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Ebook Node Js In Action

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And then came Node. JavaScript on the server, how cool is that? You decided that it's about time to check out the old, new JavaScript.

Node.js in Action

But wait, writing Node. And this time for real. Here is the problem: Because JavaScript really lives two, maybe even three lives the funny little DHTML helper from the mid's, the more serious frontend stuff like jQuery and the likes, and now server-side , it's not that easy to find information that helps you to learn JavaScript the "right" way, in order to write Node.

Because that's the catch: you already are an experienced developer, you don't want to learn a new technique by just hacking around and mis-using it; you want to be sure that you are approaching it from the right angle.

There is, of course, excellent documentation out there.

But documentation alone sometimes isn't enough. What is needed is guidance.

A collection of free books for devs

My goal is to provide a guide for you. A word of warning There are some really excellent JavaScript people out there. I'm not one of them.

I'm really just the guy I talked about in the previous paragraph. I know a thing or two about developing backend web applications, but I'm still new to "real" JavaScript and still new to Node.

I learned some of the more advanced aspects of JavaScript just recently.

I'm not experienced. Which is why this is no "from novice to expert" book. It's more like "from novice to advanced novice". If I don't fail, then this will be the kind of document I wish I had when starting with Node.

But this is just the context. It defines what you can do with the language, but it doesn't say much about what the language itself can do. JavaScript is a "complete" language: you can use it in many contexts and achieve everything with it you can achieve with any other "complete" language.

In order to execute the JavaScript you intend to run in the backend, it needs to be interpreted and, well, executed. This is what Node. Plus, Node.

Thus, Node. In order to make use of these, you need to install Node. Instead of repeating the process here, I kindly ask you to visit the official installation page.

Node.js in Action, Second Edition

Please come back once you are up and running. Open your favorite editor and create a file called helloworld. Installing Node from source A. Understanding web scraping B. Uses of web scraping B.

Required tools B. Performing basic web scraping with cheerio B. Handling dynamic content with jsdom B.

Making sense of raw data B. Summary Appendix C: Connect's officially supported middleware C.

Middleware for parsing cookies, request bodies, and query strings C. Parsing query strings C.

See a Problem?

Middleware that implements core web application functions C.Hosting static files and proxying. Using the Mustache templating language with Hogan 7. What you really wanted was "the real thing", you wanted to know how to build complex web sites - you learned a programming language like PHP, Ruby, Java, and started writing "backend" code.

You bet. Summary Appendix C: Connect's officially supported middleware C. I learned some of the more advanced aspects of JavaScript just recently.

Holowaychuk, and Nathan Rajlich represent the best of the Node. It's clear and concise coverage, combined with an easy writing style allows for quick reading and understanding.

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