Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower's. Following the world-wide success of his earlier book, Other Losses, which million Axis prisoners in Allied camps after the war, James Bacque flew to Moscow to work in the newly opened KGB archives. EPUB download. Other Losses is a book by Canadian writer James Bacque, in which Bacque alleges that M46 U55 ). Available from Jewish Virtual Library as PDF (15 MB) or from the rotten dot com archive as html; ^ Note: the file was originally available for download from the United States Department of Justice homepage, as.

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Other Losses - James Bacque - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. James Bacque's "Other Losses." Published in in. Follow the Author. James Bacque. + Follow Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of. Other Losses: An. Americans after World War II James Bacque epub free download Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the.

Organized in Columbus, it eventually replaced Camp Jackson as a recruitment and training center for the Union Army download. After processing through Kearney, Gable served as a gunnery instructor in England.

The base had a huge impact on the community. In , Kearney had a population of just under 10, people which made it a regional hub for this rural area.

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Building the base brought 1, new jobs. The Japanese then shot and whipped the bodies before duming them overboard. The sounds of the ship, wind, and waves meat that the victims from learning what was happening until the last moment.

Being on the restraint devices and the chemical sprays. When I announced this at a prisoner of war reunion in Wurzburg, Germany in some of the ex-prisoners had tears in their eyes. In there were a number of huge, old cotton mills left vacant in the rolling green hills of north-west England. The row houses march brick by brick and side by side up the hills. At one time a large number of German combatant prisoners of war were kept in an old cotton mill in less than satisfactory conditions Boys at War, Men at Peace: download pdf lodgelegal.

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I am again confronted with the repugnant duty of passing final judgment on a former adversary.. Jun 13, Nearly 1, Yugoslav prisoners of war were brought into this..

Military spokespersons regularly add to the confusion. These presumptive disabilities are based on studies of the long-term effects of captivity, deprivation, trauma, and cold injury on former POWs.

If a former POW is diagnosed as having one or more of these conditions to a degree that is at least 10 percent disabling, VA presumes that it is associated with the POW experience ref. Of those nearly died on active Army service and a total of over 11, in all services.

The German Story. Baker said of the men he accompanied, "They were rather solemn as they were escorted up to the aircraft.

Once inside the aircraft they really became elated. The remainder of the new material is primarily information he received in letters from and interviews with former American soldiers, concerning abuses they witnessed in the postwar American camps.

Prisoners were beaten and neglected, an indeterminate number were killed by angry guards. Food supplies and medical care were inadequate in numbers of camps, Red Cross aid was frequently directed to civilians rather than the German soldiers, and American soldiers were often indifferent to the sufferings of the Germans.

And if deliberate then where did the policy originate?

This recent edition adds little new to this part of the controversy. The new testimony added by former soldiers speaks to individual incidents they witnessed or to protests that they made and believed went unheeded.

Other Losses by James Bacque

They doubted his contention that Eisenhower nursed a personal abiding hatred of the Germans, or that he dared to ignore orders from President Harry S. Truman and his military superiors, and not only continued to orchestrate atrocities but also persuaded all of those who had to know the details to keep quiet and hide the evidence.

Subsequent biographies of Eisenhower and books on the occupation have dismissed these charges as unsupported by any cohesive body of evidence. In all, nine scholars who contributed to this conference delivered a hefty judgment that Bacque had made charges that the evidence does not sustain.

Army, the U. Those who enjoy a good brouhaha may enjoy this, but since the basic text of the book remains the same as that of the publication, none of this sheds any substantial, additional light on the historical events in question.

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The material on the Soviet treatment of German prisoners is interesting, but does not change anything in the ongoing controversy. Second, each scholar and any general reader with a strong interest in the American role in the postwar occupation of Germany should read the book very carefully.Zone, the U.

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Vincenzo Pace was imprisoned at Ogden Depot in October I was mistaken These findings have since been further solidified by detailed case studies on individual American POW camps in Germany hastily built at the end of the warlike Christof Strauss's exhaustive Heidelberg dissertation on the POW and internment in the Heilbronn camp.

Bacque has simply distorted the context beyond all recognition. Not since the horrors of the Confederate-administered prison at Andersonville during the American Civil War had such cruelties taken place under American military control.

The president's son, Elliott Roosevelt, a brigadier-general in the United States Army, responded with a toast to the deaths of "not only those fifty thousand

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