Dead or Alive 5 Artbook - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dead or Alive artbook. 5 Art Book. Dead or Alive 5 Art Book (PDF) (RG) 65MB. Posted by Justine at 8: 34 AM You will never get out of it alive. See the link below for more info. #alive. Dead Or Alive 5 Art Book #1 · Dead Or Alive 5 Art Book» Dead Or Alive 5 Art Book #1 - Dead or Alive 5 Art Book released by Tecmo Koei on.

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Пожаловаться. Artbook: Izumo Jyuki's Industrial Divinities Art Book 3 Japanese Artbook. Artbook: Dead or Alive 5. Available exclusively at selected retailers, the Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Exclusive Hardcover Art Book; Premium Swimsuit Costumes for the full cast of. 3 Magazine articles; 4 Promotional material; 5 Physical scans. Model 2 . Manual. Dead or Alive (Genteiban) Sat JP Visual Art Book.

Specifically, the campaign will run for two weeks from January 1 to January All we have to go on is the following teaser image. December 5th, Published by: VR-Zone 6 Lawson, of course, is no stranger to collaborations with anime and video game franchises. Earlier this year the convenience store chain did a collaboration with hit TV anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica heralded by an image of the Madoka Magica girls in Summer yukata.

To spice things up for reality TV, these superheroes compete amongst themselves — points are awarded to heroes who are first to appear on the crime scene, whenever they save human lives, apprehend criminals, or perform other heroic actions. More sessions will be opened for this movie as well as a bigger screen hall for your viewing pleasure, starting from this Thursday onwards.

It is the first time in 10 years that Encore Films has seen such a turnout. Some fans have even watched the movie multiple times since it started screening on 29 November.


More showtimes will be released tomorrow. As for the seven pieces of Minna-toIssho-inspired customisation accessories? But that was before I had a chance to see this new trailer that Sega just put up today to promote the DLC pack the second one to be released for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f , which has just been released on the Japanese PSN store hours ago.

My thoughts on the collab DLC have since come a full after viewing it. The Toro and Kuro customisation items are. To be more specific, the possibilities that yield from equipping these catty accessories on Hatsune Miku and her fellow Vocaloid stars, and watch them perform songs like Catfood and the Nyancat song, are the real reason why anybody would download this DLC pack. I want it, nya! Quite the odd situation, given that since Sony owns the intellectual property behind Minna to Issho.

A veteran in the Visual Kei and J-Rock music scene, their popularity is not limited locally in Japan, but also to other countries around the globe. The band has sold over 2.

More details to be released soon, as SGCafe have several exclusive goodies for J-music fans. There is a possible chance that the Asia Tour might receive the same response from J-music fans in the region.

Her live performances do not restrict only in Japan and Singapore, but also in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Indonesia throughout her existing career. Also available in Blu-ray, the live performance includes behind-the-scenes footage which documents the day of the live as an added bonus.

As the clock starts ticking down, the players must work together, use their deductive skills and logic to gather clues and solve the puzzles, finding a way to prevent the destruction of the vessel and to escape before it is too late!

Venue : Mountbatten Community Club 35 Jalan Satu, Singapore , near Dakota MRT station Game Timings: 15th Dec 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm three sessions Each game session runs for about 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of game play and time for debriefing. For further information and regristration, please email blackcatchannel gmail.

Dead or Alive 5 Art Book PDF

Some new screenshots of BB, whom we detailed in our previous story here, were also shared today. Check back later.

Corrugated cardboards are often made of multiple layers of kraft paper. Although some of the illustrations in the calendar were taken from past work Yoji Shinkawa did for the series, the ones on the January, April, June and July calendar months are freshly done just for the calendar. As an added touch, each Yoji Shinkawa illustration is accompanied by a famous quote from the games.

This was a piece of content added specifically to Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition when it came out in Europe. All GT5 users, regardless of which version they bought, can participate in the competition.

As a special bonus for the online event, players will earn double the regular amount of credits in-game currency used for unlocking cars and items for clearing the event.

All participants a free PS3 custom theme designed exclusively for the online event. Gran Turismo 5: Edition will be available in retail stores in Asia on December 21, So I hope that everyone will pick to go out with all of the members! As the game features not only AKB members but also those from our sister groups, please do spend some quality time with us!


This Christmas, please do snuggle up with this game in the cosy comforts of your bed! There is one thing I need to mention though.

Developer Team Ninja has not yet determined a date as to when the Kasumi DLC update would be ready, but what they do have is a date for the previously announced Momiji DLC: December 8 is when fans can expect to go hands-on with Momiji and her trademark Heavenly Dragon Naginata and Heavensong Bow weapons. A new playable character, Ayane, is also available in the game right from the get-go.

The plot for the second live-action movie appears to revolve around a mystical sword that contains great power, drawing the attention of ninja throughout the land. Will the ninjasin-training be able to claim the sword before it falls into the wrong hands? The movie is scheduled to open on the 20th anniversary of the anime 10 April Source: animeanime. The update includes a new difficulty mode, the option to adjust the in-game camera to get a larger field-of-view and an optional co-op partner for the Ada campaign no word on the identity of said partner, though.

Also announced was the first batch of add-on content read: DLC for Resident Evil 6, which will be made available to Xbox owners on December 18, and consists of 3 new multiplayer modes.

The new modes are a timed console exclusive, so PS3 owners will have to wait before getting their hands on the following new modes: Predator: A mode for players, in this mode one player plays as the Ustanak the fearsome B.

Survivors: An Evil twist on the classic Deathmatch, players who are killed in this mode will respawn as a zombie.

Zombies who manage to take down one of the remaining human players will return to humanity, and the last human or human team, if playing in teams standing wins. Onslaught: The ever-popular Horde mode, but played head-to-head instead of co-operatively. Two players compete to be the first to clear waves of enemies; chaining kills causes more enemies to be sent to your opponent.

Details on the whereabouts of both events can be found below. The illustrations you see on the dakimakura covers were drawn by series producer Toshimichi Mori Mori P himself. This item will, sadly, only be available at the Akihabara Denkigai Matsuri in Shinjuku Winter try saying that really fast three times in quick succession. On that day, the self-proclaimed Investigation Squad had been taking a stroll along the river bed in the freezing weather, when they ran into Nanako and her friend Mai tending to some stray cats that they had found.

Nanako and Mai were worried about leaving the cats under the bridge by the riverbed, especially in the cold weather.

So the Investigation Team had a discussion, and thought about who amongst them might be able to adopt the cats. Unfortunately, it appeared that nobody would be able to keep them, and so Yukiko suggested finding folks who could. And so she offered to keep the cats at home. Those of you who were watching the Spike Video Game Awards might have noticed a seemingly-innocuous trailer for Phantom Pain, under development by previously-unheard-of Swedish developer Moby Dick Studio.

More pictures and screenshot comparisons can be found at the original thread. PC download on their blog. The announcement trailer can be viewed below: As you can see, Street Fighter X Mega Man is an 8-bit platformer in the style of the classic Mega Man games; jump, December 10th, Published by: VR-Zone 3 slide and shoot your way through eight stages to fight bosses and collect their weapons.

It seems he approached Christian Svensson Senior Vice-President of Consumer Software at Capcom with a prototype of the game during EVO and managed to impress him enough to get Capcom to officially endorse the game.

The post also hinted that Mega Man fans could expect more announcements in the coming year, which should help ease the sting for those who were disappointed with the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and the rather underwhelming trailer for Rockman Xover. Update: Japanese games site Gamer also managed to snag the following shots from the video Hayashi showed off at the event, of him playing a development build of Dead or Alive 5 Plus.

A total of 22 DOA5 players were seeded into the invitationalonly grand finals through qualifiers across four cities in Japan and apparently one in Korea , as well as last-minute qualifiers at the same venue in the morning before the top tournament began. In his opening address, he said that Dead or Alive 5 was designed and tweaked for the purpose of being a big-scale tournament game.

Famitsu, who covered the event, managed to snag a few pictures showing off the new costumes. For placing 1st, MochiA took home a 30, yen gift certificate.

First runner-up TestTeam walked away with a 20, yen gift cert. Third-place winner Kagakayu Rock was also awarded with a gift certificate, worth 10, yen. In the aftermath of the tournament, producer Yosuke Hayashi once again took the stage, and apologised for hardware hiccups that occurred during the event that had temporarily put a stop to the Nico Live stream. A big thank you to everyone for supporting the event.

It will apparently be an official chapter in the Dragon Ball Z story instead of a spin-off. Series creator Akira Toriyama is stated to be closely involved in the production of the movie, although the actual script will be written by Yuusuke Watanabe Future Diary, Gantz.

Kuroko No Basket to get a line of…. In what can only be described as an unorthodox collaboration, perfume company Nescre will be releasing a line of fragrances based on basketball series Kuroko no Basket. Despite what you might assume, the line will not actually smell like stale sweat and locker rooms. For those who prefer a somewhat less abstract description, the product information page contains links with a brief note on the main scents used as well as the feeling that is meant to be evoked by each item.

You may not be able to see it as it blends into the background, but this unusual scent will be ingrained upon your senses.

Here are a few of the things we saw at License2Play today. Check back with us later for more photos. December 10th, Published by: VR-Zone 8 m. The duo hit their 15th anniversary earlier this year in October. To commemorate the occasion, a best album, Best moves, was slated to be release later this month on the 19th. Its new release date is now February 27, It is unclear if admittance is determined via a lottery system, or if anybody bearing a copy of the album can simply show up and be admitted into the audience for free.

Dead or Alive

After numerous discussions, yuri and motsu decided on disbanding so that they may better prepare themselves for their respective new roads ahead. The duo have also left individual messages for their fans through this video on YouTube: December 10th, Published by: VR-Zone 9 yuri Yuri Masuda I know this is sudden, but I wanted to share something with you all.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being with us for the past 15 years. In that timespan, we were able to meet some wonderful people and create irreplaceable memories. They will always have a special place in my heart. Lately we have been discussing what the future of m. I wonder how all of you will react? Next year we will perform our last live concert.

As this might be our last time together, we want to make it a big celebration for our bright future! Scavenger Vagrant - The cast out, those without a place within the society beneath.

Vagrant camps can be found throughout the down below. They can act as guides or guards, or even bandits and killers. Hunters - They seek the horrors both above and below, hunters of demons and criminals, purging the world of all its evils.

Some players may choose to exist both above and below and this is also possible, as all the professions available can travel between both. The cities have their thieves guilds and their warrior orders which characters can become part of.

They send out their minions to raid and kill, spread the disease and mutate others, to save the world the lords will need to die so the corruption can be pushed back. The Lord Axas The game is powered by a d6 dice pool system which is both fast and intuitive.

The player's attributes determine the number of dice rolled and their skill gives the number needed to equal or better with the difficulty deciding the number of successes needed.

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Example - Sarah's Scavenger has reached a fissure in the tunnel and will need to jump across if she wishes to continue. Sarah's Agility is 4 which means she rolls 4d6, her Athletics is a 5 which means she needs to roll a 5 or 6 to succeed.

The GM says the difficulty is 2 so Sarah needs 2 successes to reach the other side. Sarah rolls a 6, 1, 1 and 5 she succeeds and jumps the fissure. Wraith The book will be a 8x11 page tome with everything you need to play, no separate players or GM books. It will be in full colour on high-quality paper. Survivor Camp We will include a number of stretch goals, some of which will be exclusive to the Kickstarter and not available anywhere else, these will be marked as exclusive.

They train from childhood to carry out the orders of the church and aid in the rooting out of heresy below ground. What is not known is that they do send Rangers back to report on the world they left behind, and these Rangers are the notorious Dael Segrach.

In this exclusive stretch goal, the players can choose to play as part of the elite rangers, patrolling the world of corruption covertly. Gathering any important artifacts or texts left behind by the elven exodus.Head over to the official website now to check out some luscious shots of the three heroines and, er, Ryu Hayabusa, I suppose. The big prints are here as well, but they are bent folded in the box , so I left them out of the photo.

Tina Armstrong , pro-wrestler statunitense di 22 anni. They will always have a special place in my heart. The announcement trailer can be viewed below: As you can see, Street Fighter X Mega Man is an 8-bit platformer in the style of the classic Mega Man games; jump, December 10th, Published by: VR-Zone 3 slide and shoot your way through eight stages to fight bosses and collect their weapons. In fact, seals from four Shrine Maidens all across Southen Cross Isle were the only mechanism keeping Cybodies from activating outside of the alternate dimension.

In the aftermath of the tournament, producer Yosuke Hayashi once again took the stage, and apologised for hardware hiccups that occurred during the event that had temporarily put a stop to the Nico Live stream. Resembles BB, but the game does not reveal to the player who or what exactly Passionrip is. They still have to be produced, shipped to the fulfillment centers and then shipped out to the backers.

The voice cast of the characters are no slouch, either.

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