Physical Anthropology is another name of biological anthropology. It studies the human adaptation, evolution and variability. Introduction to Physical. Robert Jurmain/Lynn Kilgore/Wenda Trevathan/Russell L. Ciochon/Eric Bartelink. View as Instructor. Product cover for Introduction to Physical Anthropology. download Introduction to Physical Anthropology on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on Robert Jurmain received an A.B. in Anthropology from UCLA and a Ph.D. in Biological Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App.

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by Robert Jurmain; Lynn Kilgore; Wenda Trevathan; Russell L Ciochon; Eric J Bartelink. Print book. English. Fifteenth edition. Boston: Cengage Learning . [Download ebook] Introduction to Physical Anthropology. Introduction to Physical Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, Wenda Trevathan, Russell L. Ciochon. TEXTBOOK: Introduction to Physical Anthropology edition by Robert Jurmain et al, Thomson Higher Education (ISBN: 9).

Heredity and Evolution.

Chap 5. Macroevolution: Processes of Vertebrate and Mammalian Evolution.

Chap 6. Survey of the Living Primates.

Chap 7. Primate Behavior.

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Chap 8. Overview of the Fossil Primates. Chap 9.

Chap Hominin Origins in Africa. Premodern Humans.

Fortunately for us, a record of their passage 1 Introduction to Physical Anthropology on that long-forgotten day remains in the form of footprints, preserved in hard- ened volcanic deposits. As chance would have it, shortly after heels and toes were pressed into damp soil, a nearby volcano erupted.

The ensuing ashfall blanketed everything on the ground, including the hominin footprints.

In time, the ash layer hardened into a deposit that preserved the tracks for nearly 4 million years Fig. These now famous prints indicate that two individuals, one smaller than the other, may have walked side by side, leaving parallel sets of tracks.

But what is clear is that the prints were made by an animal that habitually walked bipedally on two feet , and that fact tells us that those ancient travelers were hominins.

In addition to the footprints, scientists working at this site called Laetoli and at other locations have discovered many fossilized parts of skeletons of an animal we call Australopithecus afarensis.

After analyzing these remains, we know that these hominins were anatomically similar to ourselves, although their brains were only about one-third the size of ours. They walked down a path into what became their future, and their immediate journey has long since ended.

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So it remains for us to learn as much as we can about them and their species ; and as we continue to do so, their greater journey continues. You've reached the end of this preview.Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

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As chance would have it, shortly after heels and toes were pressed into damp soil, a nearby volcano erupted. Updating results

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