Mind Power by William Walker Atkinson - William Walker Atkinson was an influential member of the New Thought movement. He was one of the first people to. In there appeared a little book entitled: "The Secret of Mental Magic,” by William Walker Atkinson. In the present edition, the sub-title has been changed to "The Secret of Mental Magic”— thus restoring the original title by which the book is best known to thousands of. the science of mind power, anyone can quickly and success- fully master the basics and effectively put them to work in his or her life. We begin by examining the.

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When you are afraid, your energy level diminishes and you lose your vital power. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself, because it is this that is preventing you from progressing along the road of life. AA m miirraaccllee ffoorrm muullaa ffoorr ccoonnqquueerriinngg ffeeaarr Why be afraid? You possess within you all the ingredients for success.

Everything is possible if you apply the principles contained in this method. Try and you will see that what I am saying here is absolutely correct.

So why be afraid? Here now is a miraculous trick for mastering your fear: You have certainly noticed that when you are afraid, it becomes more difficult to breathe, that you need more air, and this is why, when you are afraid, the best thing is to first of all breathe deeply and calmly. Of course, you may not be aware of this, since it may come from deep within your subconscious. This is why every time you feel afraid, you must breathe calmly and deeply and visualize a pleasant experience in your life, in a totally relaxed manner.

eBook - Mind Power

Fear is caused by the dark events that we have experienced in our lives. By visualizing a positive event from our past, we light up this area of darkness.

Tiredness plays a very negative role in your life. Because the body and the mind always use their reserves of energy for their own functioning before using them for other purposes. Remote influence needs a body and mind that are rested and alert. At such a moment, your thoughts have all the strength they need for you to exert a powerful action.

When you are tired, it is more difficult to concentrate. You find everything distracting, and sometimes you even tend to fall asleep. If this happens to you, go to sleep and start again when you wake up. Never deprive yourself of either. Every time you feel tired, rest and if possible, sleep.

Rest first and do it afterwards. In any case, you know very well that when you are tired, it takes you twice as long to do the same work. When you feel overcome by fatigue and sleepiness, lie down and have a nap. Maybe all you need is a quarter or a half-hour sleep. This will do you so much good that you will more than make up for the lost time, no matter what you have to do. Indulge in a short, recuperative nap and you will be totally alert and in top shape to accomplish miracles. Certain times of the day are better than others for practicing remote influence.

In the preceding paragraph, you saw the most favourable conditions for transmitting your message. You are now going to see which times are the most favourable.

When you get up in the morning, after you shower, drink a large glass of water and practice your remote influence program, following the principles revealed in this method. Another very efficient time is the afternoon and in the evening before go to sleep.

The evening, between eight and ten p. If you know the time that the person you want to influence usually goes to bed, this can be very helpful to your action, since at that moment, he is at his most relaxed, and is more receptive than when he is involved in some activity or another.

Above all, avoid eating just before practicing the remote influence technique; this will weigh down your spirit, since digestion calls for a considerable expenditure of energy. If you are returning from work, first take a little time to wind down and relax before beginning.

If you are really hungry, eat something light before you begin your remote influence exercises. AA sseeccrreett tthhaatt w wiillll hheellpp yyoouu m maakkee yyoouurr pprrooggrraam m aa ggrreeaatt ssuucccceessss.. You now know that discipline is very important in every sphere of life, and that remote influence is no exception. One very important secret for success is: It is very important that you respect this principle. When you discipline yourself to practice at the same time every day, two things happen that have immense importance for your success.

You will condition your mind to be ready and effective every day at the same time. By using this approach, you will create a conditioned reflex which greatly increases your power. The person on whom you are practicing your power will also be conditioned by the regularity of your program, and his or her mind will be more receptive, and therefore easier to influence.

In this case, do them when you can. Be enthusiastic about your practice sessions. Think of the marvellous results you are going to achieve and of all the changes this will bring about in your life. In downloading this book, you have decided to change, progress, and live another life that will bring you everything you desire. Never forget: All the promises that were made to. When you bought this method, you certainly imagined what your life would be like if you could achieve all the knowledge, all the possibilities, and all the powers that is promised.

Today your dream can come true. For this to happen, you just have to apply the principles that are laid down here and — once again — ACT! Nothing like this book has ever been published before.

All the secrets which are revealed have always been jealously guarded until now, reserved for a certain select minority who were highly favoured by destiny. Today, destiny will begin to smile on you. There are several factors involved in this phenomenon: When it comes to remote influence, things are a little different. Some people are more gifted than others and succeed more quickly. The chapter dealing with the six natural transmitters explains this obvious fact.

However, you must never believe that if you do not belong in one of the most favoured categories, you are fated never to be very effective.

When you were in high school, you were in contact with some very average students who were nonetheless often more successful in life than some of the very best students. The same is true for the world of mind power - remote influence. If you really want to, you can soon be part of the very best; with a little discipline and patience, you will not have to wait long for results. Practice your remote influence program half an hour everyday at a time chosen by you.

If this seems too long for you, you should at the very least aim for a quarter of an hour per day. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your technique, you could practice for a quarter of an hour or half an hour twice a day, for example, once in the morning and once in the evening. Take it easy! The more relaxed you are, the clearer your image will be, and the better your results. It will only be in your interest to do so. But once again: You will notice, after a few days practice, that the time will seem shorter and shorter; this is due to the effect of habit and to the skill that your brain has developed through this exercise.

After a few days, you will see that it has become a really pleasant experience. If you practice Mind Power — Remote Influence Techniques for half an hour every day, you will achieve spectacular results.

In the majority of cases, you can expect to reach your objectives in less than a month. Then, if you wish, you will be able to continue with another project, and so on.

What took you half an hour at the beginning, will only take you a quarter of an hour after two or three months. This means that you will now only need a month to achieve what previously would have taken you three months. Results come with practice; you will soon see how true this is. In the next few pages, and lines, you will discover a fantastic technique which has the power to literally transform your life.

Until recently, only certain Spiritual Masters and Initiates were allowed to learn it and use it. This technique is going to let you influence people in secret, without uttering a single word. You will be the only person who knows that something is going on. You will be able to obtain things you have always desired, and all you have to do is apply the advice you are going to discover in the following pages.

When you practice this extraordinary technique, you will soon see your life getting better, and your relationship with others improve. And if you really want to, you will also earn more money with practically no effort. You already possess this extraordinary faculty within you, except that no one has ever taught you how to use it. In the Age of Atlantis, and for certain period in Ancient Egypt, everyone was able to realize their desires only by using their spiritual powers.

Simply because everything has two sides — good and bad — it just depends how you apply it. Remote influence is a power that is in harmony with the fundamental principle of the Universe. Yin and Yang, as the Chinese call it. Positive and Negative. Why do you think these ancient civilizations have disappeared from the face of the Earth? Simply because they had begun to use only the negative side of their powers, acting with the exclusive aim of satisfying their lowest, most selfish instincts.

This is a mysterious method accidentally discovered in a Tibetan temple, over five hundred years ago. If you use this technique for your own good and for that of others, it will bring with you the blessings, and your most cherished wishes will come true. It will allow you to make enormous improvements in your own life, or the life of the person that you wish to help.

But only, of course, if you use it in a positive manner. If you do not, that is, if you decide to act foolishly, without respecting the lives and spiritual balance of others, of your action does not follow the path of your evolution, of constant improvement, and then serious problems are in store for you.

Not only will you not get what you wish, but all the evil you have wished will be directed against you. This is why the ancient civilizations disappeared. Men and women attained such a degree of power that nothing was impossible for them. Unfortunately, they abused their powers by using them for negative purposes.

Therefore, I can not insist too much that you only use this marvellous, long — guarded secret for positive ends. You will direct your energies toward improving your life and that of others, and if you follow the steps I propose, you will perform miracles and live a magnificent life filled with joy, love, success and happiness. If you have already had some practice with relaxation or self- hypnosis techniques, you should manage to relax very quickly.

Five to ten minutes should be enough. If you are unfamiliar with such techniques, it should take you ten to fifteen minutes to reach a state of deep relaxation. Therefore, before practicing the Mind Power-Remote Influence Techniques, you should first of all direct your energies towards obtaining a state of deep physical and metal relaxation.

Your reference point will be that you will feel marvellously calm and relaxed. Your body and mind will have reached a state of peace and contentment. At that moment, you can start the mind power remote influence technique with the maximum chance of success. Let us now consider the technique of self-hypnosis, which is capable of ridding you of all your tensions and relaxing you completely. First of all, stretch out comfortably on your bed or sit in a comfortable armchair. Then concentrate on one single point: Now begin by saying the following sentences to yourself in your head and try to feel the effects that they produce on you.

I am concentrating on this point harder and harder, and the more I concentrate on this point, the more my body and mind are relaxed take all the time you need to perform each mental suggestion.

My eyelids are becoming heavy and my eyes are getting more tired with every passing second. I feel calm and relaxed; my body is growing heavier and heavier and at the same time I can feel myself relaxing. My eyes are firmly and completely closed. I am now going to relax my body. Begin with your feet and move upwards towards your head. Proceed as indicated in the following suggestions. Now I am concentrating all my attention onto my feet, which are growing heavier and are becoming relaxed.

In any. My stomach is relaxing and growing heavier now while thinking about this, concentrate on the part of your body that relates to your suggestion, without attempting to force it, simply by focusing your attention. My chest, my neck, and the back of my neck are growing increasingly relaxed with every passing second. I feel good, marvellously good. My head is relaxing more and more. At this moment, you should feel a sensation of peace and well- being. You feel as if you are in a dream.

In this state, every thought I wish to transmit is so powerful, so very powerful that nothing can stop it from reaching its target, whatever the distance separating me from it is. Repeat the last sentence mentally three times. Now, form a mental image of the person to whom the message is addressed in fact it is a person, otherwise visualize the object or the goal towards which your message is transmitted.

Send your message by simply thinking about it strongly and imagine that it is entering the person through the middle of his or her forehead which is the most sensitive telepathic reception zone. Do this for five to ten minutes depending on the state you have achieved. As soon as you start to feel tired or tense, stop rest and begin again a few minutes later if necessary.

Mind Your Mind - Free eBook

Do not, however, take more than fifteen minutes to do this. Phrase your message in the form of a suggestion: Think about your message by concentrating all your attention onto it. The more you are absorbed by it, the better you will succeed. The more it is present in your mind during the session, the better you will succeed.

Act with the conviction that your message is going to be received and that your wish will come true. Act with faith, love, passion and enthusiasm. This dynamic combination cannot fail to produce the desired results. In this case, simply visualize the sum of money that you would like to get.

It is very important to always finish your session with one last clear transmission of your message. Then rest for five minutes to recuperate and relax. Little by little, you will develop a taste for this marvellous remote influence exercise and will be very happy to practice it especially when you see the results it can produce.

After a few days, you will already notice that you can relax much more quickly and then you only need three or four minutes to attain deep relaxation. Then, usually after two or three months, you will notice that the mere fact of thinking of relaxing will be enough to trigger this state of relaxation.

The same is true for remote influence itself. At first, you will need a relatively long time to obtain what you wish. Even though results vary greatly from one individual to another, it should not take you more than three weeks to a month before you begin to perform minor miracles. The more you practice, the more you will obtain rapid, spectacular results. You will often find it difficult to believe, but one day the time will come when it will all happen very quickly, since your mind will have become very efficient.

One simple thought will be enough to produce the influence. Numerous centres devoted to research on human extra-sensory powers utilize hypnosis in order to trigger and observe extraordinary psychic phenomena, such as telekinesis, telepathy, the power of divination, remote influence, etc. Why are scientists, with their reputation of being so rational, so interested in such phenomena? Simply because hypnosis is such an exceptional means of investigation.

There are many reasons for this. Hypnosis temporarily disengages our critical attitude, which constantly refuses everything that does not fit within certain narrow parameters, thus preventing our minds from achieving the great things they are capable of. Hypnosis allows us to make direct contact with our subconscious, thereby avoiding the loss of energy caused by our critical attitudes.

By practicing the most simple form of hypnosis on your own, i. You want someone to fall in love with you. Begin by forming a mental image of the person in question. Once that image is clearly formed in your mind, transmit the message you wish to send.

Here is the message you will send:. Project this message, imagining that it is penetrating the centre of the forehead the region of the third eye , and that it is entering the person. All you need to do now is follow the instructions that are provided within this extraordinary remote influence method. H Hoow w ttoo m maakkee yyoouurr cchhiillddrreenn bbeeccoom mee qquuiieett aanndd oobbeeddiieenntt??

Begin by mentally visualizing your child in a calmer state; if you gave several, visualize them one after the other. Do this for each child for no more than fifteen minutes in each session. When you have managed to obtain a clear image of them in a calm, motionless state, the time will have come to transmit your message.

Proceed in this way for each child who is giving you problems. You can also influence them to perform better at school, make them more attentive, etc. H Hoow w ttoo rreeccoovveerr aa lloosstt lloovvee?? First of all visualize your husband, and imagine him in love with you, if you possibly can. Once this image has formed in your mind, send your message and imagine that it is entering his mind through the space between his eyes.

The secret of success in this case will be set off a deep feeling of love for you within your husband. This is how you will go about it:. When you have succeeded in forming this image of your husband in love with you, send him an image of yourself as seductive as possible. Always remain calm and relaxed during these sessions. H Hoow w ttoo eeaassee ppaaiinn iinn yyoouurrsseellff aanndd ootthheerrss?? Certain famous healers use the remote influence technique you are going to learn and are able to perform real miracles.

Here is how you can have the same success: When you feel that you have captured the image clearly, close your eyes. Now form a mental image of the person in the photo. When your mental image is clear, there are two choices available:. You imagine this person in perfect health and you mentally send him or her following message, always directing it enter through the middle of the forehead. The rest is identical. Do this for about fifteen minutes every morning and evening until the cure is obtained.

You know the disease the person you wish to help is suffering from. H Hoow w ttoo iinnccrreeaassee yyoouurr eeaarrnniinnggss?? Imagine that you already possess this sum of money, and feel all the joy that it would bring you. Visualize very clearly the sum of money that you want to have. When you have formed a clear image of this, repeat the following formula to yourself for ten to fifteen minutes: Or any other amount of money you would like to have.

You also have to target a period of time for obtaining this amount, and establish a time limit for realizing your wish, to make your mind even more active.

In this way, what you wish for will be attracted to you in the specified period. I was desperately looking for the money I had put aside to pay my rent. You know the rest already.

Mind Your Mind - Free eBook

My son suddenly pulled the money out of his pocket and laid it on the table without realizing what was happening. You go into a bank to ask for a loan. The bank manager looks at your file, smiles, but replies: I hope these few examples have given you a glimpse of the way you should proceed. Obviously, you can use this method in any other field of action. The important thing is that you have understood the principle of remote influence. As for the last examples, those of Huge Grant and the bank manager, it should be pointed out that these involved more practice and experience than the others, since the result was produced immediately, in the space of only a few seconds.

But even there, you will easily succeed after only a few weeks of practice. H Hoow w ttoo rreeaacchh tthhee ppeerrssoonn yyoouu lloovvee??

First, just as with all the remote influence distance techniques, relax, and remove all tensions from your mind and body.

Breathe deeply for five minutes, and then clear your mind of every thought that is not connected with the object of your desire. Simply by ignoring them and fixing your attention on your goal. Look at a photograph of the person with whom you wish to establish contact if possible, a recent picture showing the person alone and imagine the person standing in front of you.

The first part of the operation has already been performed. You have made contact with the person you love through the intermediary of the photo. It has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments that this link strongly influences the formation of telepathic contacts; remember what Uri Geller had to say about this: The second part of the operation will be communicated with the loved one by telepathy.

This is how you will proceed: Once you feel that contact is firmly established, that something has happened, look at the photo once more, and then close your eyes.

Perhaps you will feel some strange sensations, or strange thoughts will suddenly flood into your mind. In the beginning, you will think that this is caused by your imagination, but with a little experience, you will understand that a telepathic communication has been established between you and the one you love.

If you can, agree on the time when you want to try to establish contact with the one you love. He or she will then be able to get into a state of relaxation at the specified time and think of you. This way of proceeding will make the telepathic contact much easier. With a little practice, you will easily be able to feel what someone is thinking or doing, even when you are separated from them by several hundred miles.

Then, imagine that you are standing in front of him or her and that your whole being is with that person. If you know where the person is, form a mental image of the place. On the contrary, accept everything that comes to you as the truth, and write it down right after the session; if need be, share the results of your investigation with the other person.

In this way you will be able to judge the accuracy exactness of what you have seen, felt, or heard. You started by reading a few words, then a few sentences, and finally you read whole books. Today you are even able to read while thinking of something else. The part of your brain that is involved when you practice this kind of exercise is the right hemisphere, i.

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Mind Power. But the proper effort must be exerted, consciously or unconsciously, else there will be no operation of the force. Feeling is the Secret. If you know the time that the person you want to influence usually goes to bed, this can be very helpful to your action, since at that moment, he is at his most relaxed, and is more receptive than when he is involved in some activity or another.

Fear Fear paralyzes you and keeps you from progressing.

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