Raman is a fast rising marketing executive at a global drinks company; Shagun is his extraordinarily beautiful wife. With his glittering future, her vivid beauty, and. An unforgettable novel about what happens when a marriage collapses. Shagun is a woman of unassailable social standing, married to a man chosen for. aspects of Custody, like- marriage versus freedom, extramarital affairs, novel proves that Manju Kapur is a great chronicler of the modern Indian family Kapur‟s. Custody,, accessed.

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Get this from a library! Custody.. [Manju Kapur] -- From the acclaimed author of A Married Woman and The Immigrant comes a moving family story set in India. PDF | On Oct 10, , Shruti Ganguly and others published Angst Of Modern Marriage In Manju Kapur's Custody. Read Custody by Manju Kapur for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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We want your feedback! Click here. Custody by Manju Kapur ebook. Subjects Fiction Literature. Fiction Literature. Publication Details Publisher: More about Manju Kapur.

Custody Embed. Media Custody. Rather marriage legitimizes all kinds of injustices Marriage, which in India is considered to be the most and violence perpetrated on women. Man looses interest in important relationship, does not have a place in Aru's scheme wife in course of time. Here we are reminded of Osho who of things.

Osho observes that everyone Matter of Time, Her reading of Erica Jong has made her nurtures a deep dislike for life and energy. In the same way, distinguishing between wife and lover, What's there in it?

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I mean, look at Amma and now Sumi… Osho observes that a person is afraid of his beloved because what do you get out of it? At their age and elope, she may be forced out of relationship by some external after so many years of marriage! But there is no such sense of threat when the beloved In The Dark Holds No Terrors also Saru finds her marital marries the person and becomes his wife.

A wife is an object. She becomes an object and behaves animal. She is bound to act as the husband wants her to.

Shshi Despande's views of marriage appears to culminating event of a lifetime, of several lifetimes. It is not that marriage and married life have lost their In That Long Silence, Shashi Deshpande puts forward original sanctity and glory and are reduced to the level of a her view on marriage through Vanitatai. But the institution of marriage, ever since about the imbalanced relationship of husband and wife after its creation, is successfully serving the purposes of man- marriage. Patil College, Dombivli, Dist.

Women have been assigned an inferior so many things.

And bit-by-bit, like dead leaves, the place and the institution of marriage has been aimed at expectations fall off. But … two people who have shut keeping this arrangement intact and undisturbed. Now, the themselves off in two separate glass jars.

Who can see each futility and meaninglessness of marriage are beginning to be other but can't communicate. Is this a marriage? They have begun to realize Shashi Deshpande is, at her heart, a realist. She presents the worthlessness of husbands. To cite a concrete case from India of the eighties. Deshpande herself nothing less than walking on the razors edge.

Teacher role… Women's magazines will tell you that a The physical functions of women such as menstruation, marriage should be equal partnership. That's nonsense rubbish. It will always be unequal, but tethered to subordination. She has remarked the following take care that it's unequal-in favour of your husband. If the on this issue. I have a strong there are no choices before them.

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Like marriage, their objection of treating any human being in that manner… The decisions are made in the heaven of their husband's mind. Surely it is much of thinking has made me express a sort of dislike for this fact that I can choose, that differentiates me from the the purely physical aspects of feminine life, making it seems animals. But years of blindfolding can obscure your vision as if I am totally against all feminine functions, which is not so you no more see the choices.

Years of shackling can the truth at all.

She your cage of no choices. The demand it makes a lifetime of commitment believes in presenting life as it is not as it should be. Deshpande is a realist.

She draws a real picture of is a convenient arrangement always to the disadvantage of contemporary women's world in her novels. The central character in Roots and Shadows observes.

Custody. Manju Kapur (2010)

An so that generations might continue. Or a cage a case with two trapped the whole structure of the society. Penguin Book, bird's neck nervously awaiting the first-night onslaught, looks New Delhi.

In the modern age there is lack of patience, time and commitment. Life allures in many ways.

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There is a desire to reach the top with any opportunity that comes in the way. Money, power, pomp and show attract and are the means to weaken the relationship of husband and wife.

Many crumble under this stress and it leaves a scar in the mind of associated persons, unfortunately the most vulnerable- children, in most of the cases.

This paper is based on one of the famous fiction of Manju Kapur Custody where the battle of marriage and divorce creates havoc in the life of the two children Arjun and Roohi. The parents separation and remarriage with other person ruins the children lives both health wise and psychologically.

The writer is concerned with the fight of Custody of the two children between the father and the mother. While fighting for their custody the parents are least bothered about the adverse effects of their action on the minds of innocent children. This paper is an effort to analyse the trauma and turmoil of Arjun and Roohi who are the ultimate sufferers because of their parent's deadly dogfight for their custody.

Keyeords : Custody, Feminism, extra-marital affairs, child psychology. Roohi and later on fights for the child's custody.

In the Rig People fall in love and at times fall out of love too in the later Veda it is quoted, about women: part of their life when they realise that their survival in such 'Woman as a wife is denoted by the words Jaya, Jani a competitive world is quite difficult to maintain.

As the world and Patni, each indicating special aspects of wife hold. Jaya advances the women too become aware of their rights, their has the special sense of a share of the husband's affections; unfulfilled dreams and desires which were once subjugated Jani, the mother of children; and Patni, the partner in the after her married life.

Today she is craving to establish her performance of sacrifices. This yearn of hers is fatal both for her own self In the fiction Custody, one gets an overview of how and for her family members as her suppressed desire ruins Shagun's urge, to gain liberation destroys the life of her two the whole family. This is because she wants to be free and children.Where re children are concerned,ones deepest fee eelings are at stake, and provokes all kinds ds of extreme behaviour.

With her pincer grasp of Indian values and emotions, she can spin realistic tales of the Indian family life. Is it so easy for her to leave behind her kids and go for a new life altogether?? Her attention to male characters comes out of her desire to be as balanced as possible in her writing. The Manju Kapoor novel must have been very difficult to write. The callous mother-in-law fails to respect thee same gender.

The loving couple are reduced to vindictive and ruthless enemies as they battle for custody of their children. But unlike the others, this time our sympathies are pretty firmly directed against the woman and in favour of the husband.

Harmondsworth: Penguin, in, The Thousand Faces of Night.

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