F Wall Street: Joe Ponzio's No-Nonsense Approach to Value Investing For the Rest of Us Paperback – Bargain Price, June 18, Joe Ponzio has seen the "dark side" of Wall Street. His website raudone.info is a popular value investing site and is a permanent link on raudone.info's. PDF F Wall Street: Joe Ponzio's No-Nonsense Approach to Value Investing For the Rest of Us; 2. DESCRIPTION "Look at market fluctuations as. This post has my personal notes about the big ideas in the book F Wall Street: Joe Ponzio's non-nonsense approach to value investing for the.

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1. 1 Speculators and Unsuccessful Investors. 3. 2 The Nature of Wall Street Works Against Investors. 3 The Institutional Performance Derby: The Client Is the. F Wall Street ain't dead, even if I've given that impression over the past few months. The truth is: I have been swamped with work — you know that silly little . F Wall Street PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Copy From Text:. Joel Ponzio. Adams Media, May Adams Media, January List Price: Recently Viewed Products. Break Through: Marina Go. The Economist: Business Consulting: Don't Blame the Shorts: Robert Sloan.

All About Forex Trading. Wall Street Lingo: She had the best network in the industry. No one associated with the auto sector, from Chrysler head Lee Iacocca to Toyota president Shoichiro Toyoda would refuse her call. In fact, her messages went to the top of the pile.


She would then type, rapid-fire, clearly and concisely, with accompanying tables and charts, her findings and conclusions. Those were published in a constant stream of output worthy of a large team of analysts.

She tightly controlled her business. My office-mate, her assistant, busied himself with reams of data and early spreadsheet software. But Keller arguably worked the phones hardest for her customers.

Back then, the big customers were not hedge funds, but large mutual funds such as Fidelity and Alliance Capital and state pension funds. No analyst or portfolio manager at these funds who had or was considering a position in an auto-related stock wanted to tell the boss or investment committee that he or she had not yet talked to Maryann Keller.

That call was essential. And Keller returned each one. I watched her. I looked for a friend to stop by for lunch. I listened for a personal phone call. I tried to catch her daydreaming and gazing out the window. Maybe they happened, but I never did see or hear them.

Analysts like Keller proved that women could research, cultivate important relationships and command respect as experts. All around me, women were succeeding. When Keller left to join another firm, she was replaced by a woman. The female assistant director of our equity research department rose to run the entire department.

The senior investment banker in my industry, retail, was a woman. Many of us joining the firm in those years were born at the end of the baby boom, raised to think women could do anything, educated as equals with our male peers, and we were lucky enough to have pioneers ahead of us to hire us and confirm our confidence.

Women were already reaching management ranks, and most of us just assumed the trend would continue. First came the stock market crash when employment on Wall Street took a dive. Then when the new bull market that took shape in the s, a combination of demographics, deregulation, technology, retirement of the old entrepreneurial guard and declining rates of return on old-fashioned government bonds united to promote a go-go culture that favored aggression and leverage.

Women, by and large, did not lead this charge. Many benefited during the good times and enjoyed the work.

F Wall Street: Book Notes

But in each downturn, women, less politically entrenched, have lost out. Few rose to the top during management shake-ups.

Downsizing fell on women managers more than the men. The women interviewed for this article expressed gratitude for their Wall Street careers.

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But most feel the industry does not value attributes they can bring to the table. Studies show that men are more effective leaders in male-dominated settings; women in female-oriented workplaces. So, on Wall Street, to advance, women must fit into the male-dominated, hierarchical world of Wall Street—or leave.

Successful woman on Wall Street cite examples of great support from individual men in their careers. Their anecdotes paint a culture that simply has not supported female advancement. Women at the top are a rarity.

None heads a Wall Street bank. Few run investment banking or trading departments. The trajectory of the business, enabled by technology, has favored transactions over relationships, the quant over the researcher, the brash over the reflective.

But men still have a firm grip on the power structure. In the highly-compensated alternative investments and investment banking categories, women are scarce in top roles.

Women-led firms tend to manage fewer assets than their male-led counterparts. While women make slow and steady progress in most industries and in government, Wall Street is an exception. Meanwhile, females in the same age group in the overall US population grew in the same time period.

Other sectors reflect gains for women.

From the early s to the late s, women stock analysts working at brokerage firms went from one in 20 to just over one in five, according to research by Harvard Business School professor Boris Groysberg. After the stock market collapse, the percentage dropped, just recovering back to one in five in recent years. In other words, women have gone nowhere, and this in an arena where women are proven to excel.

A recently published study in the Financial Analyst Journal reported that women analysts tend to be slightly higher ranked by institutional customers than their male counterparts. But only one in six of the analysts at all brokerage firms from to , the period studied, were women, well below the rate Groysberg measured in the s. The same pattern repeated itself more broadly when the industry contracted in In the most recent financial crisis, women lost out again.

Sallie Krawcheck, whose rise on Wall Street was meteoric until her job was eliminated in a reorganization at Bank of America two years ago, has become among the most outspoken opponents of this backslide. Subsequently, Citibank has doubled its female representation on the management committee by adding one more woman to its member team.

In a downturn, political savvy and connections become predominant. A smart, driven woman finds herself making lots of money and moving ahead if she works hard and performs. The early years can be exhilarating.

A year veteran Wall Street executive, Palmieri reached the managing director level at Merrill Lynch as a senior executive in information technology.

There were really no women there except for the women in HR. I was a young girl not knowing what to expect, but honestly, the work was good. For years, she put her head down, working for the next challenge, the next advancement, the next raise. She had two children 11 months apart and kept working. She put in her time and sacrificed. Because DB is international, I was in London constantly, leaving the kids.

There was a lot of stress. I was the only woman managing director. I loved working there. One day in , Palmieri had an epiphany. What I was getting back was not acceptable to me.

It is not natural for women: they have to work at it. Women are relationship-based, can multi-task better. The work has to be meaningful … doing something meaningful is very important. But that is not balance.He also gives tangible examples of valuation calculations using real business data.

Piezoelectric Microphone The microphone can be of the following types: piezoelectric, condenser, electret or dynamic. My office-mate, her assistant, busied himself with reams of data and early spreadsheet software.

New regulations mean to control risk. Typical crystal microphone element Crystal microphone basics. Deans headed its equities division through the financial crisis, leaving in Be the first to review this product!

Focus on process, not outcomes. The ten commandments of investing:

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