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It is the story of the protagonist and how he comes to realize within that system of apartheid that it was really bad. But one must be careful…If you want to preach, you become a priest.

If you want to entertain you become a writer. What I want to do is to use as much of the texture and the background and the setting as I can to make the characters and the story interesting. We all interact with our world in so many ways and on so many levels, so that happens almost by chance. AR-T: But you are criticizing apartheid somehow between the lines. DM: Yeah, but again, it is not deliberate. I create a character and I try to understand what forms this character and how he looks at the world.

Deon Meyer

I can never give my perspective. I need to know how he became the way that he is. That will determine the lens through which he looks at the world. AR-T: There is a question on Hannah and her interest in Mat Joubert — was she actually interested in Mat or was she involved with him only because of the investigation?

DM: She was only close to him because of the investigation. I think she had experienced so much damage, psychologically. The biggest problem with having a female murderer is that the motivation must be very very strong. If they do kill, they hire someone or do it by poisoning them, or that sort of thing. So I had to make the motivation very strong. And yes, she was only with Mat Anglistica Once she realized he was investigating the case, she wanted to be close to him.

Did you want to represent that in the novel? DM: I want to say something about crime in South Africa at the moment and in the last ten years. We often get a wrong perception in the media. You hear about South Africa being a crime-ridden, dangerous country. The problem is that we have a democracy and a very transparent society. We are a third world country now evolving towards a first world country. So South Africa is a dynamic country in transition.

The other problem is that we have a good deal of abject poverty, and then a small percentage of people who are very, very rich. Crime is often a socio-economic phenomenon, especially where you have such a huge gap between the haves and the have-nots. I want to say that we publish our crime statistics openly and internationally. Mexico is a great example. I think Mexico is the equivalent of SA in those terms. It is also a third world country rapidly moving into a first world country, with strong economic growth and these differences between rich and poor.

But you never see the full picture of Mexican crime statistics. I am making a case here that South Africa is not so bad as many people think. We are not a first world country and the problem is that South Africa is compared to European countries, to stable communities where there is no real poverty.

And those that are really poor comprise only small and isolated little groups. And they are almost always social economic crimes: crimes within the family, crimes within a very small community.

And the crimes against women are similar. Again, during the apartheid regime only the crime statistics of the white community were published, but now we are an open society, a democratic country where we are publishing all the crime statistics.

Again, if you compare South Africa with other countries in a similar social economic space, the situation is not as bad. When they started publishing crime statistics for all communities in South Africa, one of the figures that was really frightening was rape.

Again, compared with countries with similar socioeconomic space the rate is not as high, but there is too much.

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A lot of it has to do with alcoholism, people are getting drunk and committing these crimes… The statistics in the past 12 months show that rape and other crimes against women are coming down.

DM: Crime has become a political tool. The government should do more about crime but the government is doing a lot already. There was an article on the newspaper recently on how South Africa police is being helped by Scotland yard… But crime happens everywhere.

The Lincoln Lawyer is his latest novel.

Crime is a relative thing — if you live in one of the townships you are more likely to see crime. It is a political thing in South Africa.

AR-T: You worked as a journalist for a period of time. Can you see the influence of it in this particular novel? DM: When I worked with the police I saw the pressure that is put on these guys.

First of all, you have the internal pressure. Then, the public puts pressure on them. And of course the media does too.

They love a good crime story. So it is this really bad cycle and I am fascinated by the whole process.

DM: When I wrote this book, I was still working part time. I would get up early in the morning to write and then it took me two years. Now, I am writing full time, since the beginning of The other day I actually Atlantic Monthly Press, The thinking phase can take up to 3 or 4 months.

Then I must start doing the research which can take another two months. So I would say 12 months average for a novel. AR-T: Do you write your books in Afrikaans, and then when they are translated into English, do you go back and read them again? Because however good she is, Anglistica I think for writers, words have much more meaning than for non writers. These are the tools that you work with. I know people that work with wood and they have their own favorite cabinets and knives.

And the great masters: John D. He can't get enough of Stephen Pinker, love biographies, history, science and travel writing. And he's a news junkie. Deon's novel Trackers is being turned into an international TV series. Production starts in August , and the show should air internationally in Deon regularly attends festivals and book events all over the world.

Here's the full list , so you can get your book signed.

A crime reaching across the world I want to tell you about the murder of my father Fly too high. Crash and burn. A Benny Griessel investigation. Every Bullet Tells a Story. Benny Griessel's case. Lemmer's First Law: Don't get involved. He does. Bad call. Oh, and to quote thriller author Michael Ridpath: Have fun. What does Deon read?

He reads everything - from J. And the great masters: John D.

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He can't get enough of Stephen Pinker, love biographies, history, science and travel writing. And he's a news junkie. Will he write my story? Deon says making up his own stories is too much fun.So, here it is.

Every time he came into a scene he made things happen, whether he walked in at the wrong time… or was in charge of an investigation, so I always knew that I 5 Deon Meyer, Thirteen Hours, would write about him again. So I just give all the troubles I can to Mat Joubert. I was thirteen years old. It was white, with three big green letters that looked as though they had been blown askew in a gale: RFA. We drove slowly into town.

In the near dusk of the late afternoon it seemed ghostly, bereft of life, like all the others.

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