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1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan returns to the engrossing world of the paranormally gifted Drake Turbulent Sea download the Ebook. Please DO NOT download or download my e-books off e-bay or by any website, Dark Challenge in ebook format! . Turbulent Sea in ebook format!. ALSO: beginning August 7, , Walmart is making this new re-issue of Turbulent Sea available in some of its stores in a limited printed edition. Check your.

He was every bit as smart, every bit as strong, and he had every single psychic gift her family had, each well developed. Aside from that, he was the sexiest thing alive and she was mesmerized by him. Those ice-blue eyes drifted possessively over her face and down her body, touching her breasts, sliding over the curve of her hips and down her legs with a long, slow perusal that should have struck her as rude but instead sent her pulse skyrocketing.

Her entire body reacted with scorching heat. She felt herself go damp. Even her breath came in a little rush, lifting her breasts and unsettling her even more. Her face flushed. He knew what he did to her. He turned her hand over, the hand he had zapped with some sort of spell months ago, the hand imprinted with his touch, his scent, the hand that marked her as belonging to him.

It had happened so fast - in a little place on her home turf. She'd been dancing and he'd come in with his boss. Even then she could barely breathe when she saw him. And now, thanks to the little psychic mark he'd branded her with, she could always sense where he was, and how much her body craved his. Her palm - his mark - itched. And nothing seemed to alleviate the itch but Ilya being close. Pride demanded she pull away from him, but the pad of his thumb moved in a delicious pattern over her palm.

She felt each stroke humming through her bloodstream. Her womb clenched, and she felt the flood of liquid heat begging to welcome him deep inside her where he already seemed to live. And she wanted her hand back, because if he kept it up, she was going to strip and fling herself into his arms and she'd never forgive herself.

You know I would. Just stay away from them. He was so matter-of-fact about it, as if killing could solve the world's problems instead of being the world's problem. His lips were firm and cool. His mouth was hot and moist. He nibbled on the tips of her fingers. He knew what he was doing to her. He had to know. And he had to know she'd come there to see him. Joley tugged halfheartedly at her hand, but he merely tightened his grip and she let it go.

There was no saving her self-respect. You belong to me and I'm not willing to give you up because you're afraid. I don't like what you are or who you work for. There's a difference.

She jerked her hand away and wiped it on her thigh. I'm not going to deny I'm physically attracted, but I have a certain weakness for jerks. Don't ask me why, but I have "losers apply here" stamped on my forehead.

You're just the kind of man I want to avoid. A faint grin touched his mouth, turned his eyes to a deep blue. She swallowed the sudden lump of fear before she choked on it. His thumb slid along her neck in the smallest of caresses, sending shivers of awareness down her spine. Sexually, she was very susceptible to him. She suspected him of spell casting, but when she touched him, she couldn't find evidence of it.

He often whispered to her at night, urging her to come to him. And she wanted him day and night. Even her songs were beginning to reflect her need of him. She had come here intending to sleep with him -just getting it over with - but now that she was with him, she knew it would be a terrible mistake. He would own her, she'd never be free of him. Her only hope was to hold out and hope her obsession with him passed.

It isn't glamorous or cool. It's disgusting. You kill people for a living. Someone had to save her from herself, because this man had her so tied up in knots she couldn't think straight. She wanted to claw at his face, rake his body with her fingernails, fight for freedom, and yet at the same time, she craved him, needed him, wanted to wrap her body around his and feel him deep inside her, possessing her, claiming her.

She nearly groaned in despair. Her gaze jumped to his mouth. He had great lips. Very defined, very masculine. Kissing would get her into more trouble and she was already in way too deep. Ilya Prakenskii seemed so cool on the outside, ice water in his veins, but inside he smoldered like a living volcano, all molten heat and roiling lava.

He leaned close, his lips inches from hers. His warm breath was against her face and he smelled of spice and mint. Her toes were beginning to curl. She didn't know if she moved to cover that scant inch or if he did. She only knew that his hand shifted to shape the nape of her neck and that her body went soft and pliant, molding against his incredibly hard frame.

And that his mouth was on hers.

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His teeth scraped and tugged at her lower lip and then it wasn't cool anymore. Fire ignited. He took control before she could think or breathe, the flames sweeping up and through her, consuming her, taking her over completely. She gave herself to him, wrapping her arms around him, sliding one leg around his to bring her body some relief from the terrible tension that built and built along with the firestorm his mouth created.

His hand caught her hair and held her with a tight, ruthless grip, the bite of pain only increasing her need to be closer, to wrap herself up in him. Her hips moved, sliding her body intimately against his thigh. She needed - needed release, a respite from the continual sexual pressure that never seemed to let up. Night and day her body was on fire for this man.

The heat from his mouth spread like flames licking over her skin. She heard herself moan, and he deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth, taking everything she offered and demanding more. The world spun away for Joley until there was only his strength and his hard body and the racing fire storming out of control.

Her breasts ached, felt swollen and tender, the tips sensitive as they rubbed against his chest. The junction between her legs was hot and damp, demanding release. She slid along his thigh, applying pressure, seeking the relief only his body could provide. When you give yourself to me, it's all the way and forever.

This is too easy. You want to get off, you can come home with me and get into my bed where you belong. She would end up loathing herself more than she already did. He was rejecting her. She'd flung herself at him after months of enduring his constant assault on her senses, she'd given in, driven by an obsession, a craving he'd planted, and he was rejecting her.

Humiliation fed fury. She took a deep breath and flung back her head, chin up. I don't need you. I can walk into that house and go home with any man I want. She looked passionate, untamed, so sexy his heart nearly stopped. Her eyes were fairly shooting sparks. Her hair was wild and disheveled, as if he had already made love to her. She looked wild and unpredictable and so beautiful he ached.

Ilya caught her wrist again, turned over her palm.

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I don't share well with others. Do whatever you feel you have to do, but be willing to live with the consequences. Just know you're going to make things unnecessarily hard on yourself. He led her on and then rejected her. Damn you to hell for this. You need someone who can rein you in and control your tendency to act before you think. As if I can't take care of myself.

Everyone thinks you're tough, Joley, because that's what you want them to believe, but you're not.

And you're way too impetuous. You rush in to act without thinking. The Reverend and his pathetic excuse for bodyguards are a perfect example. What did you think would happen when you exposed him for his sleazy crimes on national television? He intends to pay you back. A man like that doesn't forgive and forget. He gets even. Call me sexist all you want, but in the end, it won't change the truth. You're running because you know you need me and you don't want to need anyone.

Denny, her drummer, was walking with him toward her, looking guilty. Joley loathed herself in that moment. She wasn't any better than Denny. She'd come here for sex with a man she was certain was the worst kind of criminal. And he had rejected her advances, humiliated her, threatened her, and she still was on fire for him. What did that say about her? She pushed away from Ilya and ran to meet Brian and Denny, choosing to escape before she did something she couldn't take back.

Chapter Two 'I've done something so stupid, Hannah. Hannah shushed him. She'd already thrown the pillows and every other thing she could find in the room that couldn't be destroyed. I can't eat. All I do is think about him. I ached, Hannah, inside and out. I swear I feel like I'm in heat or something. Nothing satisfies me. I don't know what to do anymore. When I do sleep, which is rare, I dream about him.

And they're not just any dreams, either. Total erotica. I loathe him. I despise him. How can I want him like this? What's wrong with me? I desperately want to be normal, Hannah. Make me normal. Tell me what happened. I need to come home. I need to be with you.

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I'm drowning here. Joley was volatile when it came to Ilya Prakenskii. The connection between the two of them was strong, and seemed to be growing stronger. Joley put her hand over her face, shaking her head, even though Hannah couldn't see her.

No, it won't. I went to a party tonight. I told myself I went because I couldn't sleep and I was bored, but I really went to see him. I didn't, but I would have had sex with him. He rejected me, Hannah, and that made me want him even more. He knows he has power over me. I feel like I'm caught in his trap and I can't get away. You didn't find one. There's nothing but the zap on my palm and his voice in my head. He talks to me. His voice is so sexy, it turns me inside out.

Except now he isn't talking and that feels so much worse. I'm really in trouble, Hannah. But if I reach out to him, he's won. Tell me what to do. Hannah had been brutally attacked and nearly died just a few short months earlier. The last thing she needed to do was to fly anywhere in public when she was still trying to heal. I can do this. I can get him out of my head. Ilya Prakenskii was already deep inside her and he wasn't going to let go of her without a fight.

I don't understand why I'm so different from all of you. Look at Libby. She wouldn't be attracted to a man like Ilya. Only me. Just me. Hang on and I'll be there. I'll meet you in Chicago.

She felt safer when Hannah was around, when any of her sisters were with her, but she was an adult and this was her problem.

She had to learn to manage her cravings for the Russian bodyguard because she knew the need wasn't going to just disappear. Hannah would ease the symptoms, but she couldn't stay forever and then the desire would be back at full strength and Joley would be right back where she started. She took a breath in an effort to calm down. I just needed to hear your voice.

Tomorrow I'll be onstage and the energy carries me a long way. I'll be all right. I just need to find a good, decent man. Maybe if I'm with someone who respects me and sees the good side of me, I'll get over my weakness for really bad men. But she would get over that. People could change - she could change. I don't want you to have to fly across the country to hold my hand. Joley glanced around at the amazing mess she'd made of the hotel room, throwing a fit because Ilya Prakenskii wouldn't have sex with her.

He'd made her feel cheap - no - she'd made herself feel that way, throwing herself at him because she needed sex - not just any sex - sex with him.

And he was responsible for that, talking to her day and night in that incredibly seductive black velvet voice and zapping her palm so she itched and burned.

Damn him. She lifted her chin and took another calming breath. Don't pretend you aren't,' Hannah cautioned. Think before you do anything. He said I needed a man to tell me what to do because I couldn't take care of myself. As if. He's stuck in the Stone Age. I noticed that whenever he's around you and he doesn't like you to cross him.


I don't know what game he's playing, but I'm not playing it with him. I'll be glad to get out of this city. We sold out every concert and we actually scheduled a few extra because the sales were so high and we hated turning away fans. There were only a couple of scandals. T told the reporters to go easy on me because my parents believe all the lies they tell. Mom's going to have few things to say to you. And tell my brother-in-law I love him, even though he's semi-friends with Prakenskii when he should be arresting him.

They're having the ceremony on the Drake beach and the reception here at our house.

They only want immediate family at the ceremony. You know how Abbey is. And I'm pregnant. Oh my God! For real?

You're going to have a baby for real? What does the doctor say? Are you sure you'll be all right? You're still not completely healed. There's a lot of scar tissue, but we'll see. I'm so happy, Joley, and I can't wait for you to come home to share this with us. Libby had special healing gifts, and thanks to her, Hannah's scars were barely visible.

What have you gone and done, Hannah? He's going to be impossible to live with. Joley could hear the joy in her sister's voice, and deep inside, where no one could see, she wept for her own loneliness.

She wanted someone to share life with, to laugh and cry and hold at night. Her life was spent moving from city to city in an endless tour of shows, living out of hotels and buses. She loved it, but she wanted someone with her. She was so happy for her beloved sister, Hannah, but Hannah's happiness only intensified her own lonely existence. They're waiting on the actual date to speak to you. You're going to stand up for her, remember?

And Kate and Sarah and Libby will be married at Christmas. I thought they'd never actually do it, just talk about it. I'm going to be the favorite aunt,' Joley pronounced. You've always been so fiercely independent. I despise men weaker than me and hate men stronger than me.

That pretty much leaves me with nowhere to go. Jonas does get bossy with me, but I've found that I have as much power in the relationship as he does. T think I always knew it, but Jonas is different. He's a good man and he loves you more than anything else in the world because you're you. Hannah, you deserve to be loved that way. You sacrifice for everyone. Don't do that to yourself, don't sell yourself short. Dark things she craved, maybe even needed, in a relationship.

She loathed that part of herself, driven by sex and danger, suppressed most of the time, but so strong the need fought her continually. She wanted to be loved, but what decent man could ever love someone like her?

Sometimes, like now, when she felt driven to the brink of madness, she wished she wasn't a Drake and she could drown herself in alcohol and drugs and not feel the pain. You'll stay right there and do whatever Libby tells you to do,' Joley said. Tell him I said bossing you around right now is a good thing. I'm much calmer now,' Joley lied, forcing cheerfulness into her voice. And wish me luck in Chicago.

Your talent sells tickets. Have fun, and call me if you need me. You know I'll come. Love you lots. Hannah would come to her, but Joley would never ask her now, not when she was pregnant, especially after the vicious attack. Hannah was special, and Joley always turned to her when she felt in crisis. Hannah dealt with everything in her own sweet way, wanting to make the world better for her sisters. She had been a success as a supermodel, but Joley knew she'd be even more of a success as a mother.

Joley was closest to Hannah, loved her dearly, and it had been Ilya Prakenskii who had saved Hannah's life. He had stopped her attacker and kept her alive until the Drakes had gathered together to help heal her, and for that alone, Joley would always feel a connection with the man. Jonas was tough as nails when he had to be, and he loved Hannah. Everyone had known it but Hannah. Joley ran her hands through her hair several times, before she flung herself backward to lie staring up at the ceiling.

She'd killed an hour talking with Hannah, but she had a long way to go before the night was over. The hotel had an exercise room. She could go there. Alone… again. If only the tabloids really knew what her life was like. Party girl. Lovers all over the world. It was more like Joley up all night writing songs and going to the exercise room to keep from going into sexual meltdown.

You're punishing me now, deliberately not speaking to me. Well, you know something, I don't need you. And I don't want you. Sexual frustration was really good for writing songs. Her best songs had come from detesting, no, loathing Ilya Prakenskii and wanting him with every breath in her body.

The workout room was deserted, and she grabbed a bottle of water and programmed the treadmill for a run up and down hills. In her head she could hear musical notes with each step she took. Fury at Prakenskii was the pounding beat of the drum. The saxophone was purely erotic, the guitar riff - the blood sizzling in her veins.

The keyboard was the breath moving in and out of her body steadily, necessarily. She could hear the bass in each slap of her foot on the surface, deep notes that set her heart pumping.

There was euphoria in music, the only place she could escape who she was, what she was. She had six sisters and she admired every single one of them. She was fiercely protective of them, although she was second to the youngest and all of them had incredible gifts. They all knew she had a weakness for dangerous men, but they had no idea just how terrible her craving for Ilya Prakenskii really was.

And he was the epitome of everything she stood against. She believed in the order of the universe. She believed in good and evil, in the balance of nature. She believed in the right to defend oneself, of course, but she deeply and sincerely believed it was wrong to harm another. It was rumored that Ilya was a hit man, and she could never, under any circumstances, have a relationship with a man who was evil. The problem was, he didn't feel evil.

He felt hot and sexy, with that terrible edge of danger she seemed to crave. She had been in his mind many times. He could communicate with her telepathically, and that meant he had to open his mind to hers. She had caught glimpses of violence, terrible things that made her afraid, but she'd never seen a memory of him murdering in cold blood - and if he was as evil as a hit man would be - then why couldn't she feel it when she could tell so easily with others?

What are you doing here this time of the morning? You barely said a word. I saw the Reverend there and I know he and his entourage are confrontational with you, so I was worried.

See a Problem?

We have a show tomorrow in Chicago. This is Brian, not some schmo off the street. We've been friends for years. Joley let out her breath and allowed the treadmill to slow to a stop. She took the towel from Brian and wrapped it around her neck before taking the water bottle. T thought you were allergic to exercise. What are you doing here? And I sometimes come up with my best songs late at night.

What were you doing at Nikitin's party? T couldn't sleep and thought I'd check it out. Once I got there, I remembered why I hated those things. The ones hanging with the girls who couldn't have been older than fourteen. Denny helped me look for them, but we couldn't find them anywhere. We checked the pool, the gardens, the garages, everywhere, but they must have made the girls leave. Ives was her manager, and she was just as angry with him as she was with Dean.

He had promised to oversee the parties and make certain that no young kids were taken advantage of. For all we know Nikitin did. At least talk to Dean before you give him the axe. He could have been escorting them off the property' 'He ran when I called him. Joley Drake angry is a scary thing. I'll talk to him if you don't want to do it, but at least let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

This is America. Innocent until proven guilty' She rolled her eyes. She was blowing him right on the grounds in front of anyone and everyone. Lisa's a really good person and she deserves better than him. I just didn't go through with it.

She'd drive a man mad in seconds. She was fiercely loyal. A tigress when it came to her family, and he'd begun brooding over that trait in her, drawn to it, drawn to her capacity to protect those she loved.

She knew what it was like to need to do whatever it took to protect those weaker than she was. And he desperately needed someone to save him—to love him—to be as fierce for him as Joley Drake was in the protection of her sisters. Well, I jumped into this series near the end, so I don't really know all the background, only that there's the Drake family, loads of sisters and a brother and they all have some special gifts.

Joley has a gifted voice, and she's a singer. She's basically obsessed with ilya, can't get him out of her mind since he made his mark on her hand. They are telepathically connected, and she can feel his presence when her palm starts itching. She doesn't know much about him, but she does know that she doesn't want to be with him, or have a relationship. He is very domineering, and she's afraid he'd take over her personality if she gave herself to him completely.

Ilya knows what he wants and is willing to do everything to get it.

Ilya knows what he wants and is willing to do everything to get it. He seduces Joley, but doesn't want to have meaningless sex with her, because what they have is more than that. He knows they are destined for one another, and his mark is the proof for that.

He just has to convince her that they're meant to be He shifted a little to slide down beside her, resting the back of his head on the pillow. She stirred, eyelashes fluttering before lifting. Her eyes, large and dark and glorious, smiled up at him. She nearly stopped his heart. I'll make sure nothing happens to you. I can't say how much I loved Ilya yes I know, I'm gushing about him again, deal with it!! Lately, most of the heroes are all about casual sex, and then they have to figure out they're in love, bla bla bla Here, Ilya knows he wants her, and he refused to have a one night stand with her, because he knew it would drive them away, so he waited until they were both sure of how they felt about each other.

Another thing, he is so extremely hot! I mean, what that guy does isWhore of the devil. And that his mouth was on hers. The rush of excitement the show had produced drained away, even the fire racing through her veins, leaving her feeling tired. T thought you were allergic to exercise. Joley told herself she'd come to the party to make certain Logan knew what he was doing, to send lawyers and security as well as her manager, but she could have done it all with a phone call or two.

I find it fascinating. He wasn't obvious about his strength until you got up close, but more than his physique, more than his perfect masculine body and his tough, heart-stopping face, she was drawn to his mental strength and intellect. Chapter Three Her palm itched. He wanted to make love to her.

He had gorgeous hair and the women went wild for it.

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