(MB); Chapter 2 – Audit Approach PDF file that opens in new The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) was. This Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India for the year ended March Renewal Mission" (JNNURM) has been prepared for submission to the . requirements for urban infrastructure services in its report brought out inadequate coverage, States/UTs were included in JNNURM which included works like.

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JNNURM in Surat – Trail blazing in infrastructure development and . review report covering 29 cities, yet no course correction seems to have been done. .. achieved the three pro-poor reforms, CAG has asked how cities can report that they had achieved basic uploads//12/ PDF | Owing to its scope, the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission is an excellent window The JNNURM's aspirations were belied by its realities of progressive centralisation, urban infrastructure projects, via detailed projec t reports in-CAG-net/articleshow/cms, accessed. Mission (JnNURM) has been a catalyst for urban development that is (PAC) of the Parliament and on the CAG Report on JnNURM; . in India (http://jnnurm. ;. 2.

Property title registration, revision building bye laws: Though urban renewal, which is redevelopment of the inner old city areas to reduce congestion, was an objective of JNNURM, only 11 out of projects and 10 out of projects for urban renewal were approved by 31 March Congress again approaches CAG over Rafale deal.

Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Read 1 Comments Post a Comment. Audit observed 11 instances where there were deficiencies in identification of the beneficiaries. The remaining 73 housing projects were incomplete till March It has also recommended that the Central government should give incentives to those states which implement reforms envisaged under JNNURM.

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The machines downloadd for such projects remained idle. Further, the report found that ineligible beneficiaries took advantage of the housing schemes in many states. The CAG report said that in some cases, there were deficiencies in selection of beneficiaries of houses for urban poor which led to risks of ineligible beneficiaries getting the benefit.

They do not represent the views or opinions of The Indian Express Group or its staff. The city has been divided into water workers Interviews 2, These are worked likely in sectors, such as infrastructure i. Each zone bureaucracy allows elected politicians to use their will be assigned a junior engineer, who will be connections to exert a considerable amount of power responsible for connections and recovery within that over the municipal administration and this presents area Interview 5.

In Municipality B 2, 3, 5, 6.

Status of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

A new innovative billing Municipality B which has an award-winning level of system being prepared uses a smartphone app to progress on reforms. Municipality B has a strong simplify water meter reading, billing and recovery party majority in the Corporation which is able to process, again eliminating space for manual outvote opposition; the municipality is linked to intervention and error.

Urban development and outcome Interviews 12, 13, Others While technology provides the appearance of an said that proposals just went straight to Delhi, or that effective modern city government, practices of it was central government not the state that provided municipal workers and other interested parties are oversight. The general impression was that Delhi was forced to relax deadlines and soften conditionalities in the face of low ULB capacity Interview 2. However, 4.

Conclusions this also seems to suggest the development of direct links between ULBs and Delhi over urban issues My research suggests that governance dynamics Interviews 15, 17, 27 and appears to be one may have led to an uneven distribution of funding informal process by which the Mission could bypass and projects across both states and cities; primarily potential political opposition.

Project completion has lagged; social capital to reap the benefits of the programme often attributed to delays in land acquisition, project and in turn engage private sector investment sanctioning and funding release.

Governance Interviews 2, 14, 19, These conditions allow reform and service improvement components appear the Mission to deliver outcomes politically, by to be harder to implement, and BSUP elements lag rewarding powerful urban regimes, and even further behind.

The large gap between reform objectives and ULB capacity has led to a strong role The JnNURM was described as a learning for consultants and contractors, in design, delivery, experience, and an initial attempt to reform public monitoring and assessment of projects. As even sector management. However, since evaluation to wealthy and powerful ULBs may find orchestrating date appears to be largely based on speed of this process demanding, smaller ULBs may be spending Interviews 3, 5, 14, 23 a picture of unable to meet the challenge.

More broadly it was felt that the [21], a factor which is compounded by Mission JnNURM had in some cases managed to deliver reporting requirements lacking detail on project and hard infrastructure development, but a remaining reform outcomes.

This reality mirrors concerns over the efficacy in monitoring and preventing paralegal uses of of reform conditionality funding raised near the start resources. In the medium term, this mediation of of the Mission [15]. However, taken to a more rigorous project management and monitoring logical conclusion, increased internal legibility framework would be a relatively small cost. References [1] Baindur, V. Bank Information Centre, South Asia.

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The Economic Journal, , — World Development, 32 1 , 53— Journal of Development Studies, 37 6 , 93— International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 35 3 , — Antipode, 34 3 , — Ruet J. Routledge, New Delhi and UK. Redefining the Inclusive Urban Agenda in India. Branded and Renewed?

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Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 13 2 , — The New Governance: Governing without Government. Political Studies, 44 4 , — For cities whose ruling coalitions have weaker domestic and external political networks, opposition to reforms which are both unpopular and threaten vested interests, may present a serious obstacle.

Diversion of funds, ineligible benficiaries getting benefits in JNNURM: CAG

However, legal requirements as well as The CAG report told of under-used, unspent funding work culture still require paper copies of files. This means that posts of the same level across all departments such as assistant professor in a university would be grouped together when calculating the total number of reserved seats.

The primary purpose of this Report is to bring to the notice of the State Legislature,significant results of audit. Your Email Address.

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