Countless crafters have ditched their day jobs to start their own Etsy craft business or have supplemented their existing income by selling their own crafts, . old purse. She says, “I thought, 'Gee, should I sell this?' I didn't have enough stuff to hold a garage sale. I'd heard about site, so I thought I would see. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Learn to: Use to sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies; Maximize sales with compelling item.

Starting An Etsy Business For Dummies Pdf

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You are now in business! But Wait! Now that you have your shop open you will notice it is a little barren looking. That is fine. The good news is that it is easy to add more information to make it look more complete. Etsy likes when sellers fill out most of these sections so it is important to include this information.

Any, and all information you can add you should do so.

Here are some ways to complete your shop. Consider this a checklist to complete over the first week or so. You can still get sales without this information filled out but think about how you would view your shop as a downloader.

What would you want to see? Shop Name Here you can change the name of your shop.

You can only change it once so I would not change it unless you have a good reason. Get your shop going first and see where things take you before changing it. The good news is that you are not stuck with it forever. Shop Title This portion is really a subtitle. It gives the opportunity to add more detail about what you are selling or provide a witty phrase. Shop Icon This is the first graphic I would focus on.

Have fun with it and be creative. Like everything else you can change it later. If you have no clue where to start just focus on writing the name of your shop in a font you like. That is a good starting point. The recommended size of the icon is x pixels.

The shop icon is important because it shows up on your item listings as well as your shop page. Shop Banner The shop banner is a smaller horizontal branding graphic that can be added to the top center of your page.

It does not show up under an individual listing. It is optional to add. If you want a branding image at the top of your page you can add the banner or the cover photo, which is much larger. For reference, my shop has a cover photo added and not a banner. The recommended size of the banner is x pixels. Cover Photo This is the big graphic you will see across the top of a shop.

It can be a powerful graphic and gives you the biggest opportunity to establish a brand for your shop. The minimal size is x Here are the steps to add a cover photo or banner. When logged in to your account go to you shop main page. Choose whether to add a banner or cover photo. Once uploaded you can adjust the location of the cover photo. Etsy Shop Announcement The shop announcement is a short message you can offer to downloaders alerting them to anything you want to say.

Keep it short as you can add more information to the about section. Message to downloaders I spoke about this earlier but here is your opportunity to send a friendly message to downloaders when they receive your item. Anything specific should be under the item description. Fill Out Your Policies An important thing to focus on from the beginning are your policies on returns and exchanges.

Work through the options as you see fit.

For digital files you might not want to offer refunds since they will have had access to your file. If there are any issues then the downloader can contact you and you can work out any issues they might have.

If there is something wrong with your product make every effort to fix it and send the downloader a new one. About Your Shop Here is your opportunity to share your story and personalize your products. Members Add yourself as a shop member and anyone else you want to feature. Provide a short bio. Add a profile photo as well that is friendly and presents your business well. Etsy Shop Story Here you can write a longer story about your background and why you are running this shop.

Maybe you have a fun story about how you started making the items you sell or how some life event got you to where you are. Etsy seems to like when sellers have this section filled out.

Shop Video If you are capable of putting together a great video then do it. Videos make your story and creation process much more personal. Shop Photos Now, you should add shop photos illustrating your background and creation process.

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Feel free to add a caption to explain what the downloader is looking at. By specifying your language and location, your Etsy listings will be more likely to reach potential customers in your target market.

Choose a name Next, you will need to choose a name for your Etsy store. Start listing items After your shop name has been approved, you can get started listing items for sale online.

Upload photos of the product in question.

How to sell on Etsy: A guide to selling handmade goods online

You can give your listing a title totaling no more than characters, select the appropriate categories and subcategories, and determine in which section of your shop to place the product.

Etsy allows each shop to have up to 10 custom sections for its wares, so be sure to choose wisely. The description is also the place to detail the size of the item, the materials used, and any exciting features it includes. When composing listing titles, keep these three points in mind:.

Etsy recognizes the importance of marketing your business — which is why it offers several built-in promotional tools. Marketing on Etsy is easy when you use these tools:. Promote your listings on Etsy.

With Etsy Promoted Listings, you can improve the ranking of your listings within Etsy search results when prospective downloaders enter specific keywords. Promote your listings on Google. Google Shopping enables you to reach downloaders outside Etsy.

Create coupon codes for your shop.

Coupons increase sales, increase branding and awareness, reward current customers, and entice former customers to return. Post shop updates. Use shop updates to offer a sneak peek at a new item, announce an upcoming sale, or just share a cute picture of your dog in your studio.

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Cheat Sheet. Add a cover photo. You can create a cover photo from scratch by using any number of graphics programs. Include a shop title and shop announcement. Think of your shop title as a tag line of sorts.

It briefly sums up what your shop is about. In contrast, your shop announcement trumpets what you sell, the types of materials or ingredients you use, or your artistic philosophy. Your shop announcement could also broadcast when your next sale will be. Use sections to organize your goods. If you sell different types of items — say, magnets, notebooks, and picture frames — you can use sections to organize your shop by item.

Choose a strong shop icon.In the last couple of years, the DIY movement has transcended the big-box hardware stores, and has taken on a new format in the savvy crafting arena. Ribbed cotton socks in the colours of the Royal Artillery. On top of the jeep's bonnet a yellow fluorescent aerial recognition scarf can be seen.

Most of all, it is fun to make your items and run your shop. It gives the opportunity to add more detail about what you are selling or provide a witty phrase.

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