This standard is issued under the fixed designation D; the 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11 on. De1 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Durometer Hardness indentation hardness~ rubber~ PDF, 13, $, ADD TO CART. Hardcopy. ASTM DDurometer Hardness. Durometer Hardness Testing measures the hardness of rubber elastomers and plastic materials. The most.

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Shore Hardness (ASTM D). Shore hardness is a relative measure of exactly what the term implies – hardness. The test methods employed vary greatly. ASTM D, ISO R/ Result display. Hardness result Shore. Pressure foot ø18mm. Applications A scale. Soft rubber, natural rubber products, neoprone. ASTM D Rubber Hardness - Designation: D – 05 Standard Test Method for Rubber Proper.

Shore Hardness Gauge DIN 53505 ISO 868 ASTM D2240

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ASTM D2240

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Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. The minimum distance from the edge at which measurements may be made likewise decreases as the hardness increases. Calibration 7. Arrange the blocks so that the durometer presser foot contacts the larger block s and the indentor tip just contacts the smaller block Fig. See Fig.

Examination of the indentor under magni? Misshapen or damaged indentors shall be replaced. The calibration procedures outlined in Section 7 are the only valid calibration procedures. Tempered glass of a thickness greater than 6. See Note 2. Laboratory Atmosphere and Test Specimen Conditioning 8.

The measured force 9. Table 1 identi? For Type M durometers, the display shall indicate a value equal to 0. Conditioning at temperatures other than the above may show changes in calibration.

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Durometer use at temperatures other than the above should be decided locally see Practice D Procedure 9. It is necessary to make this adjustment each time the support table is moved to accommodate specimens of varying dimensions. Hand-held application or the use of a Type 1 or Type 2 operating stand for the Type M durometer is not an acceptable practice, see 5.

The time interval of 1 s, between initial indentor travel cessation and the recording of the indicated reading, shall be considered standard. The indicated hardness reading may change with time. The means of calculating the determinations shall be reported according to Hold the durometer in a vertical position with the indentor tip at a distance from any edge of the specimen as described in Section 6, unless it is known that identical results are obtained when measurements are made with the indentor at a lesser distance.

Apply sufficient pressure to assure?

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If the durometer is equipped with a maximum indicator, the maximum indicated reading shall be recorded within 1 6 0. It is suggested that readings in these ranges not be recorded.

dureza shore ASTM D2240.pdf

Improved repeatability may be obtained by using a mass, securely affixed to the durometer and centered on the axis of the indentor. The introduction of an additional mass on Type M durometers is not permitted.

Further improvement may be achieved by the use of a durometer operating stand that controls the rate of descent of the durometer presser foot to the test specimen and incorporates the masses described above. Report The method of reporting the calibrated value shall be by attaining the arithmetic mean of the determinations.

See 1. NOTE 2—The calibration interval calibration due date for a durometer is to be determined by the user, based upon frequency of use, severity of conditions, environmental factors, and other variables. Periodic checking of the operation and state of durometer calibration using commercially available rubber test blocks refer to 7.

An instrument that has been exposed to severe shock, is visibly damaged, produces test determinations more than 2 points different from calibrated rubber test blocks or other reference standard, or is otherwise suspected of unreliability, should be removed from service and returned to a quali? A calibration interval of one year is recommended for durometer test blocks and durometer instruments that are infrequently used, more often for others.

The calibration interval for instruments and peripheral devices employed in the calibration of durometers is to be determined by the calibration service provider.

D — 05 Readings may be reported in the form:Deutsche Bundespost Telekom GA: Test Specimen 6. Together with a certified process auditor, we also ensure that the requirements of the International Automotive Task Force IATF are implemented in our processes and constantly monitored and optimized. Historical Version s - view previous versions of standard Translated Version s: British Standards Institution. Two single test results obtained in two different laboratories, under normal test method procedures, that differ by more than the tabulated R for any given level must be considered to have come from different or nonidentical sample populations.

Standard Test Method for Rubber Property - Durometer Hardness

For speci? Report The calibration procedures outlined in Section 7 are the only valid calibration procedures. Many of the stated dimensions in SI are direct conversions from the U.

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