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Ejaculation Guru PDF is an eBook designed for men who have a poor sex life as a The developer of the effective information is an authority sex advisor and. 5 Who Is Behind The eBook Ejaculation Trainer? Medical advisors indicate that PE is best described when men take less than 5 minutes of penetrative sex. 1 Best Seller Solution for Premature Ejaculation. Ejaculation Advisor shows how to last longer in bed without using any pills or drugs.

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No questions will be asked! Start Lasting Longer in Bed Tonight! Take advantage of this zero risk offer and discover the proven methods for how to last longer in bed, starting tonight. Check out some of the many Ejaculation Advisor readers experiences. I'm very pleased with the results. I started with a 5 minute increase and slowly progressed along and now I go at it for 45 minutes and aiming for the 1 hour mark.

My girlfriend has fallen short of proposing and has been asking me what is it that I have since changed because now she is so so happy in bed. Get Access Now. The relationship between these hormonal abnormalities and PE is unclear. Prostatic inflammation and chronic bacterial prostatitis have been reported as common findings in men with APE [ 67 , ]. Considering the role of the prostate in the ejaculatory mechanism, a direct influence of the local inflammation in the pathogenesis of a few cases of APE seems possible [ ].

The mechanism linking CP and PE is unknown, and there are some methodological limitations of the existing data. Examples include patients who say they have ED because they are unable to rapidly achieve a second erection after ejaculation. Similarly, some men with ED may self-report having PE because they rush intercourse to prevent loss of their erection and consequently ejaculate rapidly.

This may be compounded by the presence of high levels of performance anxiety related to their ED, which serves to worsen their prematurity.

PE and ED may be comorbid conditions in some men [ 66 ]. In a global study of 11, men from 29 countries, Laumann et al. This relationship occurred across all regions, with odds ratios ranging from 3. Smaller studies from general and clinic populations have also reported this association between self-reported PE and self-reported ED 31,35,43,45,—, as determined by ED and PE patient-reported outcomes PROs [ 41 , 45 , 48 ].

Conversely, some population studies have not detected an association between ED and PE [ 30 , 32 , 44 , 46 , ]. Comorbid ED is associated with more severe PE symptoms. In such cases, men may experience rapid ejaculation due to performance anxiety, or due to deliberate intensification of stimulation so as to complete ejaculation before loss of tumescence LOE 5. Men with comorbid ED and PE may manifest a more severe variant of each disorder; furthermore, such men may experience lower sexual satisfaction and diminished response to treatment of PE [ ].

Existing studies suggest that a substantial proportion of MSM report PE and associated sexual bother.

Most contemporary studies suggest a similar prevalence of concern about early ejaculation in MSM when compared with men who have sex with women only MSW [ 44 ]. Some older studies have suggested that the rate of distressing ejaculation problems in MSM is lower than in MSW [ ].

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However, differences in relationships and sexual activities may be responsible for some of these purported differences [ ]. There are no stopwatch studies of ejaculation latency in MSM with or without ejaculation concerns. While there is no compelling evidence that MSM experience ejaculatory dysfunction differently than their MSW counterparts, more research is needed.

Psychological Factors Psychological and interpersonal factors may cause or exacerbate PE. These factors may be developmental e.

There has been limited research on causality; most studies have been cross-sectional and hence can only report association.

Obviously, developmental variables are likely to predate clinical PE, but it is conceivable that an intermediate factor secondary to the developmental history mediates the development of PE. It is plausible that psychological factors may lead to PE or vice versa.

It is likely that for many men, the relationship is reciprocal with either PE or the other factor causing exacerbation of the other. For example, performance anxiety may lead to PE, which then further exacerbates the original performance anxiety.

LOE 5d Importance of Partners and the Impact of PE on the Partner's Sexual Function Inclusion of the partner in the treatment process is an important but not a mandatory ingredient for treatment success [ , ]. Some patients may not understand why clinicians wish to include the partner, and some partners may be reluctant to join the patient in treatment.

However, if partners are not involved in treatment, they may be resistant to changing the sexual interaction. A cooperative partner augments the power of the treatment, and this likely leads to an improvement in the couple's sexual relationship, as well as the broader aspects of their relationship.

There are no controlled studies on the impact of involving partners in treating PE.

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However, a review of treatment studies for ED demonstrates the important role of including a focus on interpersonal factors on treatment success [ ]. Men with PE have been shown to have more interpersonal difficulties than men without PE, as well as partners of men with PE reporting higher levels of relationship problems compared with partners of men without PE [ 59 , , ].

Rosen and Althof reviewed 11 observational, noninterventional studies from to that reported on the psychosocial and quality of life consequences of PE on the man, his partner, and the relationship [ ].

These studies employed different methodologies and outcome measures and consisted of both qualitative and quantitative investigations. All studies consistently confirmed a high level of personal distress reported by men with PE and their female partners.

Men with PE have significantly lower scores on self-esteem and self-confidence than non-PE men, and one-third of men with PE report anxiety connected to sexual situations [ ]. The negative impact on single men with PE may be greater than on men in relationships as PE serves as a barrier to seeking out and becoming involved in new relationships [ ].

There is evidence of the negative impact of PE on the female partner's sexuality. This has been confirmed in several epidemiological studies where PE has been found to be correlated to overall female sexual dysfunction FSD , sex not being pleasurable, desire, arousal, and orgasmic problems as well as low sexual satisfaction and sexual distress ,,,— FSD may also increase the risk of the partner having PE.


Both men and their partners demonstrate negative effects and interpersonal difficulty related to their PE and an overall reduction in their quality of life. Inquiry by the HCP into sexual health gives patients permission to discuss sexual concerns and also screens for associated health risks e. The recommended questions establish the diagnosis and direct treatment considerations, and the optional questions gather detail for implementing treatment.

Finally, the committee recommends that HCPs take a medical and psychosocial history. LOE 5d Table 3 Recommended and optional questions to establish the diagnosis of PE and direct treatment Recommended questions for diagnosis What is the time between penetration and ejaculation cumming? Can you delay ejaculation?

Optional questions: Differentiate lifelong and acquired PE When did you first experience premature ejaculation? Optional questions: Assess erectile function Is your erection hard enough to penetrate? Do you have difficulty in maintaining your erection until you ejaculate during intercourse?Get started today and dont put anything off c.

Dapoxetine and the treatment of premature ejaculation

What would be the mini goal I achieve before achieving that mini goal? If you set your goal in the positive your conscious and subconscious mind will have a place to go.

Just like in learning the skills to ride a bike, once you learn the techniques and strategies for lasting longer in bed the results stay with you for life. Optional question: Previous treatment Have you received any treatment for your premature ejaculation previously?

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