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The Luciferian Doctrine/ My female Slave per The Luciferian Doctrine/ My female Slave \ 1 /### The Luciferian Doctrine/ My female Slave \ 2 3 / [Option. Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to .. "Adversarial Doctrine". Bible of the Adversary. Succubus Productions. p. 8. ^ "Greater Church of Lucifer opens doors despite protests in Old Town Spring". An in-depth look at the roots of what has been dubbed "Luciferian Doctrine" and the history behind Lucifer's appearance in the King James.

They have not eaten yet the tree of knowledge. What was God's plan why he remodeled Earth? It was destroyed during the Angelic Revolt and made man to dwell together with the castaway demons?


The answer had been given more or less years ago. Because of God's love. Our Father simply want to demonstrate His love to all creation In Calvary he offered his own Personal Aspect one and only son as atonement for sin. Satan was the more enrage! God freely gave to man His personal aspect. That same personal aspect that he been trying to usurp since ancient time. Far more worst is that Jesus even promise another personal aspect which is The Holy Spirit if you abide in Him. He'd been hiding that secret.

He want you to focus on the material aspect of the universe. So he had been sending false prophets to teach us the Luciferian Doctrine of what? Satan no longer want to level with God and form part of the Godhead. He had decided to be above the Godhead. How he would do that?

Luciferian doctrine promises that it is a battle of "Will".


The Will of God or the Will of satanism. Don't be persuaded by that. God had already made us his temple. You must also remember that Satan hate human race one hundred percent. Because we are form in the likeness of God. He hates us because of jealousy Remember that by Darwinism he abase human as mere monkeys? He stole our true identity. We have no destiny!

We are just going into oblivion like the rest of the Atheist. But now we know the truth We don't need another road. Jesus is that way! New Age Doctrines The same promise from New Age Followers that by absorbing the universal consciousness which is an Aspect of God, we can also be gods. Isn't it familiar? Regrowing severed parts of the body Your safety End words Man-woman relationships The game Increasing attractiveness Workers and workplace Entrepreneurial mistakes: Investing as a life process leading to independence Business as a stock The Luciferian Doctrine Do you know that feeling for which every person in this reality strives for?

The one, that you have after consuming high doses of alcohol or which can be experienced through the usage of a stronger drugs?

The Luciferian Doctrine pdf

What would you do, if were told: Would you take an action now, if you were told that that — you would be all the time on it — living it, without the consumption of any drugs, after implementation of the knowledge here written? Would you follow, if you would know that after realization of this text-map fully: Having the wealth, the joy — a sense to wake up everyday waiting for more of what it has to offer?

Would you refuse? This is, how it is. Your personal work and effort would be required, continue. The one, which achievement would set you apart from others and would create a flow of abundance in your life. If you want change — you need to change.

The process of attaining any knowledge, understanding it with the purpose of its use and growing, is connected to the chakra sphere. Firstly, we encounter fear which is the lowest, below ourselves: In the next step, when the previous are answered — partially questioned, it is either skipped in a certain way if there are no warnings, red flags or other means that are sensed wrong. Intended or not: We also want to be seen by others in a positive view, and nobody is really free from the least to the end.

However, the first enjoyment suddenly drops as the reality sets in. Only the best, who have got a certain brain programming and attributes, with all the conditions attached — really make it, to the end. Therefore only few succeed in life, those that have put their life at the stake to win in it and that have applied all the required, for the purpose of achievement. You see, basically the only one difference between those who made it really in life: Would you make such decision or do you choose not to?

Therefore, if you would act as others, with similar thought and participation — you would also have the things that others have and the last, would be rather guaranteed if you would only perform the track.

No one really seems to know, that one might not act into taking a financial gain from the actions pursued, as most of the people who think so — blinded by the monetary: Firstly there is an idea, where the minor rest — although very rarely, usually might have a completely different point of perspective and set of values and therefore thinking, due to their extensive knowledge and understanding.

The one which would be not known to you as to the benefits and in result: Invisible Laws that work in this reality guarantee, that if a person responsible for the intentional harm or serving of an immoral cause, would even achieve His goals: This physical world is a mere expression of those hidden and working behind the curtain Laws: Nature is your enemy, who needs to be conquered as all is wrong.

It should not however, be perceived as that, but rather as a crucial point of reference: Natural, pre-built in us drives and programming: The last, needs to be dealt immediately, right now: By implying your Ego in the process or any other: Permanent adaptation is only achieved: The work needs to be done, only in a matter compatible by the person who lacks, have the will and the desire to become the best self and therefore gaining by his actions, consistent with the existing Laws — All the expected and searched values, things and qualities in your life.

Why not to just use it, hide and become the best — gaining all for myself that exists? Know, that spoils of their success would be yours also, from the very definition — so you would also become, more powerful.

Forget about the last: In essence, and it needs to be understood deeply — that on the clouded behind your eyes level, the metaphysical one invisible, similar like e.

In fact, there is nothing really to be feared as they would only succeed — if they would change and you, by helping them to do so: So, the next follow up question is: Although, the Laws are set in motion — that by the time you would remember about it: You first need to become a glowing example by yourself, so as others — who are guided by the fear, lack and not enough for everyone — thinking: Remember that, it applies to all the good caused and it comes in a various forms, under a different people, circumstances or events — in the best time possible and actually this wisdom, holds the key to understanding the secret of a happy life as giving the best, brings you back only the best and promotes you to experiencing the desired — dream of, imaginable.

Do it right now and after its completion solely — proceed to the next page. Three months from now on, are sufficient to apply all the other important teachings — making them your habits and in result — change your life immensely, only on the very best.

Follow all the lessons in order specified, as one leads to another and the latter might not work or not work properly when changed.

The Luciferian Doctrine 5 0. Making it more simplified: You need to do whatever needs to be done and it involves certain patterns of actions.

In life you must always use what works, to save more time for yourself. In order to implement changes: Implying it in other way: The 2 programming, would cause you to change your mentality — get rid off all the patterns that might possibly sabotage the process and in result: However, in order for the both to take an effect on you: Your first task then, involves acquiring files. Paul Mckenna - Positivity - CD02 - 07 - Attracting Wealth - All in order, to perform today — your first induction with the usage of them see the directions of use, below.

The last must be adjusted to the specific ear drums left one goes to the left ear and the right one goes for the right. You play those, one after another — twice everyday: Everyday, you listen to those both recordings and take an active participation in them, by following the instructions that are played. It would start to take an effect, soon after probably the first three months — in most instances, therefore start the habit.

However, you should continue — independent of the effects you would feel, as pace has been set and the rest would be replaced in time, after. Follow the rules, there are set to protect you — not to limit and if such is done: Firstly you need to believe, to see the evidence in your reality.

End now, until above are successfully executed. Forbidden is to read any further. Take a day of successful inductions, before you would continue. Ask yourself definitely this question. If you want to be a person of success, accomplishment i.

Without it: All, to begin: Then, follows all the rest. Notice that any further changes require, absolutely programming from 0. If they might not kill you instantly: It would probably cause your death, as millions who were covertly killed already due to the diseases that seemed natural. The danger is real and very serious.

The Luciferian Doctrine 8 You need to be completely clean on the level of thoughts: You need also to have a set of instructions, on how to act towards others and how the rewarding and punishing mechanisms work. All in order to establish your new way of successful living, which would provide you the required foundations for any progress and development.

It all goes through the understanding and forcing yourself to act along the Laws which operate in this reality: You need to build those characteristics, as a pattern of your automated, daily responses.

The Luciferian Doctrine 10 1. Based on their following — you would either have a fulfilled, happy life or suffer the consequences of breaking them, which would lead to your decay and death.

What Is in a Name?

The last, are highly connected and bond with the moral field which stands for the core of any achievement. Each one of us has a metaphysical value of this energy accumulated within him, that remains hidden behind the eyes however, which is felt or able to be distinguished — based on the physical and psychical traits. Holy Grail. The last brings also untold other benefits.

Focused on their lives: Their life can be described as happy. People usually are very silent, not to be seen or noticed: If they wish — they can be nice to others, although they tend to blast with emotions.

Characterized as despotic not respecting opinions, implying their will, uncompromising , competing for gaining advantage over others, blackmail, usage of force — violence, double-dealing etc.

All those immoral actions are harmful9 to them. The consequences of their words are never actions. They start to lead an unproductive, parasitic and causing anxiety to others lifestyle.

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They live at the expense of others. Additionally, they become a victims of various causing destruction addictions, deviations etc. Their psyche is unbalanced and alienated.

Not only they live in a state of chronic depression, but also are characterized by an aggressive and unpleasant to others way of acting. Those people are very dangerous, due to the tendency to realize: You die — slowly, in a terrible agony This process occurs independently. If you seek people11 with Nirvana: Anything below Nirvana is low.

Those who have it — are the ones truly powerful: Shocking look and behavior becomes a goal in itself. A warning signs might be: Procrastination never solves any problems, but only generates them. Includes also lack of control over emotions.

When you have a low amount of moral energy: You often change once made decision or delay it: In effect: Your expressions are characterized by complexity and you never express outright. Increased tendency to turn others into your slaves: Lucifer, the name given to the morning star by the people of the ancient world, served as the symbol of the publication and represented the ushering in of a new day.

He declared that freethinkers had sought to redeem and glorify the name Lucifer while theologians cursed him as the prince of the fallen angels. Harman suggested that Lucifer would take on the role of an educator. Lucifer was a publication edited by the influential occultist Helena Blavatsky. The journal was first published by Blavatsky. From until Blavatsky's death in May , Annie Besant was a co-editor.

Rudolf Steiner 's writings, which formed the basis for anthroposophy , characterised Lucifer as a spiritual opposite to Ahriman , with Christ between the two forces, mediating a balanced path for humanity. Lucifer represents an intellectual, imaginative, delusional, otherworldly force which might be associated with visions, subjectivity, psychosis and fantasy.

He associated Lucifer with the religious and philosophical cultures of Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Steiner believed that Lucifer, as a supersensible Being, had incarnated in China about years before the birth of Christ. In what is known as the Taxil hoax , he alleged that leading Freemason Albert Pike had addressed "[t]he 23 Supreme Confederated Councils of the world" an invention of Taxil , instructing them that Lucifer was God, and was in opposition to the evil god Adonai.

Supporters of Freemasonry contend that, when Albert Pike and other Masonic scholars spoke about the "Luciferian path" or the "energies of Lucifer", they were referring to the Morning Star, the light bearer, [31] the search for light; the very antithesis of dark, Satanic evil. Taxil promoted a book by Diana Vaughan actually written by himself, as he later confessed publicly [32] that purported to reveal a highly secret ruling body called the Palladium , which controlled the organization and had a Satanic agenda.

As described by Freemasonry Disclosed in With frightening cynicism, the miserable person we shall not name here [Taxil] declared before an assembly especially convened for him that for twelve years he had prepared and carried out to the end the most sacrilegious of hoaxes.

We have always been careful to publish special articles concerning Palladism and Diana Vaughan. We are now giving in this issue a complete list of these articles, which can now be considered as not having existed. Taxil's work and Pike's address continue to be quoted by anti-Masonic groups. In Devil-Worship in France , Arthur Edward Waite compared Taxil's work to what today we would call a tabloid story, replete with logical and factual inconsistencies.

Madeline Montalban was an English astrologer and witch. She co-founded the esoteric organisation known as the Order of the Morning Star OMS , through which she propagated her own form of Luciferianism. In , she met Nicholas Heron, with whom she entered into a relationship. An engraver , photographer, and former journalist for the Brighton Argus , he shared her interest in the occult and together they developed a magical system based upon Luciferianism, the veneration of the deity Lucifer , or Lumiel, whom they considered to be a benevolent angelic deity.

In Rules for Radicals his final work, published in one year before his death , the prominent American community organizer and writer Saul Alinsky wrote at the end of his personal acknowledgements:.

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: In Anton LaVey 's The Satanic Bible , Lucifer is one of the four crown princes of hell , particularly that of the East, the "lord of the air ", and is described as the bringer of light, the morning star, intellectualism, and enlightenment. Author Michael W. Ford has written on Lucifer as a "mask" of the adversary, a motivator and illuminating force of the mind and subconscious.

The GCoL focuses more on teachings based on the practical world. Family and personal progression are among its key tenets. Over a hundred local residents, mainly Catholic, protested the opening of the church. Stephen Flowers , in his book on the German magical order Fraternitas Saturni , FS says that "the FS is or was the most unabashedly Luciferian organization in the modern Western occult revival".

Lucifer is the demiurge , who created our visible world by breaking the static cosmic order. The result was War in Heaven , by which death entered the world. Lucifer is regarded as the "higher octave " of Saturn Satan representing its "lower octave" , the outermost planet and polar opposite of the Sun in ancient cosmology.

Because of this ongoing opposition Lucifer is still fighting the Solar Logos. The principal battlefield is our earth, which contains a negative-astral and a positive-mental sphere apart from its physical form. Saturn is seen as the great judge with scales and sword, entrusted with weight, measure and number. He is the Guardian of the Threshold, or the gateway to transcendence. Because he betrayed divine mysteries to mankind, he has been punished. His heavy, dark, leaden qualities must be transformed into gold by the magician, in an alchemical process involving the "repolarisation of lights".Indefinite shelf-life.

Anthony D. Remember that, it applies to all the good caused and it comes in a various forms, under a different people, circumstances or events — in the best time possible and actually this wisdom, holds the key to understanding the secret of a happy life as giving the best, brings you back only the best and promotes you to experiencing the desired — dream of, imaginable.

A dipolar gravity realm was created, which implicates that everything which exist — is present in the two parallel worlds, at one time. For even though the word is only mentioned in the very earliest version of the King James Bible, the word has been used in many other texts and has had a great influence and meaning for many philosophies within the occult. Root has to be [[peeled or cleaned]] and cooked.

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