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Machine Design: Sigma Series [Prof S G Kulkarni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book on Machine Design discusses the various. Machine Design (Sigma Series): This book on Machine Design discusses the various theories and components of machine design. Theory has. ME Design of Machine Elements Text Books: 3. 0. 0. 1. raudone.infoni, " Machine Design - Solved Problems ", Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd.

All the stress and deflection analysis is useless and the component cannot function satisfactorily if the operating loads are not calculated or predicted correctly. Sometimes the operating loads are easily determinable e. But often the loads are difficult to determine e. Loads acting on a machine member may be directly known or may have to be calculated using basic concepts of engineering mechanics etc.

Sometimes experimental methods are used to obtain a statistical definition of the load. Also sometimes the service loads are estimated with the help of record of service failures and strength analysis. After the determination or estimation of applied load, load acting on different members of the machine are determined with the help of free body diagrams and basic equilibrium equations of forces and moments. It may happen if its stress or deflection crosses the acceptable limit.

Excessive deformation of a particular element may lead to unwanted interference between the machine elements or jamming of the machine and therefore deformation is considered as a failure criterion.

Same way, excessive stresses may result in yielding or fracture of a machine element making it unable to perform its desired function. When stress developed in a ductile material reaches the yield strength, it starts yielding and excessive plastic deformation occurs, therefore Yield strength is taken as failure criterion for ductile materials. In brittle material, very small plastic deformation occurs and fracture takes place once the stress developed reaches Ultimate Tensile Strength.

Therefore Ultimate Tensile Strength is considered as failure criterion for brittle materials. Bearing Pressure for components rubbing against each other with appreciable relative velocity e. Depending upon the criteria of failure decided, strength of the material is divided by factor of safety to obtain allowable stress or design stress which is then used to determine the dimensions of the components as discussed in the next article.

This resisting force per unit area of the component is called stress. The maximum stress developed in a member should not exceed the allowable value as obtained from the material strength considering certain value of factor of safety i. On the other hand, when the fibers tend to shorten under the external load, stress developed in the component is called compressive stress.

Figure 3. Tensile or compressive strain is the deformation per unit length and is given by, According to Hook's Law, within the elastic limit, stress is directly proportional to strain.

In this case the rivet is subjected to direct shear stress. Shear strain is defined as the change in right angle of a shear element. MC Mahon and J. Yoram Koren. New Central Book Agency. Kant Vajpayee. Not for end-semester examination.

Fixtures and Press Tools 1. Air operated Jigs Components. Design and development of Jigs and fixtures for given components. Fixture and Press Tools. Inspection and Welding fixtures-Modular fixtures. Forming and drawing dies-Blank development for Cylindrical and non cylindrical shells.

Compound progressive. ME Design of Jigs. Eugene Ostergaard. Mc Graw Hill Book. McGraw Hill Book Co.

Fixtures and Press Tools Text Books: Mix Publishers. Nusselt theory of condensation. ME Heat and Mass Transfer 1. Mc Graw Hill Book Co. Heat and Mass Transfer. Incropera and David P. Jaico Publishing Edition. Nicholas P. New Age International Publishers. James Sucec. John Wiley and Sons. Central Publishing House.. Tata McGraw Hill. Frank P. Holman J. Quick return. Hydraulic Actuators.

Direction Controls Applications. Logic Circuits. Fork Lift. Hydraulic Valves. Accumulator circuits. Principles of Low Cost Automation. Robotic Circuits. Electro Pneumatic. Hydraulic pumps. Industrial circuits. Classic-Cascade-Step counter. Installation and Maintenance of Hydraulic and Pneumatic power packs.

Pump Selection -Pumping Circuits. Sequencing synchronizing. Pressure Sensing. Milling Machine.

Selection criteria for Pneumatic components. Hydraulic Fluids-Symbols. Fault finding. Linear Rotary. Case studies Total No of periods: Electro Hydraulic Circuits. Control Elements. ME Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controls 1. PLC-Microprocessors Uses. Selection of components. Combination -Methods. Selection -Characteristics. Safety circuits. Prentice Hall. Anthony Esposite. Pinches and John G. Jaico Publishing House. Pease and John J. Andrew Parr. Force Analysis Straight Bevel Gears.


Ray diagram. Gear Blank Design. Dynamic effects. Wire ropes and pulleys. Gear blank design. Temperature Rise. Friction Materials. Link chains and pulleys. Energy Considerations. Flat belts and pulleys. Frictional contact Axial clutches. Force Analysis. Ribbed V belts. Gear materials. ME Design of Transmission Systems 1. Kinematics Bevel Gear. Fatigue strength. Factor of safety. Estimating gear size. Worm Gearing. Force analysis crossed helical gears. Transmission chains and Sprockets-Silent chains.

Standard step ratio. Joseph Edward Shigley and Charles. Sundarajamoorthy and N. Tata Mc Graw Hill. McGraw Hill International Editions. Maitra and L. II Edition. Study of Rapid proto typing and tooling processes Not for examination purposes Total No of periods: Computer Assisted Part Programming. Multi-Axis Machining. Introduction to Surface Machining.

Performance test on a LPG refrigerator system. Heat transfer studies in a pinfin. Determination of COP of a refrigeration system. Determination of flash point and fire point of the given oil sample.

Study of airconditioning system. Study of year. Study of LPG Refrigerator system. Determination of stefan boltzmann constant. Study of refrigeration system. Physics and biology of water. Global issues Biodiversity. Air pollution due to industries and vehicles. Constitutional provisions. Standards of performance of the interventions.

Environmental quality objective and goals. Precautionary Principle and Polluter Pays Principle. Ozone layer depletion. Hazardous waste and Bio-medical waste. Physics and Biology of water. Community participation environmental management works. Principles of Physics. Inter-relationship between components. Role of Non-government organisations. Natural and man made impacts on water. Waste minimisation techniques. Development and evolution of ecosystem. Environment and development. Legal and economic instruments in Environmental Management.

Clean technology options. Flow sheets of engineering interventions relevant to the Engineering discipline of the student. Stress on the Chemistry. Climatic change. Concept of sustainable development. International conventions and protocols. Ecosystem Structure and functional components of ecosystem.

Energy flow and material cycling in ecosystem. Policies on development projects and their impacts. New Jersy. Shyam Divan and Armin Rosancranz. Henry and G. Oxford University Press. Kataria and Sons. State of India's Environment. Materials and Statutes. Centre for Science and Environment and Others. A Citizen's Report. Environmental Engineering and Management. Environmental Law and Policy in India. Prentice Hall International Inc. GE Professional Ethics 1. Mike Martin and roland Schinzinger.

Tom Rusk. Laura Schlesinger. New Mexico. Harper Collins. McGraw Hill. Basic Books. Charles D. New York Stephen Carter. The Abdication of Character. Cooling towers Different types.

ME Power Plant Engineering 1.

Fluidized bed boilers. Operating costs. Ash removal. Variable load operation. Automatic controls for feedwater.

Chimney design. Selection of blowers. Actual load curves. MHD power cycle principles.

Dust collector. Nuclear fission. Combined power cycles Comparison and selection 2. Fast breeder reactors. Boiler testing and trails. Waste heat recovery. Different types.

Different types Pulverised fuel burning. Inspection and safety regulations. Economics of power plant. Analysis of pollution from thermal power plants. Pollution controls. Pressurised water reactors.

Analysis of power plant cycles. Joel Weisman and Roy Eckart. Arora and S. Dhanpat Rai and Sons. Frederick T. Bernhardt G Traditional and Mechatronic design -Possible design solutions-Case studies of mechatronic systems.

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Pick and place robot. ME Mechatronics 1. Michael B. Buru and A. Fourth Revised Edition. ME Mechatronics Text Book: HMT Ltd. Dhanpat Rai Publications.

Second Edition. Wiley Eastern. Chapman and Hall. Dan Necsulescu. Pearson Education Asia. Histand and David G. Ramesh S. Programming and Applications. Administrative expenses Selling and Distributing expenses. Analysis of overhead expenses Factory expenses.

Material Cost. Process planning. Gas cutting. Importance and aims of Costing Difference between costing and estimation. Losses in forging. Determination of Direct Labour Cost. Illustrative examples.

Causes of depreciation. Forging cost. Estimation of pattern cost and casting cost. Estimation procedure.

Steps involved in manual experience based planning and computer aided process planning. Functions of estimation. Estimation in welding shop. Selection of processes analysis Breakeven analysis. Determination of Material Cost Labour Cost. Methods of depreciation. Importance of realistic estimates. Estimation in foundry shop. Cost of Product Ladder of cost. Allocation of overhead expenses.

Production design and selection. Estimation of machining time for drilling. Electric welding. Chitale and R. Nanua Singh. Joseph G.. Narang and V. McGraw Hill Book Company. Prentice Hall Pvt. Konark Publishers Pvt. Banga and S. Adithan and B. Digital to Anlog Conversion. Decimal addition of two 8-bit numbers Sum: Multibyte Sudraction. To arrange a series of numbers in Descending order. Stepper Motor Controller. To arrange a series of numbers in Ascending order. Anlog to Digital Conversion. ME Microprocessor Lab.

Multibyte Subraction. Sum of 8-bits and 16bits. Additional of Two bit numbers. Addition of Two 8-bit numbers. Decimal to hexadecimal conversion and Hexadecimal number to Decimal number conversion. The comprehension assessment will consist of 3 to 5 tests in each Thermal. ME Comprehension 1. Mechanical Engineering Course. While learning as to how to solve real life problems.

Desgin and Manufacturing Streams covering all the subject of study in the respective streams under B. Improvement Needs. Quality Statements. Quality Management — Concepts and Tasks. Implementation of Quality System. Dimensions of Quality. New seven Management tools.

Dale H. Performance Measure. Supplier Selection. ISO — Concept. Process capability. Employee Involvement — Motivation. Role of Senior Management. Normal Curve. Historical Review. Leadership — Concepts.

Quality costs. Narayana V. ISO Total Quality Management.. Recognition and Reward. Requirements and Benefits. PDSA Cycle. Principles of TQM. QS Continuous Process Improvement — Juran Trilogy. Customer Complaints. The Management and Control of Quality. Supplier Rating. New Age International Indian reprint Performance Appraisal. Relationship Development. Analysis Techniques for Quality Costs.


James R. Statistical Fundamentals — Measures of central Tendency and Dispersion. Benchmarking Process. Basic concepts of Total Quality Management. Supplier Partnership — Partnering. South-Western Thomson Learning. Control Charts for variables and attributes. Service Quality. Quality Council.. Population and Sample. Quality Auditing. Barriers to TQM Implementation. Strategic Planning.

Taguchi Quality Loss Function. Concept of six sigma. Performance Measures — Basic Concepts. QFD Process. Deming Philosophy.

Quality Planning. GE 1. Customer Retention. Managerial Communication. ME Engineering Management 1. Plant Location. Demand Forecasting. Economic Cycles and Director Investment. Managerial Ethics and Social responsibilities. Investment Analysis. Motivating individuals and workgroups. Management techniques in product development. Cost and Supply Analysis. Change and Organisation Development.

(Full Time) Mechanical Engineering

Personal Management. Team working and Creativity. Multinational Strategies. The global environment. Production Analysis. Stores Management. Designing effective organisations Coordination. Economic Optimization. Demand and Revenue Analysis.

Operations Management. Time Management. Product development. Price and output Determination. Nature of controlling. Leadership for Managerial Effectiveness. Career Planning. Principles and Practive ". Bell and Janes Balkwill. Gene Burton and Manab Thaker.. Gail Freeman. Putti Management. Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Case studies. Economic order quantity models.Air operated Jigs Components.

Determination of Sensitivity. Network data structure - Relational data structure. Mechanical will also find it useful. Physics and Biology of water. State of India's Environment. Tamil Nadu.

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