Read Weekend Breaks from Bangalore: 52 Breaks for 52 Weekends book Short Escapes from Bengaluru: An informative guide to over 40 getaways with. Fifth in the Weekend getaways around Bangalore series, this trip will provide you an PDF Weekend Breaks from Bangalore: 52 Breaks for 52 weekend breaks. Offers the reader the smoky blue mountains and the hills of Malnad, the rich coast of Karavali and Coromandel, the wealth of South Indian cuisine from Bunt to.

52 Weekend Getaways From Bangalore Ebook

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Read Weekend Breaks from Bangalore: 52 Breaks for 52 Weekends book reviews & author details and more at raudone.info Free delivery on qualified orders. Outlook Traveller Getaways - The Outlook Traveller Guides from Outlook group. Weekend breaks from Metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore – covers short. board one of the wildest culinary trips of your life! Frying .. Bengaluru ( Bangalore). GO Nov–Mar .. Matheran A popular weekend retreat for.

Nagalapuram Hills Nagala hills are one of my favourite places because this is where I went for my very first trek. The fact that my love for trekking increased tremendously bears testimony as to how much a life-changing experience a trip to these hills can be.

Nagala hills are anything but a tourist spot; Mother Earth has created this place to keep everyone out except those who are passionate about enjoying Nature in its pristine form. There are levels of hills that you can climb based on your stamina and other medical conditions. The easiest one is the first metre peak after which you can choose to return, or try for the next hill which is at metres high.

Make sure you pack adequate amount of food and medical supplies as you will be out of touch with civilisation. Do not go alone and do not trek at night.

Getting there: Nagalapuram is 65 km from Chennai. Get on the NH-5 highway and take the left just before Ramapuram.

Skandagiri Though Skandagiri is not exactly on the outskirts of Chennai, I am including it in this list because it is one of the most beautiful places you could dream of visiting within your weekend window. Known for its night trek, Skandagiri is also a well known tourist spot with a few broken Tipu Sultan era forts spotted across the vast lush greenery.

It is also one of the safest places to trek as you are never far away from a local chai shop. But beware of the locals, as a few of them are out there to make a not-so-honest living out of gullible visitors. Javadi hills are one of the largest hill systems on the Eastern Ghats. So unless you are in a good shape, you should give this place a miss. But for those adventure buffs, this place is a paradise as you would have to brave the steep hills and the sun to realise why even Tamil Nadu is also God's own country.

The drive up to the hills is more than a feast to the eyes, but serving as an unassuming starter before a very interesting three-course meal. The highest altitude I suggest you try is around a metre given the weather during this part of the year, but there is a relatively decent supply for food and water as there are more than villages located around the Javadi hills in case you want to explore more.

You'll find the locals to be very helpful and respectful; taking a local guide is highly recommended as you can find yourself easily getting lost. Javadi hills are about km from Chennai, and are located in Vellore district.

You can take either the NH-4 or NH highway to get there. Printable version May 31, 4: April 20, Tada Falls A perennial favourite among Chennaiites for its proximity to the city and its relative ease of access, Tada falls is one of the most well-known stopovers for the bustling Chennai crowd. Getting there: Nagalapuram Hills Nagala hills are one of my favourite places because this is where I went for my very first trek. Skandagiri Though Skandagiri is not exactly on the outskirts of Chennai, I am including it in this list because it is one of the most beautiful places you could dream of visiting within your weekend window.

Javadi Hills Javadi hills are one of the largest hill systems on the Eastern Ghats. Riazuddin is a B. E graduate from St. Peter's Engineering College.

Thank you so much. Can I ask what time of year you were in Rajasthan? S loved the blog post, it was massively helpful! Any recommendations?

Any advice on airport transfers? Both Mumbai and Delhi have combined their international and domestic airports into one except three airlines which are at the old domestic terminals: Hello, thank you so much for this detailed itinerary.

I am in Rishikesh now and planning what to do during the month of April. I already visited Rajastan, so that is out of the plan. I was thinking to go to Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala and Amritsar. What do you think, is it feasable? It looks like a bit difficult to find good transportation options between this destinations and roads look a bit dangerous.

Can you please share some insights about the best way to move from one destination to another and the best order to do it? From Amritsar I should take a plane back to Delhi.

Thank you Manu. Hi Rachel, I love your blog. Me and my girlfriend are traveling to india for the first time in November. We fly into New Dehli on the 4th and are looking to be in a great location for Diwali on the 7th.

Places To Visit In Nandi Hills

Can you ou give us any recommendations of where to celebrate it? We like to experience new cultures, eat new foods, enjoy crowds and the nightlife. We would hope for a fun authentic Diwali. We plan to end our trip in Varanasi when DeepDiwali is happening. Any recommendations specific to this celebration to keep in mind? I did wonder, what accommodation would you recommend to stay? Did you book in advance? And roughly how much did it cost a night? Read more about the book here.

They search the low-cost carriers!

You absolutely need a visa for India! I use and recommend iVisa for everyone coming.

Bull Temple

Check here to get a quote for your specific country. World Nomads covers everything from emergency care to lost luggage. You can get a quick quote here. Whether or not to book ahead… I have written a lot about how to book and where to stay in India. Otherwise, I love using Agoda to compare different hotels. I have a list of the best itineraries I suggest for group tours in India as well.

60 Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

I trust G Adventures for these tours. They have international standards and my close friends have taken these tours and loved them. Himachal Pradesh Next, I went to Delhi to regroup, meet a friend and got my butt up to the mountains. Next, another break back in Delhi, which is a hub that seems impossible to miss. Kerala I was meant to go to Kerala and go on the backwaters but meeting Ben in Goa kind of stopped my trip there, although we did go to Hampi together.

The second option there would prevent you from taking The second option there would prevent you from taking the second flight. Yoga in India If you are interested in taking courses but want to pay safely and not get ripped off, you can use bookyogaretreats.

The top places for yoga in India are Rishikesh, Dharamshala, and Goa. What did you miss that you still want to do?

The main places I missed were: Want more tips for India? Check out these articles! I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. About the Author: Rachel Jones.

Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and lived on the beaches of Goa, India for the five years.

Her blog, Hippie in Heels, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and bespoke travel. Jess May 19, at 2: Rachel Jones May 19, at 3: Renuka May 19, at 4: Rachel Jones May 20, at Jade May 19, at 9: Pam May 20, at Rachel Jones May 20, at 1: You should totally come to India! Nadja May 20, at 4: Adam Round the World we go May 20, at 5: Stef May 20, at 6: Victoria May 22, at 1: Rachel Jones May 22, at 2: John May 27, at 6: Rachel Jones May 27, at 7:Melissa September 6, at 5: Sunset and sunrise views from here are extremely beautiful.

10 cool weekend getaways from Bangalore

The river branches into two and flows through deep gorges on either side of the island before plunging at two places forming the glorious Gaganachukki and Barachukki Falls at Shivanasamudra. It is a favourite summer retreat for many, as the temperature here is several degrees lower than anywhere else, even in the hot summer months. I though to comment just to say that I read all your posts even if I very seldom comment..

Even if you are not in for the temple visits and kinds, you would still enjoy a lovely long drive followed by the serene and rustic views of the place that rests by the river bank, and the picturesque confluence or Sangam of Kaveri - is a perfect way to unwind.

I did have to do a total and take my itinerary backward because of seasonal changes. Falling from a height of ft, surrounded by emerald forests and hills, this glorious waterfall is a spectacular beauty. The Fanoe Oyster Festival, next in October , has lured chefs across Denmark with an annual oyster cooking competition.

HELGA from Panama City
I relish reading books always . Look through my other articles. I have always been a very creative person and find it relaxing to indulge in tower running.