Bad news for anyone still waiting: the poor reviews and bad box office killed this trilogy as dead as the series' own god.

Nicolas Cage

Conan the Barbarian Conan the Barbarian was the film that introduced us to Arnie's glistening, oiled pecs, thus beginning a process that would turn the Austrian muscleman into a global star. That's all you need to know to understand the fate of the Conan trilogy, which would have seen 's sequel Conan the Destroyer followed in by a final part. Sadly for fans of Arnold in a loincloth i. The idea of any B-movie being able to afford Arnie after that was unlikely, to say the least.

But, hey, God works in mysterious ways. Conan 3's script was eventually reworked into 's Kull the Conqueror and, as this old review attests , it was one of the most hilariously godawful things ever committed to celluloid. That bullet dodged, Arnie waited a while, did some political stuff in California, then finally revived the idea of a Conan trilogy after leaving the governor's mansion.

The plan was to revisit Conan at the end of his life, in a script that took the same approach as Unforgiven did for Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name, and Logan did for Wolverine. Don't worry, that feeling in your pants is perfectly natural. Sadly, not all producers are able to distinguish between "awesome" and "not awesome" because Conan's final outing was killed off in April via Den of Geek.

An Arnie-fronted TV spin-off is now heading to site's streaming service instead. Timothy Dalton's Bond trilogy There are formal trilogies and there are informal trilogies, like three thematically linked films in a larger series.

According to various reports, Timothy Dalton's mooted Bond trilogy would have fallen into the latter camp.

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Conceived as a way of capping the actor's involvement with the franchise, it would have given Dalton's Bond a big send-off while indulging in the themes that made his previous two outings so distinct. Known in pre-production as Bond 17, the unfinished picture got as far as the scripting stage. The plot involved deadly accidents at nuclear power stations in the U. Needless to say, Bond would have stopped this unthinkable eventuality by breaking into the bad guy's base and blow-torching his face off.

If that sounds a little grotesque, it all fits in with the idea of this capping a Dalton trilogy. His previous Bond film, 's License to Kill, ended with him setting a dude on fire. Bond 17 stayed on the table right up until , when Dalton got tired of waiting and quit the role.

Bond was recast as Pierce Brosnan, and Bond 17 became Goldeneye. Perhaps it's just as well. Within two years of Goldeneye's release, Hong Kong had been handed back to China with nary a megalomaniac in sight.

Divergent A great crying fills the air, birds fall from the sky, as mobs of people in the street openly beat their chests and wail, "But Grunge, how could you include the Divergent films? There are already three of them.

Your premise is moot! Truly, this must be the end of days! But with one planet-sized caveat.You're telling me that our tax dollars have actually gone to this complicated system of elevators and alarms to protect the document while on display, instead of simply sealing the document in a vault and putting a replica on display?

NICOLAS goes into the room and presses a button, which opens up a wall and they go into another room, which is also empty. Billy Dee Williams had been all teed up to play Twoface. It may turn out to be popular, but it sure as heck won't be a continuation. Smith talked to many people involved with the planned trilogy. But movie posters are perhaps the best indicator of Cage's demise. Batman Returns received negative reviews by the bucketload.

Hey, at this rate it'd take two whole other movies to get down to Batman vs Superman levels of badness! Billy Dee Williams had been all teed up to play Twoface.

The plot involved deadly accidents at nuclear power stations in the U.

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