Members of raudone.info can view every logo submitted to past, present, or future books as well as receive unlimited uploads of their own logos for possible. LogoLounge Book 7. Authors: Bill Gardner & Anne Hellman; Published: July The seventh book in the LogoLounge series once again celebrates the best. raudone.info is an invaluable resource for designers at all stages, across LogoLounge book series, or logos that have been added to member . Page 7.

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LogoLounge is the one of the most respected and best-selling logo design book series in the world and I'm happy to share that 12 logos Jacob Casss Logo Lounge Book 9 Selections Sunday, March 1, at pm ·. Thread: Collection Design Logo Books, with Logo Lounge PDF . reupload Logo Lounge 2,3,4,5,6 logo lounge 1 and 7 will upload soon. LogoLounge Idea Generators: Symbolism with Bill Gardner. 2 of Balls 7 of Human Touch. Medical, Clinical Perspective,. Corporate Concern. Love.

Great work done Jacob. All the logos above are really well crafted and look cool, especially Yoga Tripper which is awesome.

David, Thanks David, simplicity is very evident in these logos. Actually all of them are void of effects, minus the Yoga Tripper one which has a very slight gradient. Super, really Super.


As everyone else has been saying, yes i think the images are really cool but my favourte is the Japan tribute. All of them are simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate!

Congratulations from Transylvania! Sep Thursday, September 8, Logo Design , Personal. Logo Lounge Vol.

My 6 Selected Logos Below you can see my six selected logos. Menu Cover Depot Menu Cover Depot is an online service that caters to restaurants needing menu covers. Japan Tribute This was my tribute piece in response to the Japan 8. Eton Financial Eton Financial is a prestigious financial education services provider.

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Onyx Onyx is an enhanced TV platform that allows cable providers to launch enhanced TV applications on legacy set-top boxes. Onyx is a product of BCM , who I also designed the logo for. Rob Thursday, September 8, at 3: Semhal Thursday, September 8, at 3: Virtual Agents Thursday, September 8, at Lukas Friday, September 9, at 5: Lee Gustin Friday, September 9, at 6: Ken Sunday, September 11, at 8: David Christian-Woodruff Monday, September 12, at 5: Kevin Monday, September 12, at 7: Jacob Cass Wednesday, September 14, at Thanks for the feedback folks!

April Neylan Wednesday, September 14, at 8: John Saturday, September 17, at 5: Christine Case Sunday, September 18, at 3: Graphiste Marseille Monday, September 19, at 8: Nicely done Jacob! You are a legend and deserve to have your work featured in these books.

Prescott, All of these were for real clients yet not all were used eg. There were a few before and afters and a few totally new companies. The call to selections is actually all the time.

Eery logo you submit to LogoLounge is automatically considered for their books which are usually annually. Great article.


I have some blueprints but nothing professionally done. Also, what computer software can I use if I wanted to do it myself?? Great to hear Jacob.

Looking at these logo designs, there is no surprise that these were included in Logo Lounge. You deserve it!

I would be really interested in seeing what Artistic Highways is about. Mar Logo Lounge Vol. Related Posts.


Noel Sunday, March 1, at 7: Hey Jacob, congratulations! Prescott Perez-Fox Sunday, March 1, at 7: Steve Mark Monday, March 2, at 5:USA Firestarter www.

Great to hear Jacob. The entire Winter issue pdf can be found here: This is how a designer in Brazil came to breathe life it says exactly what Mosca wanted to say. Designers will recognize some of the same trials and pro- The owl is a symbol of vigilance because it is capable of seeing in cesses both peers and idols work through to arrive at solutions for darkness and stands watch at night.

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