This standard is issued under the fixed designation F; the number 1 This practice is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee F06 on Resilient Floor. This practice covers the determination of the acceptability of a concrete floor for the installation of resilient flooring. This practice includes suggestions for the construction of a concrete floor to ensure its acceptability for installation of resilient flooring. Astm F Magazines, Astm F eBooks, Astm F Publications, Astm F Publishers Description: Read interactive Astm F publications at FlipHTML5.

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Follow ASTM Standards to Reduce Risk and to. Keep Control Over Project Execution. ASTM F Standard Practice for Preparing Concrete Floors to. ASTM F Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Norma ASTM F current standards, visit the Standards page at copies) of individual standards be obtained by contacting ASTM for, F ().

For comparison, we also took general area air samples for hydrogen sulfide H2S , formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds VOCs in the office and in two nearby businesses in the same building.

We collected two bulk samples of carpet from the office and analyzed them for VOC emissions. We also sent each office employee a survey asking if he or she smelled an odor while at work and if he or she had health concerns associated with this odor. Observations The office is located in a two-story multi-tenant commercial building constructed in The approximately ft2 office is on the first floor and contains cubicles separated by fabric-covered dividers, one private office, a conference room, an employee break room equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, wall cabinets, and small table , and two restrooms.

Each restroom has an adjoining locker and shower area.

One room in the office is used by employees to store and calibrate air monitoring equipment battery-powered air sampling pumps, respirable dust cyclone samplers, and combustible gas meters used by employees during surveys. No chemicals other than liquid detergent used to clean the Tygon tubing and cyclone samplers and small cylinders less than L of calibration gas were used. Although eight employees work out of the office, at the time of this evaluation only two employees were present the entire day an office assistant and office supervisor.

Most employees arrived early to calibrate their sampling equipment and then spent the remainder of their workday conducting field evaluations outside the office. Assessment During a walkthrough survey of the office we looked for evidence of water damage, water incursion, visible mold, and other potential indoor environmental quality IEQ problems.

The air sampler inlets for H2S, formaldehyde, and VOCs were positioned 5 ft above the floor in the office conference room, at a workstation, and in a non-carpeted information technology room.

For comparison, we also sampled for H2S, formaldehyde, and VOCs in two nearby businesses where there had been no odor complaints. Both businesses had separate heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning HVAC systems and were not carpeted.

This meter continuously measures H2S in the range of 0— ppm. Our general practice is to quantitatively analyze the charcoal tube samples only if the qualitative TD tube results suggest specific air contaminants are present in concentrations sufficient for quantitative analysis.

We collected one paint sample and two bulk carpet samples from the office to determine if the carpet or paint may have been the source of the persistent odor. One carpet sample taken from beneath a filing cabinet had adhesive residue that was still tacky to the touch.

The other carpet sample, taken from a more exposed area in the office conference room, had no tacky adhesive residue. The paint sample was taken from the conference room wall.

Each bulk sample was placed in a separate sealable plastic bag for transport. The bulk samples were analyzed in the NIOSH laboratory by inserting a TD tube into the plastic bag to sample the air at room temperature a technique commonly described as a headspace analysis.

The job is a hallway with light from the outside at both ends. This creates a rolling visual when looking from one end to the front door, which is glass. Is this acceptable?

SSPC Moisture Testing Guide and Pinhole Standard

It sounds to me like you are not within that spec. I would suggest pouring a self-leveling underlayment to get the floor smooth and eliminate the dip. It is not always a concern that the floor is level from one side to the other, but high spots or low spots in the substrate can be a problem. In the case of tile, lippage is common over an undulating substrate.

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In the case of a floating laminate, wood or vinyl floor, voids can lead to movement in the finished flooring that can cause such damage as the tongue breaking. Concrete moisture testing This one cuts across the entire industry from architects to installers and everyone in between.

The carpet industry quotes this same document and there are strict moisture testing standards on the tile and wood side as well. If you are an installer blaming the carpet for one of these complaints, you can expect to be quoted at the necessity for seam sealing and power stretching from Carpet and Rug Institute CRI and standards.

ASTM F710 Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring

Tile layout and lippage Earlier this year, this column addressed a situation where common practice went against an industry standard and the job went bad. The complaint was lippage on a 6- by inch plank porcelain tile.

The tile was installed at a half-offset, which is often done but runs contrary to the Tile Council of North America TCNA standards that call for no more than one-third offset.

Left: Solid vinyl tile showing telegraphing trowel marks. In this case, the half offset meant that a lot of plank ends were higher than the adjacent tile and, in a handful of cases, the tile chipped.


However, there was also the question of whether the architect wrote a specification for the offset or the manufacturer had a warning about it. That discussion is ongoing, I am sure. Visit www.Because we had the opportunity to speak with only three office employees during our site visit, we mailed a survey to each office employee.

My three first-hand examples in the last eight months?

Sulfate compounds can accumulate due to waviness by limiting the magnitude of successive 1-ft moisture migration, especially in parts of California. The result?

Higher moisture content is also possible adjacent to control joints and around leaking gutters, downspouts and windows. Of special interest to the floor covering performance of a floor covering placed on its surface. We examined the HVAC system, including the type of air filters used and the outdoor air intakes installed in the HVAC system by the building's owner in , in response to the odor complaints.

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