Drupal. She is also a. Drupal 8 core committer. Angela is the lead author of. O' Reilly's first Drupal book, entitled Using Drupal. Angie is known as “webchick” on. I came over this free php-book This is just a book about learning PHP basics(not drupal spesific). Enjoy:). but i need full theme functions & templates docs in pdf/chm version. . I've been able to generate DocBook XML output from Drupal books.

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It'd be worth looking at this thread about downloading a PDF version of the handbook. === it's not Another informative book is '' Drupal 7 vs. Apress and friends of ED books may be downloadd in bulk for academic, corporate, or promotional use. eBook versions and licenses are also available for most. Media, Inc. Programmer's Guide to Drupal, the cover image of a . This book is meant to launch you into the world of programming with the.

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This course has a duration of 3 months hours certified and programming skills are required. Now you can follow our online course differently, adapting your schedule based on the time you can spend on your training in Drupal. In this mode you only pay for the tuition fee, with other optional services examinations and certificates. The in-company training mode allows to adapt our Drupal training plans to the needs and agenda of each company. Para todos los que deseen aprender Drupal 8 en la modalidad presencial, en septiembre lanzamos el nuevo Curso avanzado de Drupal 8 Full Stack.

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Web vs Print PDF generation takes a slight change of mindset. As web developers, we have spent a lot of time convincing designers from a print background to stop producing pixel perfect designs that will be difficult to reproduce on the web.

If you want to introduce PDF generation or any form of high designed print output, then we need to relearn some of our old skills we left behind. The nature of print means that it is precise and often needs pixel or millimeter perfect design.

What am I trying to accomplish? I am currently working on a board game and I want to allow players to be able to create their own cards that can be shared on the website and printed for use in the game. Views PDF initially seemed the better option as it would allow us to leverage the power of views and the myriad options it offers.

However, it has the PHP module as a dependency and as far as I know, is reliant on the eval function.

PDF generation has the potential to be a server intensive task and this method seemed inefficient to me, aside from my reluctance to ever have any kind of PHP evaluation module enabled in Drupal.

This caused me to settle on the print module, which is also better supported and offers many other options for output that may prove useful. Next we need to decide on our PDF generation library, I am going to suggest you use wkhtmltopdf and explain why later, as I want to build something to compare first.

Do this by visiting the wkhtmltopdf website and follow the instructions for your setup.

Remember it will need to be installed on local and production sites. After installing you need to create an alias to the wkhtmltopdf executable into your Drupal libraries folder, i. Keep the current theme CSS: Enable this for theme consistency and less work.

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I am setting mine to be displayed in a block so I can have more control over layout. Caching: I am yet to determine quite how effective this is, but usual rules apply, keep off during development and on in production File name: I will use [site:name] - [node:title], you can use tokens here. Here are some extras I added: --margin-bottom 0m --margin-left 0m --margin-top 0m --margin-right 0m --dpi This ensures that we have no margins added by wkhtmltopdf and can rely on our CSS output.

We are also rendering at dpi for print.

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A quick note on images. There are options for setting image dpi rendering here, but of course if someone uploads a 72dpi image and it is upscaled to dpi, it will look poor.

Getting this right is a combination of configuration and user training. I find it easier to create the markup and CSS that will result in this output first. Creating Styles.And that can be easily applied to Drupal 8 projects.

Departments of Energy, Education, and Commerce. Featured on Meta.

If we want a level of control over what is printed or we want to distribute files for printing, then we need to look into other options. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

What about differences?

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