fast to that promise. Now let's dig into The Legend of Korra Book 4 Balance, Chapter 12, “Day of Colossus” and Chapter “The Last Stand”. Watch Legend of Korra Book 4 Episode 12 online only at raudone.info!. fast to that promise. Now let's dig into The Legend of Korra Book 4 Balance, Chapter 12, “Day of Colossus” and Chapter “The Last Stand”.

Avatar Korra Book 4 Episode 12 Dan 13

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Book Two: Spirits is the second season of the animated TV series The Legend of Korra by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. It consisted of fourteen episodes ("chapters"). A sequel to The Legend of Korra: Book 1, it focuses more on spiritual concepts and . The Book Two Finale, episodes 13 and 14, were to be broadcast on. "'The Legend of Korra' Book Three Will be Titled 'Change'". "Korra Season 3 Moves to Digital After Being Pulled From TV; Co-Creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino Explain Why". audio commentary to the Blu-ray version of season 3, episode 13 Brown, Kenneth (12 December ). Book Four: Balance (平衡) is the fourth and final book of The Legend of Korra, spanning a total of thirteen episodes. defeat of the Red Lotus, the book was animated by Studio Mir and the first episode debuted for digital viewing on October 3, , 12, 51, "Day of the Colossus", December 19, (online and television).

They smooch, hop into their hummingbird suits, and head out to their impending doom. The gang go back into action to take Kuvira down yet again. It collides with another building and takes her down, but she gets back up.

Asami and Hiroshi land their suit during their second attempt at cutting through the suit, and Hiroshi is making progress.

Book Four: Balance

Kuvira, realizing that Asami and Hiroshi are cutting through the suit, requests more power so that she may free the suit from the ice. As Kuvira starts to break free from the ice, Asami gets panicked and tells her dad that they need to go.

Korra, Bolin, Mako, Suyin, and Lin see the opening, make their way in, and prepare for the last battle. The Last Stand.

Korra devises a plan in which Su and Lin take out the cannon arm, Mako and Bolin shut down the suit, and Korra goes after Kuvira. She flings it with Lin and Su still inside into a building with the cannon breaking off and flying into the Spirit Wilds.

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Mako and Bolin head into the engine room and after some pro-bending fighting moves and an impressive body check here, here, Bolin! Mako then starts creating lightning and zaps the spirit vines. Nothing happens at first, but then the vines start to react.

Luckily, Bolin is able to grab him just before the spirit vines go ka-boom. Korra vs. Kuvira round two! Korra breaks into the control room, puts a hurting on the guards and then gets to work on Kuvira. For a good portion of their sparring session, Kuvira has a bit of the upper hand, metal bending Korra all around the room. Korra, gets on her feet and really makes Kuvira sweat it out, that is, until the spirit vines go kaboom, and it splits the mecha suit in half.

Turns out, Kuvira has found the spirit energy cannon and she lets a round go off. Korra dodges it, but the blast does more harm that good, igniting all the spirit vines in the Wilds.

Tenzin sees the light and says that a Spirit Portal has been opened. Kuvira needs Dr. Korra and Kuvira wake up in the Spirit World thanks to the new portal the cannon blasted open, and Kuvira is unable to understand why Korra would risk her neck to save her.

She turns herself into Su and Lin and then everyone gives Korra a big hug. Zhu Li and Varrick do the thing. At the reception, Mako tells Prince Wu how proud he is of him and then Korra joins the conversation and asks if Wu is ready to head to Ba Sing Se and be king. Korra and Mako think Wu is making a brilliant and wise decision, and Korra offers Wu help in making the Earth Kingdom a more evolved society. All things come to an end.

By the end of the night, Korra finds herself alone, looking out at the water when Tenzin comes over to tell her how he loves seeing her full of hope and well, surpassing her past Avatar lives with the incredible feat of taking down Kuvira, finding a new Spirit Portal, and feeling the need to do more. Asami comes over to give Tenzin a message, and Tenzin runs off leaving Korra and Asami alone.

Korra asks Asami where to, and Asami says she wants to go to the Spirit World. Korra says it sounds perfect. After a while, I knew it was coming as per my previous reactions , but it was still amazing to see.

Especially since you saw a physical difference in the way Varrick approached Zhu Li coming towards the end… all sweet like and what not. Their wedding was equally cute and showed that Zhu Li definitely has a little dominatrix in her, the way she dipped him for their big kiss. Too cute. Pour one out for the homie, yo. That scene actually cut me deep. A lot deeper than I expected. I cried. Literally teared up. From the moment Hiroshi entered the picture and got all sentimental while working with Asami at the office, I called it.

Just sucked that I was right, but it made for a more emotional ending. Besides, if he did live, would they pardon his crimes, stick him back in jail, or credit him for time served even though it was only like years?

My dude took one for the team.

Tears started welling up in my eyes when Mako went down. Thankfully, he survived it which makes me now question how lethal the spirit energy was anyway if Mako could survive a shock to the chest like that , but I was beyond scared.

Any way, Mako almost kicking the bucket nearly stopped my heart. But like Mako, I lived. Not the absolute best bending battle between hero and villain, but this battle had its moments. Kuvira was still whipping butt, though, you could tell she was frazzled by the sweat and the hair coming out that bun. The battle between the two was pretty short — what with Mako blowing up the mecha giant suit — but it was pretty entertaining. When Kuvi bent the cinder block at Korra, I slapped my own forehead.

Really, Korra.

Because it would be that easy…. One of my predictions was that Korra was going to be able to redirect the spirit energy and use it against itself in the end and when the scene in the Spirit Wilds happened, I was sure that was going to be the moment. Like, I could totally see it. Bottom line: After thoughts… The only thing I was slightly underwhelmed by had to have been the fact that my predictions of Bolin being involved in the politics of the Earth Kingdom being unfounded.

Then again, this was a minute show, and as such, they could show but so much. I enjoy watching them more. Below is the podcast for you to enjoy my nasal voice talking about Korra in a slightly stupefied and fangirl manner:.

Considering this is the last post-cap I will be doing for The Legend of Korra, I would love to personally thank each and every one of you for tuning into my rants, leaving comments, tweeting out my posts, and overall fangirling with me.

I will be doing my best to continue the post-cap trend with other shows out there that I enjoy and if you have any suggestions, please send them my way! Until then, please check back for my regular posts and continue to show love and support. The Legend of Korra , Season 4 aka Book 4: Balance has been re-airing on Nickelodeon and will remain online for viewing until January.

As a final comment to your post-captic journey… Thank you once more for these well thought out and complete reviews and thoughts. They are far more informative than some I have read and or seen on Youtube and a few unmentioned magazine websites.

One thing that seems to be an aspect of the Avatar universe we as readers in general tend to misunderstand is character self-awareness. He only did it right after. Like Bolin, Korra is in a desperate situation and takes a chance. It just seems to me that moments of stress and danger are conducive to bending growth and awareness. Either that or training, training, training. She is clearly dealing with a lot of emotional baggage.

Mako was never a good boyfriend to her.

Her father tried to kill her at one point when he was all equalist extremist. They're both a story in their own right as well as a summation of everything the writers want to say. Even more so with Legend Of Korra, which is itself a finale of the Avatar universe. Barring another spin off which I do not see happening, given the way Korra has performed and been treated by the network , this is the last thing the writers are giving us in this entire world.

That's a lot to ask of even a double-length episode, but I genuinely believe Korra gave us the best finale we could have asked of it. Everyone gets their moment to shine, from Meelo coming up with the paint plan to Asami's dad making a first delightful and then painful reappearance — no stone is unturned.

No opportunity is missed to remind us that every character on this show has had something valuable to offer us over the years, whether that's Mako taking down the spirit vine weapon or even Prince Wu leading his people to safety. And Korra herself — I've said before that this show is a character study in a way that Aang's story never was, and I reiterate that here. This is a girl who burst onto our screens shouting, "I'm the Avatar and you gotta deal with it!

The Legend Of Korra season 4 episodes 12 & 13 review: Day Of The Colossus & The Last Stand

This is the same character who was rightfully called hotheaded and selfish when we first met her. And it is the same character who stands between Kuvira and the beam of spiritual energy to protect her. Who is able to channel that energy into opening a new spirit portal.

Who cites compassion for Kuvira as a reason she was able to win the day.All things come to an end. They did a great team up and with Bolin almost a Beifong they did a number on that Mecha and represented Toff for all the Beifong fans. When Kuvi bent the cinder block at Korra, I slapped my own forehead. Hulu Plus subscribers will be able to watch as well but be advised Hulu is a bit behind and the new episode may not be available right away.

The Legend Of Korra comes to a final end with two fantastic episodes...

Kuvira round two! Mako and Bolin head into the engine room and after some pro-bending fighting moves and an impressive body check here, here, Bolin! Reception The premiere episode screened in advance at Comic-Con was positively reviewed by Max Nicholson of IGN , who appreciated the setup of the overarching conflict and the humorous writing.

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