Taleem Ul Islam Urdu. byMufti Kifayat Ullah Dehlvi IdentifierTaleemUlIslam. Identifier-arkark://t6sx93g8p. Ocrlanguage not currently. LanguageMalay. Taleem-ul-Islam. IdentifierTaleem-ul-Islam_ Identifier-ark ark://t1wdr. OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi Teaching of Islam (Taleem ul Islam) is a question answer style introductory and quick reference book to important concepts in Islam. Written by Hazrat Alama.

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Teaching of Islam (Taleem ul Islam) is a question answer style introductory and quick reference book to important concepts in Islam. This book is in urdu. PDF | Muhammad Sharif Khan and others published Talim-ul-Islam College—a historic perspective. Taleem -Ul- Islam - ENGLISH - By Shaykh Mufti Kifayatullah (r.a) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Fiqh.

With a call from the community's founder, several of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's followers sacrificed positions in established institutions to dedicate their teaching skills to the recently established facility.

This attracted students from various backgrounds including both Muslims and Hindu from all over India without charging tuition. It operated as such for only two years when it was forced closed due new regulatory criteria requiring that each college have adequate financial resources, qualified permanent faculty, and established facilities.

This resulted in the school's closure until when the community was able to meet the requirements. The completion of the school year in proved to be the last year Talim-ul-Islam College remained open Qadian. In , Pakistan and India gained independence. As a result, the majority of faculty and students made the migration to Pakistan, resulting in the permanent closure of the facility in Qadian.

History[ edit ] Mirza Gulam Ahmad laid the foundation for the college by starting Talim-ul-Islam Middle School in , which was upgraded to the high school level in The college was opened in , but had to be closed down because it did not meet the requirements of the Punjab University.

In , the Khalifatul Masih II laid the foundation of what was soon to become one of the most prestigious colleges in India. And we hope for Thy blessings Q. What is our imaan mujmal faith in a nutshell? Truly Thy punishment is for the disbelievers A. Imaan mujmal is: Sit at a high place. Take clean water in a clean pot. Roll up your sleeves to your elbows; then of His orders. It is said with the tongue and confirmed in the heart.

Then gargle three times and brush your teeth. If you do not Q.

What is our imaan mufas-sal elaborated faith? Imaan mufas-sal is: Then put water into your nostrils three times and clean them with your left little finger, then wash your face three times. Do not splash water on your face with force but run water on the forehead softly and wash from the forehead down to the chin and on either side of the face up to the ears.

Then wet your hands and pass them over the head, ears and I believe in Allah, in His angels, in His books, in His messengers, in the Day neck. This is called masah. Masah should be done on each of Judgement, and I believe that all good and evil is decreed by Allah, and part only once. Then wash each foot three times up to the ankle, first the right foot, then the left.

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Who created you? Allah created us, our fathers and mothers, the skies and theMethod of Prayer earth, this universe and everything in it. How to perform the salaah? How did Allah create the universe? The method of performing salaah is: By His power and command.

What are the people called who do not believe in Allah? They are called kaafir unbelievers. What are the people called who do not worship Allah but Salaam: Such people are called kaafir and mushrik. Will Allah pardon or forgive the mushrik or the kaafir? Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. Kaafir and mushrik will never be pardoned.

Prophet Muhammad Allaahum-ma an-tas-salaamu wa min-kas-salaamu, tabaarak-ta yaaQ. Who was Hadrat Muhammad 3? Prophet and a Messenger of Allah. We belong to his ummah. Where was our Prophet Muhammad born? He was born in Makkah, a city in Arabia. What were the names of his father and grandfather? Was our Prophet Muhammad greater or lesser inposition than the other prophets?

Our Prophet was the greatest of all prophets. He is the holiest of all creation. Where did the Prophet Muhammad live all his life? He remained in the city of his birth, Makkah, for 53 years. O Allah! We ask Thy help and ask for Thy pardon and believe in Thee and rely upon Thee.

And we praise Thee in the best way and we thank Thee and3 we are not ungrateful to Thee. And we cast off and leave one who disobeys After the name of the Prophet Muhammad , Muslims must say: Thee alone we worship and to Thee do we pray and 9. There he lived for 10 years. Ibraaheema in-naka hameedum-majeed. Truly You are the A. Truly You are the Praiseworthy, the Glorious. What is meant by believing in Hadrat Muhammad?

To believe in Hadrat Muhammad means that we accept him as the Prophet and Messenger of Allah, and that we should love him more than everything except Allah, and that we should obey his orders.

Allaahum-ma in-ni zalamtu nafsiy zulman katheera n w-wa laa A. Hadrat O Allah! I have been unjust to myself and no one grants pardon for sins Muhammad bore witness to his prophethood and he except You. Therefore, forgive me with Your forgiveness and have mercy never lied in his entire life. Surely, You are the Forgiver, the Merciful. Its teachings and its style of expression are unmatched and it surpasses and eludes human skill and wisdom.

O Lord!

Make me and my children steadfast in salaah. Our Lord! Forgive me and my parents and the believers on the Day of Judgement. The Holy Book was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in parts. Sometimes one aayah verse and sometimes two or9 Surah 14, Ayaah Twenty-three years. He would come to the Prophet and At-tahiy-yaatu lil-laahi was-salawaatu wat-tay-yibaatu. Ash-hadu an someone while many others memorized it. Why did the Prophet not write himself? All prayer is for Allah and worship and goodness.

Peace be upon you, OA. Because the Noble Prophet was ummiy. Prophet, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings. Peace be upon us and upon the righteous servants of Allah. I bear witness that there is no god except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant andQ. What is ummiy? A person who did not learn to read and write from any human Darood shareef: Although the Prophet did not receive any customary schooling, Allah bestowed upon him knowledge, the like of which is not found anywhere else in the world.

Who is angel Jibreel peace be upon him?

Taleem Ul Islam Urdu

How do Muslims adore and worship Allah? They say salaah namaaz , keep fasts saum , give zakaat and perform hajj. What is salaah or namaaz? Salaah is a special way of worship and prayer taught by Allah Say: How is salaah performed?

Observing prayer — is it done in the masjid mosque or in the home? Allah is Omnipresent present everywhere and at all times - Allah hears the one who praises Him whether a man or woman present themselves before Allah in the vicinity of a masjid or within the four walls of their house.

You can say your prayers at home or in a mosque- Allah is everywhere. But for men there is greater reward in observing the prayers in a masjid. Rab-banaa lakal-hamd Our Lord, praise be to You Q.


One has to wash the face, hands and feet before the salaah: Tasbeeh of sajdah: To which direction should a Muslim turn his or her face while offering prayer? Towards Makkah. Surah Since it is in Makkah that the sacred house of Allah is located. Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee do we worship and Thee alone do we ask for help. What name do we give to the direction of our prayer? It is called Qiblah. How many times is the salaah offered during the wholeday and night?

It is compulsory obligatory to say salaah five times during Lo! We have given you Abundance; So pray unto your Lord and sacrifice. It is your insulter who is without posterity. What are the names of those five salaat? They are: He is Allah, the One! Allah, the eternally Besought of all! And there is none comparable to Him.

What is Adhaan call for prayer? I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak; From the evil of that whichA. When the time for salaah comes, a man stands up before the He created; From the evil of the darkness when it is intense, and from the prayer and calls aloud these words4: Glory and Praise are for You, and blessed is Your name, and exalted is Your majesty; and there is no god except You. These words are called adhaan. As-salaatu khairum-minan-naum — Prayer is better than sleep.

What is iqaamah or takbeer magnification of the Lord? When people stand up for salaah, a person repeats the words of adhaan, this is called iqaamah or takbeer.

Qad qaamatis-salaah — The prayer is ready. The person who recites adhaan is called mu-adh-dhin and the after his death. What are the names of the expressions or phrases said inQ. When many people assemble and say salaah together, what salaah? What name do we give to the person who leads the A. The names of the expressions said in salaah are: And what are the persons who pray salaah behind himcalled?

A person who says salaah behind the - Tasmiyah imaam is known as a muqtadi. What is the person called who says salaah alone?

Such a place is called a masjid mosque. What should one do in a masjid? It is very bad to play, jump, make noise or talk of worldly affairs in a masjid. What are the wordings of the above mentioned expressions? Please recite a few surah as well. What are the benefits of salaah? The wordings of the expressions are: There are many benefits. Here we will tell you some of them: Conditions for Salaah Well Water There are five.

Name them. How big a bucket should be used?

The bucket should be the same as is generally used on that well. What is the kalimah tayyibah and what does it mean? Kalimah tayyibah is: Should the water be taken out all at once or can it be done intermittently? Doing it at intervals is also allowed, e.

Should the rope by which the bucket has been pulled outQ. What is kalimah shahaadah and what is its meaning?

Kalimah shahaadah is: When the required quantity of water has been pulled out, the well, the bucket and the rope all become taahir. Does a man or woman become Muslim if they recite thekalimah without understanding its meaning and intent? It is necessary to understand its meanings and believe in it and express this belief in words. What do you call this belief and its oral expression? How does one receive the testification of a dumb man whocannot talk?

Since it his natural inability to talk, his gestures would do. That is, he must express himself by pointing out that Allah is one and that Muhammad is His prophet. What are the articles of faith according to Islam? There are seven of them as mentioned in imaan mufassal: It is mustahab better to pull out 30 instead of 20 and Belief of Muslims Regarding Allah 60 instead of 40 buckets. If a dead animal falls into the well, what is the rule for A.

His belief is that: What if a bloated or burst animal falls down the well? He is the Master of all. Everything in creation is born or which died after falling down and became bloated and burst. He is free from all these relations. He does not depend on anyone. Nor is He in need of anything. Nothing is like Him, nothing resembles Q.

What else makes water nijs? They water? Animals which live and are born in water like fish and frogs good and tried to keep them away from what is evil. What are the angels? Well WaterA. They are not physical beings and therefore are mostly invisible to the Q. What things make a well nijs? They do not disobey Allah nor commit any sin.

A well becomes nijs if najaasat, ghaleeza or khafeefa falls They keep on readily doing the work assigned to them by down into it or an animal having flowing blood falls into it Allah.

How many angels are there? If an animal comes out alive after falling into the well, doesA. Nobody except Allah knows their exact number. This much is the water remain taahir or does it become nijs? The well becomes nijs if an animal whose drunk water is also prominently in respect of their nearness to Allah. The water would not become nijs if such an animal, haraam orQ. Who are those four prominent angels? The second is body and comes out alive.

The water of the well will be taken Hadrat Israafeel who will blow the trumpet on the Day of to be taahir in case it becomes certain that it did not discharge Judgment.

What is the way of making a well taahir when it becomes deputed to take the life out of a living creature. There are five ways of making a well taahir: Water from which dogs, pigs or any other hunting quadruped have drunk is not taahir. In the same way, the water which a Q. How many Books of Allah are there? There are many Books of Allah, small and large, which were thing is also nijs. Water left by a person who has just taken revealed to the prophets of Allah.

The comprehensive books wine is nijs too. Four books are well- known. Water left by which animals is makrooh? Water left by a cat if it had not just eaten a mouse , lizard, wild hen, filth-eating cow or buffalo, crow, kite, hawk and Q.

What are those four heavenly books and who are the eagle and all other haraam animals. Water drunk by which animals is taahir? Water left by human beings and that of halaal animals, cow, goat, pigeon, dove and horse is taahir.

Which water becomes nijs when najaasat falls into it? All waters, except two, become nijs if najaasat falls into them. The other two that remain taahir are: How many suhuf are there and to whom were they big reservoir.

The exact number of suhuf is not known. Some were given toQ. Stored or standing water, which covers an area of 17 x 17 feet Hadrat Ibrahim.

There are many more suhuf which were and is deep enough that a man can take out water with his revealed to other prophets.

Does the water of a big tank or reservoir also become nijs? Who are rusul prophets? Yes, when the taste, color or smell of the najaasat becomes A. Allah apparent. They were truthful. They never told lies. They Q. By what things should istinjaa be done? They did not A. By clean mud pieces or stones. They were infallible. They neither added anything Q. Use of what things in istinjaa is makrooh?

The use of bone or eatables, or coal or cloth or paper5 for istinjaa is makrooh. What is meant by Nabiy? By which hand should istinjaa be done? By left hand — istinjaa by right hand is makrooh. They did not commit sins. Is there any difference between nabiy and rasool or do spring, sea or river water or the water of melting snow or hailboth have the same meaning?

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There is a small difference between the two. Every prophet is a nabiy. A nabiy followed the Q. A nabiy is A. Can anyone become a nabiy by his own efforts and some animal had died after falling into it; used water ofdevotions?

A nabiy is appointed and chosen only by Allah.In the last chapter, transliteration of important Arabic text has been added which will benefit those unfamiliar with the Arabic language or reading of its alphabets. If washing the wound does not do any harm, nor is it painful, date will be the 10th of Muharram. We believe that this humble effort will benefit the readers in assimilating important teachings of Islam.

What is kalimah shahaadah and what is its meaning? Get up and sit upright from the second sajdah andQ. Full Name Comment goes here. How many angels are there? Prophet has said. To what extent is ghaleeza najaasat permissible?

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