PDF - Kosher Jesus. Kosher Jesus is a project of more than six years research and writing. The book seeks to offer to Jews and Christians the real story of Jesus . He has been called a rabbi, a rebel, a magician, a revolutionary. Some say he was divine; others say he was a deceiver. Recently, a leading Orthodox rabbi. Over the years, we have read a lot of books out of plain interest written by rabbis. Some arguing for the validity and so-called "first century" perspective on.

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Kosher Jesus is a book by the Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, focusing on the relationship . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. "Who was Jesus of Nazareth?" begins the discourse in Kosher Jesus: The Legacy of Jesus Among. Jews and Christians. According to Daniel , it is clear the. Kosher Jesus By Luka Neskovic The Times of Israel September 15, , am Recently I have been intrigued by the book “Kosher Jesus” written by.

In his book he compares scholarly views on the historical Jesus with theological views from the early rabbinic literature. And he was not the Messiah.

Jesus was only made in to the God at the council of Nicaea which was in AD. The Jewish Messiah is a king, a great leader who is going to fight the enemies of the Jewish people. That means that the last prophet was Malachi, and he lived about years before Christ.

Jesus Made Me Kosher : Jews for Jesus and the Defining of a Religious Identity

The Jews had a tremendous tension with the Romans. It was only a matter of time before their rebellion broke out and that bring to the destruction of the Temple.

Jesus was not the only one. There were many at that time that was saying that Temple will be destroyed, because the Temple became corrupt, they were saying that the corruption will lead to the destruction.

He was a good Jewish Rabbi who was teaching Torah and was against Roman occupation.

Is Jesus Kosher for Jews? – DVD

Then what about John 8: There is no question that the gospel of John was completely different than the other gospels, completely. I discussed that in my book with relevant source material.

Rabbi says: Related Papers. The New Testament. download Now Latest Reviews Return of the Kosher Pig is an excellent resource proving the Divine Nature of the Messiah in Talmudic sources, and, of course, Scriptural sources as well exposing the reader to some very rich meat so get ready for a Hebrew experience!

This is a must-have book. You will need to read slow, and then reread so you don't miss a single word!

Kosher Jesus ebook download

This book is very well documented in the original Hebrew language. Tracy site Review 5-star review!

This book is for the serious student. It is not fluff reading. Rabbi Shapira has done his research.


Each page is full of wonderful information. Keep your Bible and a dedicated notebook with pen and post-it flags by your side as you get into this book.

You will be glad you did! Utts site Review Good ideas and new information in talking to Jews about Jesus - and well documented.Gary Clarke.

Kosher Jesus is a project of more than six years research and writing. Hebrew Bible: Psalms Depart from me, all you workers of evil Or He the Son of G-d?


The New Testament. Who is this Jesus-Yeshua, and why are we still talking about him two thousand years later? I highly recommend this.

He has been called a rabbi, a rebel, a reformer, a religious teacher, a reprobate sinner, a revolutionary, a redeemer.

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