+ Embedded C Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is the use of volatile keyword? Question2: Can a variable be both const and volatile?. Embedded C Interview Questions - Free download as Text File .txt), PDF File . pdf) or read online for Microcontroller+interview+Questions+and+raudone.info Embedded C Interview Questions and Answers on Embedded Systems - Page 2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. embedded c.

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Here I have created a list of popular embedded c interview questions that are generally These embedded c interview questions might be helpful in your interview. The answer to this question is that 'A' will be skipped and B will be printed. Interview Questions: Answers (by Nigel Jones) to some of the questions. until the inline operator becomes part of standard C, macros are the only portable. 1) Explain what is embedded system in a computer system? Top 18 Embedded Systems Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF.

A watchdog timer is an electronic device or electronic card that execute specific operation after certain time period if something goes wrong with an electronic system.

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Embedded systems require infinite loops for repeatedly processing or monitoring the state of the program. For instance, the case of a program state continuously being verified for any exceptional errors that might just happen during run-time such as memory outage or divide by zero, etc.

A semaphore is an abstract datatype or variable that is used for controlling access, by multiple processes to a common resource in a concurrent system such as multiprogramming operating system.

Semaphores are commonly used for two purposes.

Mention what happens when recursion functions are declared inline? Recursion function can be used when you are aware of the number of recursive calls is not excessive.

Inline functions property says whenever it will called, it will copy the complete definition of that function. Recursive function declared as inline creates the burden on the compilers execution.

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Semaphore or Mutex cannot be used for interrupt context in Linux Kernel. While spinlocks can be used for locking in interrupt context. For example: stdio. Syntax errors are associated with mistakes in the use of a programming language. It maybe a command that was misspelled or a command that must was entered in lowercase mode but was instead entered with an upper case character.

A misplaced symbol, or lack of symbol, somewhere within a line of code can also lead to syntax error.

Variables and constants may at first look similar in a sense that both are identifiers made up of one character or more characters letters, numbers and a few allowable symbols. Both will also hold a particular value.

Constants are given values at one time only, placed at the beginning of a program. This value is not altered in the program.

For example, you can assigned a constant named PI and give it a value 3. Arrays contain a number of elements, depending on the size you gave it during variable declaration.

Each element is assigned a number from 0 to number of elements To assign or retrieve the value of a particular element, refer to the element number. Since each header file contains different function definitions and prototype, you would be using only those header files that would contain the functions you will need.

Top Interview Questions and Answers in Embedded C

Declaring all header files in every program would only increase the overall file size and load of the program, and is not considered a good programming style. When declaring functions, you will decide whether that function would be returning a value or not. Compound statements are made up of two or more program statements that are executed together. Compound statements can also be executed within a loop.

Before a program can be written, an algorithm has to be created first. An algorithm provides a step by step procedure on how a solution can be derived. It also acts as a blueprint on how a program will start and end, including what process and computations are involved.


Other pointers points to a specific type of variable while void pointer is a somewhat generic pointer and can be pointed to any data type, be it standard data type int, char etc or user define data type structure, union etc.

We can pass any kind of pointer and reference it as a void pointer.

But to dereference it, we have to type the void pointer to correct data type. An ISR Interrupt Service Routine is an interrupt handler, a callback subroutine which is called when a interrupt is encountered. ISR does not return anything.

An ISR returns nothing because there is no caller in the code to read the returned values. Interrupt latency is the time required for an ISR responds to an interrupt. Interrupt latency can be minimized by writing short ISR routine and by not delaying interrupts for more time.Embedded Systems Practice Tests.

To handle this situation, Linux splits the handler into two parts — Top half and Bottom half. This question is also very important and generally ask by an interviewer.

So, in such circumstances it is very difficult for participants.

So its bad. Mutex is also a tool that is used to provide deadlock-free mutual exclusion either consumer or producer can have the key and proceed with their work. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. What does the keyword const mean?

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