This free guide will walk you through the necessary steps in creating a professional digital file of your book using Microsoft Word for quick upload to site. To ensure your book body text displays consistently, you'll want to indent . For in-depth instructions, see Building Your Text-Heavy eBook with site Create. Get help publishing on site's site Direct Publishing (KDP), a fast, easy and free Build Your Book - Format a Paperback Manuscript (Word for Windows).

Building Your Book For site

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Building Your Book for site. We are excited you've decided to design, format, and prepare your book for site! We'll walk you through the necessary steps in. Once you've written your book and you can see You need to build anticipation. How to self-publish your book on site site Direct (KDP) And as you build your range of titles, your readership, your email list and your marketing skills.

Now it's a best selling book in 3 different categories. I'm about to show you how. The book was released under a brand new pen name as part of my authority site project.

We did all of this with essentially no audience, no email list, and no prior experience selling books as a self-published author on site and of course with traditional publishers. No joke. I have not leveraged my audience or my name on site.

I launched my book from scratch, the same point that any of you out there would start from. If you DO have an existing audience, I'll share how you can take advantage of that. The best part about this business is that you can literally have something up and selling on the site site store in a relatively short period of time.

I'll show you how with the 23 details steps below. Let's get serious about this great niche business idea. Want a fast and easy way to research what site topics are the best to write about?

Or read my Publisher Rocket Review here. There are lots of self-publishing services and self-publishing companies that can help out in this process…but this is a step by step guide on how to do it on your own. This is for indie authors that don't want to go through a traditional publishing company. Read on if you are more interested in selling your book online as opposed to seeing a printed book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble from day one.

Before I jump into the detailed steps below, I want to share some results with you that display the success the book is having. Also, please note that I will NOT be revealing the actual book on site in order to prevent copy cats or other negative consequences I've seen from previous projects I've shared publicly. I would make more sales if I shared the book publicly on my blog here, but I think that this case study is more valuable if kept a secret for now.

See a Problem?

Not too bad at all. And here's the official screenshot showing the books site rank and Best seller status in 3 different categories: Yes, I blocked out the categories the book is in…I'm just being extra cautious against copy cats.

Thanks to These People… Before I go into the step by step process below, I have to share that I didn't figure out this process on my own!

I've interviewed both 2 different self-published authors on my podcast that are site publishing experts: Jonny Andrews and Steve Scott. I was able to ask both Jonny and Steve direct questions about how to build successful self publishing business on site before I even considered writing my first book. Perrin and I followed the steps of Nick Loper's launch process from that guest post pretty closely.

In addition, Nick also created a more in-depth site Launch Course on Udemy that we downloadd as well and followed.

So, while many of the steps below do have our own unique twist, I would be remiss to say that Jonny, Steve, and Nick have not provided valuable wisdom in shaping our launch process. Okay, let's jump into actually how to make all of this happen! Pick a Broad Niche In order to pick a niche , I have just a couple of simple rules. First you want to make sure that people are actually downloading books in this niche.

In other words, try not to pick a niche that is so obscure that there isn't already books on the subject. You can see some of the best selling books by browsing all the categories of site.

Second you want to pick a broad enough market that at least a few titles could be written in the niche. Finally, I would pick a niche that you actually have some interest in. Whether that's parenting, camping, or business management; pick a niche that appeals to you and has a fairly large established audience. Update: Since writing this post, I found a great software tool that can help you cherry pick the best niches for site books.

That software tool is Publisher Rocket. I highly recommend that you go and check out the demo video here , it's very powerful. Take screenshots as often as you can and monitor your book until you notice it start to move down — this is when you want to switch to paid. So this probably seems like a great strategy — and it is. I want to build a following, so want good engagement, not just people looking for free stuff.

This is a Business — I want to recoup costs associated with self publishing a book as quickly as possible.

I want to make a difference through my books. The only time this might be worthwhile is if you have absolutely no list at all and you are looking to build a following — then this would be a good option. If you just launch one book, you may not experience the same results.

Follow the Author

And while on the surface this appeared to have a lot of merit, once I started down this path, someone sagely advised me that why would I switch to permafree and hurt my rankings when I could just play around with the pricing instead? I do this by placing a link to my author website www. People who visit that page are presented with the option to join my VIP list to get notifications of new books, discounts and promotions.

So part of step 1 is creating an opt-in for your author list. This could be a free book, audio book etc. Choose something that is relevant to your audience. Once you have an author list, you can utilise them for your launches. Step 2 — Get More Reviews In addition to my author list, I also contacted my main newsletter list on www.

This only worked because the Side Hustle Blueprint book was of value to this list. If your book fits in well with any lists you have, then it makes sense to approach them. I also reached out to some Mastermind groups I belonged to and a couple of Facebook groups I belonged to, all with the same ask.

As with the author list, the requirement was to leave a review on a specific date.

The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your eBook on site’s site Platform

Using the above steps does not always guarantee your site book will remain free of errors as new site software is released. New software reads site files differently on different devices, so you may find yourself having to reformat your eBook. Shortly after the new HD appeared, I received an email from site stating there was a formatting issue with my eBook. Having had no reports for thousands of previous downloads, I deduced it was the way the new software was translating the code.

Instead of taking the time to reformat it myself, I sent it to my site programming team to clean up for me. In addition, if your files include those special formatting issues mentioned earlier, you may find you need to outsource this portion of your eBook production to a qualified team through a publisher, distributor, or our professional programming team. These are great tips for anyone that is new or getting use to publishing on site. I read through on site how to format a book but it took a few trial and errors before getting my books correctly formatted.

Your tips are very helpful. Very, very interesting.

It is still helpful information, though. Thank you Nina and Kristen. Been reading several sites but still wondering about some points. Still not sure about margins, what size.

Line spacing what size to use and then spacing between paragraphs.

When Should You Break Formatting Rules?

Do you use page numbers? And how to create page numbers not to include cover, name of author and copyright date, and dedication. I have MS word , and on a laptop and tower computer. Not sure which is best.

Also forgot to ask what is MOBI and how to convert document into it? Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Anxious to publish and see what, if anything transpires. Hello everyone! In terms of conversion from pdf to epub or mobi formats, I suggest to see this free online tool http: Thank you so much! This was easy to follow and took away a big part of the learning curve for me.

How to Build Your site Book – site Formatting

I appreciate it. The point is, using your and sites, instructions, you cannot have Eg. If you first format as per your No.Repeat this process on the second page of Chapter 1. site Formatting: Text boxes and shapes. WordPress needs a theme — a stylistic chassis, in effect — to hold your site together.

The promise is clear.

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