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The Master laser phase is controlled by modulating its drive current at times synchronised between two consecutive Slave pulses, when the Slave cavity is entirely depleted.

The resulting pulse train is seamlessly phase encoded: the frequency and intensity of the pulses from the Slave laser are identical but their phases differ by an offset deterministically introduced during the direct phase modulation of the Master laser.

To first order, this phase shift is linearly proportional to the RF amplitude applied to the Master laser and hence differential phase shifts can be encoded arbitrarily between two consecutive pulses. The same transmitter circuit is therefore compatible with multi-level modulation signalling for classical communications, which paves the way for flexible combination of QKD and classical communications in standard infrastructures. The time delay between the short and long arm of the AMZI is ps in order to match the time delay between two consecutive pulses of the 2 GHz pulse train.

We represent the decoded signal by the purple pulses shown in the panel iii of Fig. Figure 1c shows the experimental setup to test the QKD transmitter chip.

A PC is used to control the laboratory equipment used to drive the transmitter Alice. The encoded pulses at the PIC are coupled out to a fibre and transmitted over the quantum channel. The AMZI output is sent to either single photon detectors for measurement of highly attenuated QKD pulses or to high-speed photodiodes coupled to a digitizing oscilloscope for calibration using bright pulses.

Deterministic quantum phase-encoding A series of measurements demonstrate the versatility of our transmitter circuit. We measure the coherence between successive pulses of the pulse train under three optical injection conditions: Master laser OFF, continuous-wave CW Master and directly-phase-modulated Master.

In the absence of injection, each pulse is triggered by spontaneous emission and therefore the phase relation between consecutive pulses is completely random see Fig. By representing the vectors of a large number of demodulated pulses, we obtain the expected ring shape IQ diagram sketched in Fig.

We exploit this phase randomization process to realize a quantum random number generator QRNG. We analyse a sequence of 1.

Phase randomization is an important ingredient for security in quantum communications as it effectively maps the coherent state of attenuated pulses onto photon number states. This feature prevents gain-switched lasers to be used in coherent optical communication systems, unless combined with injection locking to stabilize the phase of the pulses.

The figure describes three regimes of operation.

The random phase between consecutive pulses can be measured in an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer to generate quantum random numbers. Therefore there is a fixed phase relation between consecutive pulses.

We bring the Master and Slave lasers into resonance using integrated heaters.

Jitter and chirp are then suppressed and the Slave pulses lock to the phase and wavelength of the Master. Hence the corresponding IQ diagram is a vector of constant intensity and phase Fig.

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The coherence transfer is evidenced by resolving interference fringes at the output of the tuneable AMZI. In Fig. Last, we realize multi-level phase encoding by combining optical injection locking and direct modulation of the Master Fig.

The effect of direct modulation is to rotate the coherent vector in the complex plane. The bit resolution of the AWG allows us to adjust this rotation angle with high precision. Hence, our transmitter can encode return-to-zero multi-level differential phase shift keying signals RZ-MDPSK with as many phase states M as resolvable by the demodulation system.

The corresponding eye diagram showing five distinct levels as expected is plotted in Fig. Multiprotocol QKD Thanks to the high quality of the coherence transfer on chip we can now demonstrate the record performance of our integrated quantum transmitters under different QKD protocols. We first generate random phase modulation sequences using the quantum random numbers extracted from our QRNG demonstration described above.

The encoded optical pulses are then sent over an optical link before being decoded in a tuneable AMZI and measured using single photon detectors. The channel loss is set by a VOA that emulates the propagation in a standard single-mode fibre, with 0. The decoding AMZI is aligned to the correct detection basis by tuning the thermal phase shifters.


We obtain a quantum bit error rate QBER of 2. A fundamental requirement for the security of the BB84, is the randomization of the global phase between encoded pairs of pulses. Here, we use the phase randomization inherent to the gain switching by depleting the Master laser cavity between each pair of generated pulses, as schematised on Fig.

Each pulse is then directly phase modulated using an additional RF modulation. The pulses are attenuated off-chip to signal and decoy intensity levels. We also measure the performance of our transmitter over a real fibre of 75 km deployed in our laboratory.

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The total loss in the fibre was We obtain a QBER of 2. We have demonstrated an on-chip QKD transmitter capable of quantum phase encoding at high clock rate and high efficiency. Our approach to complex quantum phase states encoding totally suppresses the need of on-chip modulators: our QKD transmitter circuits therefore provide the first practical and reliable route towards high-bandwidth, energy-efficient QKD optics.

A VLSI pyramid chip for multiresolution image analysis

Multiplexing a few quantum channels will already be sufficient to overcome the most advanced bulk performance. We have also shown the compatibility of our transmitters with multi-level optical modulation formats.

In coherent optical communications, these modulation formats present numerous advantages for high-bit-rate, long-haul transmission. To use the PDF. A link on the BullZip Web site lets you download the latest version of Ghostscript directly from.

Long-life laser projector

For most Linux distros, bash bourne again shell is the default command- line interface or shell used to execute these commands. News analysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals.

Download Ghostscript Lite setup;. Such as Scribus, you can download this one and install it with the instructions at Ghostscript.

IguanaTex Quick links: Download Ghostscript. Please visit artifex. GPL Ghostscript 9. A raster image processor RIP is a component used in a printing system which produces a raster image also known as a bitmap.

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GPL Ghostscript 32 Bit 9. Scribus latest version: Open source desktop publishing app. Download and Install Ghostscript a. Instant access: Ghostscript Portable 9. AGPL download is.

As of 4 December, Scribus 1.What additional costs arise if a special configuration is requested? Ini files no longer have the printer name in their file name.

We exploit this phase randomization process to realize a quantum random number generator QRNG. Installation and unstallation now supports multiple instances of the program installed on the same computer.

Jeong, J. We simulated that for 10 mW output power on-chip an attenuation of 10 dB was appropriate to minimize parasitic back-reflections at the back facet of the Slave laser. In our approach, the phase of each pulse from the Slave laser is locked to the variable optical phase injected from the Master laser. Recent demonstrations of all-integrated indium phosphide QKD transmitters 10 and high-speed silicon photonics QKD encoders 11 , 12 , 13 have shown the advantage of integration in terms of stability and miniaturization of single channels.

EXE parameter names are no longer case sensitive. Software Free Download.

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