Media type, Print, e-book, audiobook. Pages, pp. ISBN · The Dark Fields is a techno-thriller novel by Irish writer Alan Glynn. It was re- released in. The Dark Fields book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Imagine a drug that makes your brain function with perfect efficie. The Dark Fields [Alan Glynn] on raudone.info The Dark Fields Paperback – January, by Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more.

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The Dark Fields [Alan Glynn] on raudone.info *FREE* The New York Times Book Review Imagine a drug that makes your brain function with perfect efficiency. Bordering on techno-thriller territory, this slick, suspenseful debut imagines a new breed of "smart drug" that produces some deadly side effects. back in that vast obscurity beyond the city, where the dark fields of the republic . dark thoughts about a wide range of subjects, my book for Kerr & Dexter –.

One doesn't need mental enhancements to cook pizza, even a good one. If your mind is outsized, pretty please apply it to something truly grand in the big scheme of things.


Not to doing mundane stuff, getting sapiosexual gals all hot and bothered and playing a wee bit with the market hordes. Q: Is this a true and honest account of how I came close to doing the impossible, to realizing the unrealizable … to becoming one of the best and the brightest?

Is it the story of a hallucination, a dream of perfectibility?

Or is it simply the story of a human lab rat, someone who was tagged and followed and photographed, and then discarded? I noticed their clothes, heard snatches of their conversations, caught glimpses of their faces. I was picking up on everything, but not in any heightened, druggy way. Q: … I had a slightly less easy time of it with people I knew well, or rather with people who knew me well.

Meeting and impressing a total stranger, assuming a new identity, even a new name, was exciting and uncomplicated, but when I met up with someone like Dean, for instance, I always got these looks — these quizzical, probing looks. Q: I took a few notes, but when I heard the explanations I realized that in a general way I did understand these terms, and that furthermore, just by thinking about this stuff, a large store of knowledge was being unlocked in my brain, knowledge that I had probably accumulated unconsciously over the years.

Q: I tried to analyse what this was, and could only conclude that maybe a combination of my being enthusiastic and non-judgemental — noncompetitive — might have struck some kind of a chord in people, especially in people who were stressed out and on their guard all the time.

Understanding how business works. Under standing when a company is overvalued, or undervalued. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel.

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For other uses, see Dark Fields. Main article: Limitless film. Limitless TV series.

His Dark Places". Evening Herald. Retrieved March 18, Retrieved August 27, A Novel. Public Store View. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Use mdy dates from May Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. He's mired in complicated financial deals, needs the drug to see them through and cannot face weaning himself off it.

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Dixon simply turns the whole sequence into another exercise in absolving her hero of any responsibility. Unlike The Dark Fields, Dixon ignores that Melissa's supposed to have suffered irreparable neural damage, and that she chose to take the stuff years ago because she was in the habit of trying new and exciting pharmaceuticals.

And Neil Burger plasters British actress Anna Friel with age makeup as Melissa - not to a ridiculous extent, but it's that much harder to take the scene seriously when Cooper-as-Eddie looks little worse than he did as the schlubby nobody at the start of the film. In Dixon's hands, the questions the drug poses are no more complex than any of Indiana Jones' moral dilemmas; Melissa opened the Ark of the Covenant by taking the stuff, and she's only a supporting character, so she serves as a quick PSA, nothing more.

Dixon even introduces a love interest, Eddie's girlfriend Lindy Abbie Cornish , who can't wait to get shot of him at the start yet falls back into his arms once he's rich, successful and multilingual.

Circumstances mean Lindy ends up sampling NZT to get the two of them out of danger: that wasn't me, she says afterwards. Never mind Eddie chose to take the stuff, or that he's supposedly hooked through the nose: it's not him!

If he stops, everything will be fine. South of the border And it gets worse: Dixon does acknowledge The Dark Fields' most significant bit of foreshadowing, where it's made clear Glynn's Eddie is damned, damned, damned, but then Alan Glynn has a sub-plot where the TV is constantly discussing the breakdown in America's foreign policy towards Mexico, and while this is admittedly one of the weakest parts of the book it sets Eddie up for a fling with a prominent Mexican artist's wife.

Flying high on the drug, it is strongly implied that Eddie murders her.

Never confirmed: though that's important too. Glynn does his best work in The Dark Fields when he's dissecting Eddie's mounting paranoia, thoughts free-wheeling endlessly in all directions, and the idea he can't remember what happened that night is a symbol of how he's lost control of his life altogether.

Limitless (The Dark Fields)

Dixon turns it into some actress in a bit part dropping her top - hey, kids, was that sideboob? Both book and film spend a lot of time on Eddie's dealings with financial tycoon Carl van Loon Robert de Niro , but where The Dark Fields uses it as symptomatic of Eddie's mounting addiction - how can he stop taking the drug when there's no way he'd be making all this money without it? Glynn winds up The Dark Fields with Eddie made to confront what it was behind his meteoric rise. He's forced to acknowledge he probably did commit murder.

He realises he can't have what he really wants - a way to make it up to Melissa and everyone else he hurt in the past - and he has to admit he'll never be able to find who made the drug, to secure himself a continued supply. All of the big business is clearly secondary to the main issue. After all, you don't really care that much whether Eddie gets his millions when everything else about his situation is so clearly hopeless.

Robert de Niro's waiting Dixon and Burger seem to think Robert de Niro in his omnipotent financier role can get the audience invested by sheer force of will.

Limitless, like The Dark Fields, has naughty Russian gangsters interfering with Eddie's plans but where the novel used this plot thread as one more indication of how little control Eddie really had over events Limitless seems to see it as a threat coming between Eddie and Carl van Loon's De Niro's money. Why should you care?

Lord knows.Realizing he is on a treadmill of addiction , Edward tracks down another user, from whom he learns of the existence of a drug, readily available over the counter, capable of negating some of the harmful side-effects. Social, posthuman, psychological, historical The story kicks in straight away and it's written in a way that makes you really feel the effects of the drug in Eddie's system.

Jun 24, David Lucero rated it really liked it. If you saw the movie 'Limitless' the title of the movie based on Glynn's book you will enjoy this book.

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