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Uploaded by: RITA Kannadhasanin Arthamulla Indhu Madham - 1 (Tamil Edition) eBook: Kannadhasan: site Store. ARTHAMULLA INDHU MADHAM EBOOK. Name: Arthamulla Indhu Madham Ebook. File size: 17 MB. Date added: April 15, Price: Free. ARTHAMULLA INDHU MADHAM EBOOK by, , KeithCraven edition.

He caught the tide of computers in the Nineties by bringing out a book titled Internet in Tamil. Gandhi remembers to the last detail his phone conversation with an upbeat Kalam after he read the translation.

He devised the marketing strategy — he came up with the idea to bring out page books priced at Rs. Gandhi learnt the business of selling a book from Kannadhasan.

Gandhi juggled a career in the music industry and the publishing house till he was confident enough that the publishing business would do well. Self-help books have a big role to play in their success story.

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With R. They have published several translations of English self-help books ever since, including autobiographies of personalities such as Akio Morita, the co-founder of Sony Corporation and Henry Ford, and works of James Hadley Chase and Agatha Christie.

Two hundred of their books are available on Google books.

They have translated five books from the Arthamulla Indhu Madham series into English, which will also be launched as e-books in December this year.

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Let us use it first. Dec 02, Tonyradsr rated it it was amazing.

Oct 21, Karthik D. Meaningful Hindu Religion.

Get to Know Us. It shows insight into the life.

This book as it is mentioned in product details, is about the hindu philosophical and cultural belief with respect to the poet's life and this covers majority of the hindu belief with example events occured in poet's life.

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