Hero (Hero #1) by Samantha Young Villain (Hero #) by Samantha Young. Hero – Samantha raudone.info KB. Villain - Samantha raudone.info KB. 4. Hero ebook EPUB/PDF/PRC/MOBI/AZW3 free download. Author: Samantha Young. Hero - Best Romance Books full free download #sitebook # ebook. Alexa Holland's father was her hero—until her shocking discovery that she .. I am very happy that I could start of my new year with Samantha Young's book.

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Is this a complete standalone, or is it better to have read Hero first? . First of all, Samantha Young won me over with her On Dublin Street series and ever since . Samantha Young is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Hart's Boardwalk series Samantha Young Author cover image of Hero. Stars Over Castle Hill_ A Joss - Samantha Young - dokument [*.epub] A Joss One Real Thing Every Little Thing Standalone Hero Into the Deep Series Into the .

I call bullshit. They want sex and scandal. If you can make her cry or storm off the set, even better. Anything there? He grinned. This was not what I signed up for.

Villain by Samantha Young

Russ, our last boss, the boss who hired me, was a brusque but professional man who would never have dreamt of putting me in a bikini on air. And her face, tits, and ass have shot our ratings through the roof.

I memorized every word for my log file. But I loved my job. I loved the challenge of getting on camera and having to think on my feet.

It was just me, my report, a green screen, and coming up with a way to report the weather that was fun, witty, and fit with the theme of the breakfast show that day. He sighed. I really loved that Caine and Lexie's past "connection" was revealed right at the beginning of the book And I didn't want to be someone he hated.

However, it was clear Caine needed me to leave him alone. And I would. Even if it was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. I loved the flow of this story and I loved the way the author described the details and nuances of emotion. It really got me right inside these characters' minds and allowed me to perfectly visualize the whole story as I read.

Despite Caine's goal to make her life miserable, Lexie was equally determined to get through to him and show him that she was different than her family. She truly believed that she could break down his walls In contrast, Caine was totally determined to hold on to his albeit understandable grudge. I loved their back-and-forth banter. An affair Nadia knows must come to an end before their feelings grow any deeper and he discovers her secrets.

Get A Copy. More Details Edition Language. Nadia Ray , Henry Lexington. Boston, Massachusetts United States. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Villain , please sign up. Is this a complete standalone, or is it better to have read Hero first?

Shannon You can read them independently. See 1 question about Villain…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. But only a heroine deserves a hero. Sparks fly, and hatred of each other evolves when Nadia and Henry realize they are both not what they seem.

But Nadia has a past tha 4 stars!! But Nadia has a past that can threaten any relationship before it starts. That combined with severe trust issues promises an emotional and bumpy ride for these two. Nadia was so unsure things would work and he never wavered.

I read Samantha Young because she never fails to deliver me a satisfying story, and I will read her books as long as she keeps writing them because of this. A truly talented writer, I hope she never stops.

View all 4 comments. My kind of a woman! I had my doubts about her at the beginning drama lama with her chef , but then she showed her claws and I immediately climaxed fell in love with her.

I don't believe in flowering up a situation so as not to offend delicate sensibilities. Not as bad as I got from the blurb. I even liked him.

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He was a big player in the past, but celibate after he met the h. Light OW drama — with one of his exes and some women his mother introduced him to.

Nothing sexual. He was a big flirt and I floved that the h called him out on it. Nothing happened. No scenes with OP. Such plotes make me always mad. But still… I makes me think my sex-life is boring and lacks in passion, because I never, never ever, forgot about protection.

Lust or not, STD is no fun!!!

Sweet romantic epilogue. View all 35 comments. Now it's been a hot minute since I read Hero , but it took me no time at all to dive right back into this world. As the fun-loving, easy going, and quick with a smile best friend and business partner to the growly and grumpy Caine, I wasn't sure how Henry would follow.

I live for the enemies to lovers trope, and it was hard to imagine someone that smiley pulling off the a-hole vibe. But I shouldn't have worried, because Samantha Young really gave me the best of both worlds with him; the a-hole at first and then the endearing.

I absolutely adored the man. As Boston's morning television It Girl and broadcast meteorologist, it wasn't her smarts that got the viewership. She's tried to make peace with the fact that her curvy figure will always make men undermine and misjudge her.

Or perhaps its just her recent history with them. So when an assignment from her smarmy boss lands her in the cross hairs of a very pissed off Henry Lexington, she doesn't back down from putting him in his place. What she doesn't anticipate is Henry's interest as soon as he realizes his colossal screw up with her.

I loved the way that Henry pursued Nadia and wouldn't take no for an answer. She was determined to keep him in the sex only box and he was having none of it. Nadia was such an incredibly endearing heroine as well. For all that she's been through, this is a chick with balls of steel and a spine that's even stronger. She's not about to back down or bow down to anyone, and I respected that so much in her.

Villain was this perfect combination of a delicious slow burn, with a splash of enemies to lovers, all wrapped up in a story that kept me glued to the pages until the end.

It was entertaining, quick paced, and entirely satisfying.

I absolutely loved these two together. I wanted more. I wanted to come. I wanted him to shatter me. There was a bit of drama that was thrown in at the end, but it wrapped things up quite nicely. If you're looking for a sexy, short, but totally satisfying novella, Villain will do the trick quite nicely.

The perfect read to spend the afternoon with.

Hold On by Samantha Young

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Find me on: View 2 comments. I enjoyed Villain so much. I adored Nadia and Henry, they were perfect for each other! Intense,passionate and raw. The character development was perfect even though it was a short story, but Samantha managed to make me love it so much and make me have feelings throughout the story.

I devoured it and even though I knew it was a novella I wish we had more. If you are a fan of Samantha Young you are going to love it!!

Stories that are full of heart-warming feels, with full blooded humanly vulnerable characters you can relate with, even if their stories and background pasts go beyond your own experiences Just like I said View all 9 comments.

Dec 06, Eliza rated it really liked it Shelves: Convinced of a scandal involving billionaire Caine Carraway, her boss has given her the task of digging up any dirt that will get the station the exclusive. Her investigation of Caine puts her in the path of his best friend Henry Lexington.

In a confrontation that can only be described as explosive, sparks fly and what began with one agenda ends in another. Henry realises his error is judging Nadia as just another pretty face.

The more time he spends with her the more he wants her for her own merits. She tries to tell herself the attraction she feels for Henry is animosity, but the more time she spends with him, the harder it becomes to convince even herself. Henry was completely endearing in his honesty of wanting to pursue a relationship with Nadia. I drooled over the sexual tension that built with Nadia and Henry.

Combined with element of secrecy, the only villainous thing about this story was that it had to end. I enjoyed their banter, the way they act when they are together was genuine and the attraction is very much present. I always need to be in a certain state of mind when I read a novella.

I know that the story and thus the love story will be more insta-love than detailed. Here, as this story is very much linked to Hero and what's happening, I failed to remember some important information throughout my read.

I don't know if it would be useful to read or re-read Hero before Villain but it might help to be fully on board with everything taking place. Nonetheless, Henry charmed me with his flirtatious ways. He mastered the way he talks to women and knows the effect he has without being cocky about it. Nadia was blunt and knew what she wanted. Resisting to a man like Henry was futile and even if it took her long to see it, at the end she let her guard down.

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Dec 08, Leo Queen of the Rants rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The heroine annoyed the crap out of me with her insecurities about her body.. I know many of us women are insecure about our bodies but I wanted to yell at her "Own your curves girl" needless to say this got old real fast.

I hated the hero, hate is a sweet word compared what I feel for this asshole, one moment he's telling her that he wants more than one night with her the next 2. I hated the hero, hate is a sweet word compared what I feel for this asshole, one moment he's telling her that he wants more than one night with her the next he's flirting with another woman, how the hell does he want the heroine to take him seriously when his flirting in front of her?

That was just disrespectful. Btw this woman was someone he slept with and of course it didn't mean anything to him. And it seems like all she ever felt was insecurity, she goes on dates and then out of nowhere the piece of crap appeared getting upset that she's on a date but he didn't even bothered contacting her?

Get the heck out of here. It just made me think he was after one thing from her and she fell for it, he gave her some sweet words how he wanted more from her, had sex with her and then he just disappeared.

This doesn't tell me she's a strong woman. I would have scratched his eyes out. He calls women beautiful and smart in front of the heroine too. Why is she bothering with this piece of shit? Is she that much insecure that thinks she can't get another man? Nope she doesn't say a peep after this, she fakes a headache or something like that so she wouldn't say anything to him at this point I didn't care if she was dying or something else.

I didn't care anymore. After this I started skimming I didn't cared how it end it. Dec 16, Alba and Her Secrets.. It has been a while since my last book by Samantha Young. Actually it was the novel where we meet the main couple of this novella: Since some time has past since then, I decided to re-read Hero first which I really enjoyed! It starts with a premise of an enemies to lovers but these two instantly feel the connection between them.

Yes, I do have to say their firsts meetings are not the best in terms of building a romance between them but after they get past it especially Nadia , the chemistry between these two is unstoppable and that means feelings get involved in the mix and everything changes.

I love a good novella. I love seeing how an author manages to bring everything in such a short format and Samantha Young did not disappoint with Villain. I really enjoyed seeing all these characters again. I loved seeing this couple first as enemies and how it all develops to a beautiful love story. The chemistry between Henry and Nadia is extremely hot and pretty emotional towards the end.

Henry seems like an a-hole at the start but he will melt your insides when he declares what he feels and how much he needs Nadia in his life.

Nadia is also one hell of a strong heroine and I loved it. These two together were amazing and I am so glad they found their happy ending! Highly recommend reading this quick but fantastic novella! Henry and Caine from Hero are best friends and when Henry overhears Nadia possibly outing some damaging information about Caine, he goes after her.

Thankfully, he finds out where she really stands and comes to her rescue instead. Henry is a player and Nadia has no interest in that, however, she has had a dry spell and decides to change that.

Henry won't fall for that so easily and makes a deal with her for three dates first and she agrees. I absolutely love when the male character wants the female character so badly Henry is definitely swoon worthy and Nadia has a hard time resisting him. Some big curve balls are his horrible mother and Nadia's secret past.

What happened in Nadia's past has clouded her perceptions and she's not as trusting as she could be. However, what she does causes Henry some turmoil of his own It was also great how Nadia handled Henry's mom. I really enjoyed getting Caine and Lexie in the story and how Lexie and Nadia's friendship grew.

And the epilogue was perfect!Boston, Massachusetts United States. Henry was perfect Last name. And every step of the way, I loved every moment of them.

However Samantha Young did such a great job in telling a complete story in a limited amount of pages.

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