Joseon X-Files is a South Korean television series starring Kim Ji-hoon, Im Jung-eun, Kim Records, and the series is also known as Joseon X-Files: Secret Book (Hangul: 조선X파일: 기찰비록; RR: Joseon X Pa-il: Gichalbirok). Joseon X-Files - Secret Book Poster. Kim Ji-Hoon stars as a government investigator in 17th century Korea. Kim Hyung Do (Kim Ji Hoon), originally an ordinary. With Ji-hoon Kim, Jeong-eun Lim, Hie-bong Jo, Kap-su Kim. While staying at an inn in the middle of nowhere, Hyung Do investigates whether the innkeeper is.

Joseon X-files Secret Book

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Drama: Joseon X-Files: Secret Book (English title) / Secret Investigation Record In this Joseon-era alternate history strange, possibly alien phenomena are. Original title: Secret Investigation Record; Romanized title: gi char bi rok; Also known as: Joseon X-Files: Secret Book; Volunteer Team: Secret Investigation. Details[edit]. Title: 기찰비록 / Gichalbirok; Also known as: 조선X파일: 기찰비록 / Joseon X-Files: Secret Book; Episodes: 12; Genre: Period.

Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. He begs for someone to listen to his words, but the governor remains unmoved and gives the order.

The accused is forced to drink from a bowl of poison, although he fights back and spits it out, prompting the officers to make another attempt. An ominous, low sound fills the air and everybody gapes to see a huge mass zooming through the sky, seemingly toward them, speeding over their heads.

Secret Investigation Record

The enormous UFO flies over the village marketplace, sending people scurrying for cover while goods overturn in its wake. A narrator reads from an excerpt of the official royal record which is purportedly real and serves as the inspiration for this drama , which describes the mysterious object. It zooms away and leaves one person staggering in a daze. In the Gangwon-do government building, the governor holds a secret meeting with other officials.

The governor is of the opinion that they should alert the king, but the others protest that nobody at court would believe them, and this could create trouble for them. Dare they risk their own credibility?

Against some strenuous objections, the governor solemnly makes his decision, and stamps his seal on the document. In Hanyang, this document is delivered to a high-ranking minister. His reaction is grim but odd, as it appears he means to cover this up.

A dispute arises at his table; Hyung-do loses a hand and accuses the winner of cheating. A quick look proves he is right, and the man has been playing with playing pieces up his sleeve.

That night, Hyung-do is assigned a new case and summoned to a secret interrogation presided over by the royal guard and a high-ranking minister. An older man sits silently, battered from torture and about to endure some more. Hyung-do observes the proceedings, and his eyes widen in recognition when the elderly man speaks.

This is the governor from Gangwon-do, the man who sent the king his official account of the August 25 sighting of the UFO. The man is accused of spreading false rumors, but he says weakly that he saw it clearly with his own eyes.

Why would he lie to the king? The minister replies that everyone else present at the execution denied the story. He believes that the governor is up to foul deeds and demands to know who his co-conspirator is.

More torture is applied. Hyung-do is sickened. A break in the proceedings allows Hyung-do a moment alone with the captive — who recognizes him and calls him by his first name.

Hyung-do bows in respect with tears in his eyes, then leaves the room. The minister asks an official for information on Hyung-do, who was recommended to him. Hyung-do has been at his post for about a year, and is known for being tight-lipped and by-the-book, which are considered assets. The minister tells Hyung-do to wrap up the case quickly and rule for impeachment. The other official says warningly that Hyung-do should play along and do what his superiors want.

A lone masked horseman rides through the woods, just as that metallic flying ball whizzes through the air. When the rider approaches, we get a glimpse of his face.

A group of noblemen hold a secret meeting and discuss the disappearance of some people. Among them is Heo Yoon-yi Im Jung-eun , a bookshop owner who is also a member of this group.

Yoon-yi presents the fruits of her research, which are Japanese records of a strange flying vessel that they call utsuro bune. There are drawings of the UFO, all from different locations and sightings but characterized by similar details. There are even similar sightings from Ming China.

The governor is resigned to his fate and tells Hyung-do to let this matter drop, for his own good. Yoon-yi looks over the UFO records, and when she rises from her table to exit, she bumps into Hyung-do. That sends her papers to the ground, and he kneels to help pick them up. It adds another flash of intrigue to her character. Demurely, Yoon-yi picks up her belongings, thanks him, and leaves him staring after her in surprise.

Hyung-do sets out with his sidekick Jang Man Jo Hee-bong to continue his investigation in Gangwon-do. That evening, they set up camp in the woods to avoid paying for an inn, and settle down for the night. They next day, the two men arrive at their destination, where an official the new governor? Jang Man waits outside while Hyung-do has his meeting, where he goes over the records of that August 25 sighting. This official is firm in his belief that it was a meteor.

Hyung-do counters that the other man clearly saw the machine flying in the sky. Yet perhaps Dramaland is ready to tackle it as more than romance garnish for a change.

Joseon X-Files

Enter "Circle". Premise A mysterious disappearance and the arrival of extraterrestrial life in , a mysterious murder in The story of "Circle" takes place in two timelines and it deals with a world experiencing its first alien contact and evolving through it.

The citizens of the future attempt to end violence by controlling human emotion with its technology, I am back with more drama news gathered over the past two weeks. Today I take a look at fresh material from "Radiant Office" , I figuratively salivate over an upcoming drama by writer Kim Eun-hee-I of "Signal" fame and I also take a look at "Mystery Queen" and her ajumma detective adventures, Ori-santa may not have Christmas-related content, but I ho-ho-hope my drama news will do.

Today I talk science fiction in Dramaland that is not gimmicky aliens in love with actresses. I also take a look at exciting drama news from tvN and share more despair from "Missing 9" , Depending on where it places its importance, there are different requirements for creating a star.

Some actors work hard to get there, some go by popularity alone and without their skills necessarily being worth their success.But if there were unexplained lights in the sky and earth-shaking events followed, these could be interpreted as Heaven criticising the Emperor.

He arms himself with the sword again and heads out, intent on his mission, rushing down the mountainside.

Secret Investigation Record

He has not lost the compassion he had in episode 1, unlike perhaps his fellow investigator in episode 9, who has no problem calling in the clean up squad. Kim Ji-Hoon and Lim Jung-Eun face the unknown Naturally, he returns to the village and finds another survivor who dies when he touches one of the flying balls.

He pleads for help, insisting that he did nothing wrong — all he did was tell the truth of what he saw. The show starts by the sea with the execution of a man who has been disturbing the populace with his story of the coming of the gods of the sea a story revisited in episode 10 with the dragon king.

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The fact that supernatural, alien or anachronistic things actually appear rather than just being implied or described take the show beyond just myth telling well into the area of science fiction.

Are they referring to a Buddhist style rebirth cycle, or a physical resurrection, or a reinsertion into the timeline? Due to premise, genre, characterization or other elements, they are series the likes of which we do not see in Korean drama often,

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