Jin Yong's wuxia novels are listed below in chronological order. Couplet. After all the novels had been published, it was discovered that that first character in the. 4, The Condor Trilogy (射鵰三部曲) is a series of three wuxia novels written by the Chinese author Jin Yong (Louis Cha). The novels in the trilogy are: The Legend of the Condor Heroes, The Return of the Condor Heroes, and The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Saber. The entire trilogy in. Here you will find my translation of some of the greatest Wuxia - martial heroes - novels. Smiling Proud Wanderer is written by Jin Yong (Louis Cha) and is my all time most favorite book ever. Unlike all other novels by Jin Yong, this novel stayed clear of any historical.

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1, A few years ago I started reading Jin Yong's wuxia stories and really This site houses translations of Jin Yong's Condor Trilogy in pdf format. Louis Cha Leung-yung GBM OBE better known by his pen name Jin Yong ( Chinese: 金庸), was a Chinese wuxia ("martial arts .. "THE PRECEDENCE LIST OF THE HONG KONG SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGION" (PDF). Protocol Division. Jin Yong - ROCH (Book 1).pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text level of kung fu and schooling, so they could withhold the Wu name in Wuxia.

A lot of people spend their whole life eating, sleeping, defecating and doing nothing else. Cha intimates, I suggest, a kind of counterfactual to Huang in Guo Jing. Through this instance of doubling, Ue 5 Cha dramatizes some ways in which we read, understand and cope with injustices, both personal and public, and thus connects narrative techniques to his ethics.

His impact on Chinese culture is extensive. Nameless Jet Li wins an audience with the king when he claims to have killed the three martial artists Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung and Donnie Yen who attempted his life, but the king quickly realizes this to be an assassination plot.

Indeed, at the time of writing, a episode series of Heaven Sword has aired to significant critical and commercial acclaim see Figure 2. The Condor Heroes project encourages wider readership; beckons analysis of the significant literary, social and cultural climates in which Cha was writing; and invites fresh juxtapositions.

By historicizing Cha and by reading him in a comparative, Ue 7 global context, we can deepen our understanding and appreciation of twentieth-century writing. Thanks to MacLehose Press, Condor Heroes becomes, with each annual volume, more accessible to the English-speaking world.

Acknowledgements I thank J. References Anon. Kolker ed. Accessed 6 May Accessed 12 May His voice sunk, "Wheres Yuanjun?

Yet she didnt cry. The old man clenched his teeth. You wont cry? Hmm, you were like this ten years ago. I wont let you marry him. You said you couldnt bear to leave me, so why did you leave with him. You said you were touched by my kindness, leaving me would leave you heartbroken.

Those are all deceiving words! If you are really hurt, why dont you cry? Cheng Ying had been pale due to fright but still the tears wouldnt come. The man shook her again. Cheng Ying clenched her teeth and said to herself I wont cry, I wont cry! The strange man said, "You wont even cry one tear for me, not even one. What use is my life now?

He lay on the ground unconscious. Lu Wushuang said, "Cousin, quickly escape" and grabbed hold of Cheng Yings hand, turned and ran. Cheng Ying hurried a few steps, but as she saw the strange man lying with blood on his head, her heart couldnt stand it and said, "Old grandpa is dead".

Lu Wushuang said, "Now hes dead, wont he turn into a ghost? She saw his head covered in blood and felt pity, she comforted herself, by saying, "Old grandpa is not a ghost, Im not scared, he wont blame me". She slowly walked towards the old man. Cheng Ying got a bit braver, and tended to his wounds with a handkerchief. But the force of the collision was great, so the wound on his head was very severe. The handkerchief was soaked in blood.

She used her left hand to press hard on the wound and after a while the bleeding stopped. The man began to open his eyes, and saw Cheng Ying by his side. Why dont you let me die? You wont shed a single tear for me? As the man saw the tears, his face changed to a more joyful expression, but at the same time a mournful sound came out. Cheng Ying saw his sobs, her own tears like drops of pearls, rolled down her cheeks, then reached out and hugged his neck.

Lu Wushuang saw how these two strangers are sobbing together, and wanted to laugh. She couldnt hold it in any longer and burst out in a laugh. The strange man heard this, and said to the sky, "The words that came out of your mouth said you wont leave me, but as you grow older you will forget the things youve said; just remember the little white face.

You laugh with real joy! I wont let you leave, I wont let you leave with the little white face", as he held tightly onto Cheng Ying. Lu Wushuang saw he had become deeply disturbed and didnt dare to laugh again. Lets go home, from now on you will follow father. Im your stepfather, you dont recognize me? You are not Ah Yuan? Now Yuan has grown up and doesnt need father anymore. The only thing in your heart is Lu Zhanyuan, that swine. She shook her head smiling, "I just recognized that man is my uncle.

He grabbed hold of Wushuang and asked, "Where is that swine? Lead me to him. You really want to find him? Ive been searching for him for three days, so I could settle my debt with that swine. Little girl lead me to him and old grandpa wont trouble you. She used her right hand to touch her sore left arm. I dont know where he lives anymore. He put his hand in his sleeve and said, "It was grandpas fault.

Smiling Proud Wanderer – Jin Yong – Completed – Free eBooks Download

You dont have to follow me. Grandpa has some sweets for you. He reached around his sleeve but couldnt find any sweets. Wushuang smiled and clapped. Alright, my uncle lives near here. He followed the path in front, until there is a small obstruction but cleared it in a leap.

In a flash, the three of them were by the two trees. The strange man dropped the two girls, and saw two grand tombs below the trees. On the tombstone was written: Here lies the grave of Lu Zhanyuan. On another was written Here lies the wife of Lu. The grass around the path to the tombs was knee deep, indicating that the tombs had been here a long time. The man just stared at the tombstone and said, "Lu Zhanyuan is dead how long ago? What a pity that he didnt die beneath my hands!

The laugh could be heard from faraway, but the laugh was a regretful, a lamenting laugh, not one of joy. It was deep within the night, the field of grass covered by fog.

Wushuang tugged at her cousins sleeve. Ah Yuan, where can you go now? Ill take you back to Dali. Hey little girl, take me to your dead uncles wife.

My aunt also died. The man picked himself up and his voice like thunder, shouted, "Are those words real or a lie? She she really is dead? I dont know anymore, I dont know. Dont shout at me, Im scared! No, you cant die before seeing me again.

I followed your instructions; ten years later, well meet again.

You didnt wait for me? He swept his leg across the right tree, which shook the branches of the tree. Lu Wushuang and Cheng Ying held each other tightly and retreated a few steps not daring to be closer. The man suddenly grabbed hold of one of the trees, and shook it violently, and tried to pull it out. The tree is around a thousand pounds so how could he pick it up? You said we would meet again. Does the promise not count? He crouched down, and moved his chi through his two arms, his head gradually heated up and steam arose, the muscles in his arm clenched, and his back straightened.

He shouted Rise! As the tree was being pulled, a strange noise occurred. Amidst the noise, there were now two pieces of the tree. He picked up of one part of the tree and stood still before saying quietly, "Die! Like the handle of an umbrella it was flying through the air.

He stood in front of the tomb and mumbled, "You are right, the wife of Lu is indeed Ah Yuan. His eye blurred, the two tombs had become the image of two people. One of them a smiling young girl with the pupils in the eyes full of hope; the other is well dressed, collected young man.

The couple was sitting together. The strange man opened his eyes and said, "You seduced my daughter, Ill kill you with my finger. A severe pain went through his shi finger and he released the pain. It hit the tombstone. However the image of the young man remained. The strange man shouted: Where can you escape to now? He struck out twice with his left palm, making two sounds, aimed at the same tombstone. He kept on hitting out, with each palm getting more severe each 6 Divine Eagle, Gallant Knights time.

After ten palms, blood began to seep through. Cheng Ying could no longer hold back and shouted, "Old grandpa, stop fighting, you are going to hurt yourself. With ferocious strength in his two hands he plunged ten fingers into the ground of Mrs.

Lu's tomb. He pulled back with two arms, and two lumps of the ground came with him. His two palms like an iron spade, he dug lump after lump out of the ground. The two cousins faces had become colourless, and they had the chance to escape.

While the man was busy digging, they could leave unnoticed. The two girls hurried around a few bends, and as they saw the man didnt follow, they relaxed a bit. The two girls were unfamiliar with the place, so they looked for locals to help them along the road. They walked deep into the night when they eventually found their way back to the Lu house.

Wushuang shouted, "Something terrible is happening, something bad! A madman is digging up the graves of uncle and aunt! Ying followed into the hall, and their eyes followed Lu Lidings, and saw three sets of palm prints, two at the top, two in the middle, below five, in total there were nine.

Each one was printed with blood. Lu Liding saw his daughter and asked, "What are you talking about? Her father stood up: "Nonsense! Lu Liding knew what her daughter was like, mischievous and naughty but Cheng Ying never tells lies. Her father was troubled, and before she finished, had picked up a blade and hurriedly headed for the graves. When he got there, not only did he see the graves had been disturbed, but the coffins had been opened.

Smiling Proud Wanderer – Jin Yong – Completed (ePUB, PDF, MOBI Downloads)

When he heard that someone was digging up the graves, he had known what to expect, but when he saw it with his own eyes, his heart skipped a beat. There was no sign of the bodies, the ash in the coffins, paper money, cotton cushions were all in a mess. It must be a god, and then saw on the lids of the coffins were traces of what looks like an iron tool. He looked in despair at the state of the graves. He didnt ask his daughter who did this, but wondered who could have such debts with his brother and sister-inlaw that even after their deaths, their graves and corpses wouldnt be left alone.

He held tightly to his knife. He knew his brother had taught the martial arts. He was a careful, generous, dependable man, who didnt dabble in Jianghu affairs. He was a learned man. After he circled the area, and couldnt find any traces of the suspect, he waited for half an hour before finally returning to his home. He approached the main hall. He sat down on a chair and placed his knife by his side, and stared at the nine blood prints on the wall. He thought, "Before brother died, he said he had an enemy, a Taoist priestess, named Li Mochou, with the nickname Scarlet Serpent Deity, whose kung fu was extremely high.

She was cruel and vindictive person. He anticipated that after ten years of marriage, she would come and seek revenge on the couple. In three years, it Divine Eagle, Gallant Knights 7 will be the time.

You must persuade my wife to go into hiding. I had promised him, but who could have guessed that on the night he had passed away, sister-in-law would cut her throat? Brother had passed away three years ago, and the time approaches.

The couple had passed away so why does she still come? Brother also said that before the priestess kills, she would place bloody handprints on the wall on the target's home, with one print meaning one life.

My home only has seven people in total so why nine prints? The two prints are for my brother and sister-inlaw, but now they are dead she must have dispatched people to ravage their grave. Ive been at home all day, so how did that evil witch manage to place the prints?

Could she get in here without disturbing even gods and ghosts? He shivered. Soft footsteps can be heard behind him, a small soft pair of hands covered his eyes. He recognized it was his daughters voice when she spoke. When she was three years old, she played this game with him.

This made her parents laugh. He was sad, so now his daughter is trying to cheer him up. Under normal circumstances this would have worked. But today it would be no use as he pulled his daughters hands away.

She always had the love of her father and now he had no time for her. She let out a sigh and wanted to share in her fathers misery only to see the male servant Ah Gen hastily arriving.

She just wants to spend the night here. Are they women? Theyve been waiting a long time. Its a plainly dressed woman, she looks like a mother of a respectable family.

Give them something to eat. Lu Wushuang said, "Im going as well" as she hastily exited. Lu Liding stood up, he wanted to go inside to discuss how to face this enemy with his wife. He made his way into the hall. He showed her the prints, and told her about the missing corpses. Mistress Lu pondered and said, "We are going to have to hide the two girls?

We have practiced kung fu for several years now, when the person enters our home; remember not to show any emotion. We only have seven people within the household.

He reached out and held her arms. The top two palm prints are for Brother and his wife, the middle two are ours.

In the last group, two are Ying and Wushuang, there are three are for Ah Gen and our two maids. Blood will fill this house tonight. She has sent people to dig up the grave and disturb the corpses. The two of them thought, Lu Liding is not a famous name, but the name Lu Zhanyuan is. The He Yuanjun couple was famous throughout the Jianghu world. The Lu name was famous and no one in the Jianghu dared make fun of the name. The two of them went to the back garden after they heard a sudden sound from the east wall.

Near the top of the wall was a person. Lu stepped in front to shield his wife. He looked up and saw a young boy sitting on the wall, trying to pick a ling flower.

By his leg, someone shouted out, "Careful, dont fall. Lu thought, "The girls are naughty, getting someone else to do their errands. Wushuang shouted, "Give it to me-give it to me! Cheng Ying caught it and gave it to her cousin. Lu Wushuang was angry, and threw the flower onto the ground.

She took a few steps, and angrily shouted, "Who cares? I dont want it anymore. They withdrew to their room. Cheng Ying saw Wushuang crush the flower and asked, "Cousin, why are you angry? Ill pick one myself. She hung onto a purple cane hanging from the tree. She used her strength and managed to leap up higher a few times, and landed on a silver branch of the Cinnamonum cassia tree one of the group of aromatic trees like camphor and cinnamon The boy on the wall clapped.

Although she has learned a little lightness kung fu, this leap was very dangerous. But since she was angry with the boy giving the flower to Ying and not her, she wanted to keep her pride in front of the boy.

She wasnt used to jumping such a distance. The boy gulped and said, "Stretch your hand out" as he reached out. If the boy hadnt reached out, Wushuang would have made it, but when she saw his hand in midair she shouted, "Move!

The ability to twist in the air is part of a higher level of kung fu; she had seen her dad perform this once before, but without the supervision of her parents how could she try it? As she turned, her hand wasnt able to reach the top of the wall. She shouted, "Oh no! Another boy near the foot of the wall reached out to catch her.

The wall was about ten feet tall. Though Wushuang was light, the force of her hitting the ground would still be high. The boy managed to grab her waist, the both of them falling onto the ground. Only to hear two ka ka noises, as the bone in Lu Wushuangs left leg snapped.

The boy changed colour to that of the flowers on the stone altar, as blood spouted out. Cheng Ying wanted to help the boy who tried stopping the disaster up. The boy got up, and pressed hard on the heavy wound. Wushuang had already fainted. Cheng Ying picked up her cousin and shouted, "Uncle, aunt, hurry!

It was the woman who had come to ask for shelter for the night. They saw her pick up the injured children and rush into the hall. Ignoring her own childs injuries, she tended to Lu Wushuangs leg, intending to put the snapped bone back in place.

Mistress Lu fetched a piece of cloth and tied it around the boys head before going to see her daughter. The woman then pressed down on the bai hai white sea pressure point and the wei zhong middle gathering pressure point on Lu Wushuangs leg to ease the pain, as she place one hand each on the broken pieces of bone, then put the bone into place. Lu Liding saw her movements were swift, her pressure point dim yue kung fu was at a respectable level, and his curiosity was raised.

Why did you come here? At the same time, a laugh was heard on the roof. As she twisted her hands, Wushuang let out a scream in sheer pain and she fainted again. Everyone went outside, only to see a young priestess standing by the overhang of the roof, the moonlight lit up her face. She was about fifteen or sixteen years of age, and a long sword with a blood red sash hung on her back, the sash moving in the wind.

Lu Liding said calmly, "Im Lu Liding. Are you under the command of priestess Li? Go collect your wife and daughter, kill them and then kill yourself to spare me the trouble. When Lu Liding heard these words, his body quivered. As he hesitated, suddenly something swept passed his body; it was the woman who had come to ask for shelter, in her hand was a long sword, ready to fight that young priestess.

The woman wore a grey traditional dress, the priestess an apricot yellow robe. Under the moonlight, the images of grey and yellow resembled some sort of flying dance; three flashes of light were produced as three sword-clashing sounds were made. Lu Lidings skills were taught by his brother, and though he has never fought an enemy before, his eyes werent poor, and saw every stance of the two fighters.

He saw the sword held in the priestesss hand turned from defense into attack, attack into defense, her sword stances were without mercy. The womans sword matched hers. The sounds of clashing blades were heard, both swords turned over, suddenly the little priestesss sword flew into midair.

The little priestess chased after her sword, her face losing its calmness and she shouted out, "Im under the orders of my master to take the lives of the Lu family. Who are you, and why are you meddling in these affairs? It was such an unexpected movement. As the woman fended off two needles with her sword, Lu Liding managed to catch the other needle with two fingers.

The little priestess laughed out coldly and jumped down from the building, and quickly flew away hearing the chasing footsteps.

The woman jumped down to the courtyard, and saw Lu Liding was still holding the silver needles. She shouted, "Drop it! She cut off a piece of her belt and wrapped it firmly around the wound on his right hand. Lu Liding jumped. Lu Liding felt his arms swelling and numbing. The woman used her sword tip to cut deeply into the two infected fingers of Lu, and saw drops of black blood seeping out.

Lu Liding jumped and thought to himself, "My finger wasnt cut, I only touched the silver needles and the effects are so severe. If the needles actually cut me then my life would surely have been gone. The woman replied, "My husband is named Wu, Wu Santong. Ive heard the Wus are under the order of Reverend Yideng in the south in Dali, is that right?

Reverend Yideng is indeed my husbands teacher. I have learned a little in terms of martial arts from my husband, who is nothing more than a farmer.

Jin Yong - ROCH (Book 1).pdf

I hope master Lu wont laugh. He had heard from his brother, out of all the martial artists he had seen, those under the teachings of Reverend Yideng were the best. The farmer was called Wu Santong.

Wu disliked his brother, but at the time his brother had not told him how the feud between them started. Why did Madam Wu not treat them as enemies but instead help them by fighting off the Scarlet Serpent Deitys disciple?

The reasons are hard to fathom. Everyone went back to the main hall. Lu Liding carried his daughter inside, and saw she had regained her consciousness, her face now white. Shes holding in the pain and refraining from crying, not particularly aware. Madam Wu said, "Now that witchs disciple had escaped, she herself will come here. Master Lu, Im not looking down on you but even if you and your wife joined forces with me, we are never going to be able to compete with her.

But even if we run it will be no use. We might as well wait for her and let fate decide. And what feud has our family with her? Im an outsider so it is not my place to speak. Master Lus brother went to Dali ten years ago. Li Mochou, the Scarlet Serpent Deity is now infamous throughout the Jianghu world, but ten years ago she was a gentle beauty, and wasnt yet a priestess.

This was before she sinned, after she saw your brother and fell under the enchantment of love. After many twists and turns, your brother eventually married Ah Yuanjun.

However this wasnt any fault of Yuanjun. This kind of business is best kept under wraps; its just todays events have forced me to retell these events. Yuanjun was my stepdaughter. Madam Wu touched her injured sons shoulder in comfort.

She stared into the flame of a candle and carried on. We took her in and she became our stepdaughter. We loved her dearly. Eventually she met your brother, and they fell in love with each other, and wanted to get married.

Firstly, my husband didnt want her to leave the family; secondly, he was too strict saying Jiangnan people were crafty and cunning; they cant be relied upon and forbade the wedding. Ah Yuan secretly ran away with your brother. On the wedding day, both my husband and Li Mochou went to find the couple and cause them trouble. Luckily, a high monk from the Dali Sky Dragon temple passed by and took the matter in his own hands.

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He requested, on his behalf, that they would grant the couple ten years of peace. Li Mochou and my husband agreed to this. My husband was angry, and after this event he became confused and disturbed; his teacher, fellow students and even I were unable to persuade him, or understand him. He just counted down the ten-year deadline. According to my calculations, today ten years exactly has passed. It was hard to predict that the couple would not enjoy the ten years of bliss that they had been granted.

Lu Liding said, "So according to what you have said, the person who dug up brother and sisterin-laws grave was your husband. There wasnt a feud in the first place. Even if there was, now that my brother and sister are dead, things should be bygones. But now hes stolen the corpses, is that the action of a hero? But now that his heart is full of fury, his words did not carry the proper tone of respect. Madam Wu sighed, "Master Lu is right to blame my husband.

He is confused and has stopped talking; he doesnt deserve any pity. Ive brought my two children along here, to try and stop the wrong doings of my husband.

Right now, Im the only person who he takes any notice of. Mistress Lu gave a hand to help the boys up and asked what their names were. The one who threw himself down and cut his forehead was called Wu Dunru, the older brother; the younger was called Wu Xiuwen. The difference in age was one year, one of them twelve, the other eleven. The two had been taught martial arts and were relatively learned.

Madam Wu and her husband were getting old, and hoped that they could reach a good level of kung fu and schooling, so they could withhold the Wu name in Wuxia, and not just rely on it.

Madam Wu did not divulge the darker reason for her husbands behavior. She sighed and thought, "Those lies are only good for now. I mustnt tell anyone about the truth. The feelings that Wu Santong had for her did not limit itself to the father daughter relationship.The Lu Zhanyuan family is a famous family in this area and hes just commoner.

The man shook her again. The strange man dropped the two girls, and saw two grand tombs below the trees. Lu Wushuang laughed, "Is he not strange? You two can leave.

Once the song had finished, a small boat appeared.

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