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Love medical science? Do you devour reruns of ER and House? If so, you'll love this list. These are the best medical books, both fiction and. I have created a website for Medical Students to Download Medical PDF Books in one click. No annoying Ads. You can directly download the. Writing a book is a big undertaking but can be much more achievable than many of contributing to and writing seven different medical books.

Andrea Pilkington. Botros R. David Chelmow.

Maureen Dalton. William Ledger. Jyotsna Pundir. Leo Jr. Nick Panay.

Medical Books

Paul Reuwer. Geeta Kumar. Alan Cameron. Thomas F. Margaret Rees.

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George Attilakos. Andrew Sizer. Bidyut Kumar. Mary Ann Lumsden. Philip J. Ranee Thakar.

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Natalia Price. Daniel Y.

Arjun S. Leslie S. Robert L. Bob Cambridge. Michael C.

Kaushal H. Stephanie J.

Stephanie Kayden. Todd Crocco. Lisa Jacobson. Bharti Khurana. Demetrios Demetriades. Yasuharu Okuda. Catherine Anna Marco.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman. The Happiness Trap Russ Harris. Being Mortal Atul Gawande. Man's Search for Meaning Viktor E. Steal Like an Artist Austin Kleon. Bestselling Psychology Books. Attachment in Psychotherapy David J. The Satir Model Virginia M.

Outsmarting Worry Dawn Huebner. Prescriber's Guide Stephen M. The Polyvagal Theory Stephen W. Shrinks Jeffrey A. Bestselling Medical Study Books. Essential Examination, third edition Alasdair K. Pharmaceutical Calculations Workbook Ian Smith. Bestselling Clinical Medicine Books. Birth Skills Juju Sundin. Dirty Genes Ben Lynch. Radical Remission Kelly A. The Epigenetics Revolution Nessa Carey.

Medical Microbiology Book For Paramedical Students

The Plant Paradox Steven R. Womancode Alisa Vitti. Unnatural Causes Dr Richard Shepherd. Awakenings Oliver Sacks.

Childhood Disrupted Donna Jackson Nakazawa. Featured Medical Books. Neuromuscular Disease John H. Wasnick , Zak Hillel , Alina Nicoara. July 12th June 14th Yvonne Chan , John C. Mansoor Amiji , Thomas J. Cook , Cary Mobley. May 15th Osborn , Laura Freilich , Francesca C.

Dwamena , Heather S. May 14th Charles Brunicardi , Dana K. Andersen , Timothy R. Billiar , David L. Dunn , John G. Hunter , Lillian Kao , Jeffrey B. Matthews , Raphael E. May 8th Allan H. Ropper , Martin A.

Samuels , Joshua Klein , Sashank Prasad. May 6th How We Live by Sherwin Nuland. For Nuland, each of these cases serves to illustrate the extraordinary responsiveness and adaptability of the human organism. We follow the intricate chain of electrochemical command that makes us leap out of the path of a speeding car.

We discover why the stomach—which is capable of breaking down everything from porridge to pizza—refrains from digesting itself. Informed by sympathy for human suffering and an erudition that includes poetry and the Talmud as well as the medical canon, How We Live is science writing of the rarest kind—lucid, poetic, and genuinely uplifting. Extending beyond the usual limitations of biological science and into a vast and wondrous world of hidden relationships, this provocative book explores in personal, poetic essays to topics such as computers, germs, language, music, death, insects, and medicine.

A classic in the field of neurology. If you read one book by Sacks, make it this one.

This book was my bible when I worked in psycho-oncology. It is a companion for families, showing them how to deal with doctors, how to talk to loved ones—and how to make the end of life as meaningful and enriching as the beginning. She woke up in a hospital soon after with serious deficiencies to her reading, speaking, and writing abilities, and an unfamiliar diagnosis: aphasia.

This would be shocking news for anyone, but Lauren was a voracious reader, an actress, director, and dramaturg, and at the time of the event, pursuing her PhD. At any other period of her life, this diagnosis would have been a devastating blow. But she woke up…different. An abundance of solid medical information imbues every graceful line. Digging deep into the lives of doctors, Ofri examines the daunting range of emotions—shame, anger, empathy, frustration, hope, pride, occasionally despair, and sometimes even love—that permeate the contemporary doctor-patient connection.

So did Victoria Sweet, who came for two months and stayed for twenty years. And, after she and her husband have a baby early in both their medical residencies, Au explores the demands of being a parent with those of a physician, two all-consuming jobs in which the lives of others are very literally in her hands. As Tweedy transforms from student to practicing physician, he discovers how often race influences his encounters with patients. Through their stories, he illustrates the complex social, cultural, and economic factors at the root of many health problems in the black community.

These issues take on greater meaning when Tweedy is himself diagnosed with a chronic disease far more common among black people. In this powerful, moving, and deeply empathic book, Tweedy explores the challenges confronting black doctors, and the disproportionate health burdens faced by black patients, ultimately seeking a way forward to better treatment and more compassionate care. Months later, several of those caregivers faced criminal allegations that they deliberately injected numerous patients with drugs to hasten their deaths.

Five Days at Memorial, the culmination of six years of reporting, unspools the mystery of what happened in those days, bringing the reader into a hospital fighting for its life and into a conversation about the most terrifying form of health care rationing.

African American Studies. LGBT Studies. Moving between journal entry, memoir, and exposition, Audre Lorde fuses the personal and political as she reflects on her experience coping with breast cancer and a radical mastectomy.

Want to learn even more about the subject?Adam Kay. March 22nd Charles Brunicardi , Dana K. If you are intrigued by alternate medicines then it may be worth looking into the ancient art of reflexology. They called her Eve. The survey and exercises were pilot tested on two Prior Library staff members to ensure feasibility.

Informed by sympathy for human suffering and an erudition that includes poetry and the Talmud as well as the medical canon, How We Live is science writing of the rarest kind—lucid, poetic, and genuinely uplifting. Michael Mosley. Essential Examination, third edition Alasdair K. Backed up by the latest scientific research and featuring some vital safety advice, this book can really help you uncover what herbal medicine can do for you.

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