Jo nesbo upiory ebook library. PDF Books World library is a high quality resource for free PDF books, which are digitised version of books attained the public. Upiory by Jo Nesbø is Mysteries & Thrillers Rynkiem narkotyków w Oslo rządzi tajemniczy Dubaj. Dochodzi do zabójstwa z rodzaju tych, które zasługują. GMT Jo Nesbø. Upiory (Harry Hole 09). (pdf).zip - pdf(1 -. Flaggermusmannen (av Jo. Nesbo). [Imported]. [Paperback] (Norwegian).

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Pobierz ' Policja' w formacie mobi, epub. Upiory — Jo Nesbo.

Pobierz i przeczytaj fragment ebooka za darmo. Formaty na czytniki site, Cena od: Toggle navigation. They had picked rootless young men, most of them from dilapidated factory-worker houses along the sewage-fouled river, and trained them, disciplined them, brainwashed them until they were an army of fearless soldiers Sweno could use for his own purposes.

To gain control of the town, to monopolize the growing dope market. It was the competition. Duff had hoped, but not quite believed, that what he read in the brief typewritten lines addressed to him was true.

It was simply too much of a gift horse. The sort of gift that—if handled correctly— could send the head of the Narco Unit farther up the ladder. It was not beyond the bounds of possibility that Duncan had suspected a personal motive behind this unconditional declaration of loyalty, but so what? But he also wanted an office at HQ as close to heaven as possible. And he wanted to cut off the head of the man out there.

He was the means and the end. Duff looked at his watch. The time tallied with what was in the letter, to the minute. He rested the tips of his fingers on the inside of his wrist. To feel his pulse.

He was no longer hoping; he was about to become a believer. Ten nervous, sweaty police officers in a small room. As head of the Narco Unit it was Duff alone who had taken the decision not to show the letter to other officers; he was using only men from his unit for this raid.

upiory jo nesbo ebook

The tradition of corruption and leaks was too long for him to risk it. At least that is what he would tell Duncan if asked. Not if they could seize the drugs and catch thirteen Norse Riders red- handed.

Thirteen, yes. Not fourteen. One of them would be left lying on the battlefield. The sound of the flesh on Mrs. Strobe's hand striking wood was terrifying. It was said that it had been known to make grown men sob and mothers cry for their mommies.

Although, now that Lisa thought about it, Nilly was the one who had told her that; so she wasn't a hundred percent sure that it was a hundred percent true. Answer and let us drink from the font of your knowledge.

Strobe lowered her hand and sighed.

And Lisa thought she could see the corners of the woman's mouth twitching despite all her strictness. Strobe was not a lady given to overdoing smiling or any of the other sunnier facial expressions.

Strobe began. And for the king, who had escaped to London. Strobe replied. Strobe asked. In the silence that followed, Lisa could hear yelling and hiccuping from the classroom next door to theirs. And she knew it was the new crafts teacher, whose name was Gregory Galvanius but whom they just called Mr.

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Hiccup because he started hiccuping whenever he was feeling stressed out. Strobe continued. Because they could see Truls and Trym Thrane running around out there on the snow-covered playground. It was not a pretty sight, because Truls and Trym were two very fat children, and the thighs of their pants rubbed together as they ran. But the person chasing them wasn't any more elegant. Hiccup was struggling along in the morning sunlight in a bent-over, knock-kneed trot, like a clumsy moose in fuzzy slippers.

The reason he was struggling and bent over was that his desk chair appeared to have become stuck to the seat of Mr. Hiccup's pants, and he was awkwardly lugging it around with him. Strobe looked out the window and sighed heavily.

Hiccup, started spinning underneath him. And then he lost his balance and tipped backward. Right onto his butt. And since his rear end was sewn to the chair, and the chair had wheels, and the wheels were nicely lubricated, and the schoolyard sloped gently downward toward Cannon Creek, Mr.

Hiccup suddenly found himself an unwilling passenger on a desk chair that was rolling downhill with ever increasing speed. Strobe exclaimed in alarm as she discovered her colleague's rapid journey toward the end of the world-or at least the end of school grounds.

For several seconds, it was so quiet that the only thing that could be heard was the rumbling of the chair wheels over the ice, the brushing sound of slippery slippers desperately trying to brake, plus a frenetic hiccuping.Jo Nesbo is a Norwegian novelist who is best known for his Harry Hole book series.

He lives close to his former wife and their daughter in Oslo. Toggle navigation. It was that he was leading the convoy; finally he was within striking distance. Midnight Sun". But here he was.

Strobe said, using her finger to brush away the snow that was packed inside his glasses. Get this article as a beautiful, easily save as a PDF or print for daily use. Formaty na czytniki site, Pierwszy nieg Jo Nesbo.

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