Pauline Nordin Founder of Fighter Diet and the Live Life Lean fitness app is back with another workout to whip our butts into shape! Like her Butt of Steel. OMELETTE IDEAS FOR FAT LOSS AND MUSCLE GAIN! - Repost from - Omelets are awesome and one of my favorite breakfast options and if I am being. In MMA and Combat sports, there are many different nutritional areas that a fighter must focus on: A) Daily nutritional intake. B) Pre and Post Workout Nutrition.

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Her program has a lot of rules and she says that is one of the most extreme lifestyles you can choose, but claims that it is also very effective.

She developed it due to her personal requirements for a diet solution that would help her to stay in contest-shape all the time. This allows you to lose weight, while maintaining your muscle mass and boosting metabolism.

There are three different meal plans that comprise the diet. Plan A On six days of the week you follow Plan A, where all of your carbohydrates come from vegetables with an option for small amounts of grains like oatmeal or wheat bran.

Plan B On the seventh day you follow Plan B, where almost all calories come from high calorie carbohydrates like rice, bread, pasta, oats, cereal and fruit.

Fighter Diet Basics

Plan C Plan C is an optional plan where you can consume more healthy fats and take a break from fibers. This plan is good for when you are traveling or want to keep your stomach flat. On all of the plans you should consume 1. Menu plans are set at and calories. Nordin says that most women lose weight on the calorie plan but if you want even faster results or have a sedentary lifestyle you can try the calorie plan. Start using this winning technique today and program your mind for becoming the person you want to become.

Store this picture in your mind and recall it often. Their winning performance is achieved only if they are able to be so convincing in their role that they actually trick themselves into thinking they are the person they are portraying.

Start acting the part of the person you want to become. Act the part of a fit person, a successful person, a happy person, or whatever person you wish to be. The reverse is also true—you can act your way into the person you wish to be. Speak, think, and behave like this new person. This is no different. Act out your newfound role each day, preferably twice or more per day.

Remember, your goal is to actually become and transform yourself into this new person you have decided to be. The more often and longer you do this, the easier and more natural it will feel. Conversely, your mind will always move away from that which is perceived to be painful.

This is the key to understanding why we engage in certain behaviors even when we know they are not good for us. In order to consistently engage in positive behaviors, we need to positively reinforce the behaviors we know to be beneficial to us while simultaneously associating pain with those that are harmful. Others may fear injury.

These people will associate pain with exercise and avoid the gym like the plague! Then there are the pleasure behaviors so many people are addicted to: smoking, drinking, drugs, sugar, and television.

These folks associate these behaviors with pleasure and find it very difficult to cut down or quit. The key to changing behaviors is to associate pleasure with behaviors that move you toward your goal and pain with those that move you further away from your goal.

How do you do that? Perform this exercise. Write down five things you know you must do in order to improve your health and lose body fat. This is the list of things you know deep down must happen for you to be lean and healthy.

The Fighter Diet Extreme For Women

Your list might read something like this: 1. I must start training with weights. I must start doing regular cardiovascular exercise. I must start eating three meals and two snacks daily. I must start drinking eight to12 full glasses of water each day. I must stop consuming white flour and white sugar.

Next, beside each of the above, write down the pain you associate with each of these actions. This list should identify your fears.

Your answers might read like this: 1. Working out with weights hurts. I do not have the time to do cardio on a regular basis. Drinking water is boring and makes me go to the bathroom too often.

All of my favorite foods contain white flour and sugar—everything else tastes bad. Next, identify what will happen if you do not start doing those things you know you must do. This list should scare you. It might read as follows: 1.

If I do not start training with weights, I will continue to lose muscle and further damage my metabolism and mobility. If I do not start doing regular cardiovascular exercise, I will never burn the calories required to have the body and health I desire.

If I do not make the time to prepare and eat three meals and two snacks daily, I will never awaken my metabolism. If I do not stop consuming foods that contain white flour and sugar, I will never burn off my fat and may develop type 2 diabetes.

This in turn will lead to accelerated aging and decreased lifespan. Lastly, write down the pleasure you will feel by implementing the necessary changes into your life. This list should motivate you and get you excited! Your list might read like this: 1. Training with weights will make me stronger, leaner, sexier, more youthful, more energetic, happier, and more optimistic.

I will be able to beat my husband in an arm wrestle, outdo my son in a fitness test, and look 10 years younger.

Performing regular cardiovascular exercise will cause me to burn fat, strengthen my heart and lungs, lower cholesterol, make me look great in my jeans, increase the quantity and quality of my life, improve my mood and outlook on life, give me more energy and vitality, and add life to my years. Eating three meals and two snacks daily will boost my metabolism and burn my body fat. This will also give me improved digestion, increased energy and decreased cravings, increase lean muscle tissue, and will enable me to eat foods I love all the time.

Drinking eight to12 full glasses of water each day will improve my skin tone and texture, increase fat burning, reduce water retention, increase strength, reduce appetite, and make me look and feel a whole lot better. Cutting out white flour and white sugar will improve my cholesterol levels, dramatically reduce my chance of developing diabetes, strengthen my immune system, lose body fat, reduce the signs of aging, and give me a lot more energy!

Plus there are other alternatives to sugar that taste just as sweet. Dig deep within yourself and get excited and emotional. Do it now! It is not realistic to think that if you plant a seed today, you will see a tree tomorrow!

When faced with defeat the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of people do. In your quest to achieve your goal, you must never quit, no matter how many times you slip up.

Babe Ruth, the famous baseball player, once held the record for the most home runs ever hit. The interesting thing is not how many home runs, but how many strikeouts Babe Ruth had. Over the course of his career, Babe hit home runs. However, he also struck out 1, times—a near 2—1 ratio! Every successful life has chapters of failure.

Persist and never quit. Do this each day, every day, from now on.

FREE MMA Sports Nutrition Book pdf

You have created the groundwork necessary to take action. Action is required to produce change in every area of our lives, and action requires the power of our minds. Now that your mind is positively supporting your efforts, ask yourself questions that will inspire you right now to take the actions necessary for becoming the healthy, fit person you want to be and for achieving your goals. But wait a minute, what are your goals? Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.

In other words, the biggest step to getting yourself into great shape or vibrant health is simply making up your mind and acting accordingly. When you make the decision that you will no longer accept your current body, life, or health, you have taken the crucial first step toward improving your life. The person you are today is the result of all the decisions you have made in your life up to this moment.

Everything begins with a committed decision: It is not your destiny to always be overweight, to feel like your life is in limbo, or that you cannot get a break. If you are feeling this way, you simply have not made a committed decision to becoming who you really want to be. If you are not absolutely convinced that you need to make a change, then you might as well stop reading right now.

Transforming your body and health will require total commitment and effort, and if you have not made the decision to stick with this program, you will probably fail. It is important to tell yourself that no matter what obstacles get in your way, you will remain totally committed to achieving your goal.

Once you have this conviction, simply do the work required to get there. The world gets behind the woman or man with a plan.

It is truly amazing. Once you decide what it is you want, the entire universe conspires to bring it to pass.

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Twenty years later, this class was revisited. The 3 percent who had written down their goals were worth more financially than the other 97 percent combined. Goals are specific, measurable results that you would like to achieve at a determined time in the future.

Goal setting is a proven and powerful success technique and it is crucial to directing your energy toward the tasks you wish to accomplish. Once you make the decision to set and achieve small goals, you will start to set bigger goals. Before you know it, you will be doing things you had never dreamed possible. Achieving goals creates an attitude of optimism, and the optimistic mind is a fertile ground for new opportunities.

When you are positive and optimistic, you will attract more of the same into your life. It comes as no surprise that the person who has a cart full of vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean proteins tends to be someone who is in good shape. The other day I observed such a person reading a well-known diet and fitness book, her cart filled with high-glycemic and refined foods.

This person was also dressed in workout clothes, which led me to believe that she had an interest in improving her health and fitness. But why such poor food choices? Was I to accept the possibility that she had no idea that ice cream and soda pop are unhealthy food choices?

This woman, like millions of others, has not found a way of bridging the gap between knowing and doing. We all want to make positive changes, and we know to a certain degree what we should and should not be doing.

Why is it that so many of us do not apply the knowledge we have learned? The answer lies in goals. Setting goals bridges the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Behavior goals 2. Outcome goals Behavior goals are specific, focused activities that are required in order to achieve the larger outcome goal.

In order to accomplish this, you must become serious about your nutrition program. Perhaps you have fallen into the habit of eating before bed, which is keeping your fat loss on hold. In order to achieve your outcome goal lose 10 pounds of fat , you must identify the behavior eating before bed that is keeping you from doing so.

Once you have finished reading this book, be sure to return to this section to review and update your behavior goals. The Importance of Repetition Now that you have identified your outcome and behavior goals, it is important that you read them twice per day to register them into your subconscious mind. When you read your goals, picture yourself as having already achieved them. Read each goal with enthusiasm and passion. In addition, rewrite your goals once per week. The act of writing out your goals is an even more effective way of programing your subconscious than reading them.

Establish Accountability Tell your friends, family, or coworkers about the goals you have just set. By telling people about your goals, you are establishing accountability for their achievement.

Knowing that people close to you are aware of your intentions can be a powerful motivator when you are tempted to give up. Identify and record your outcome and behavior goals. Read and rewrite your goals each day. Tell your friends about what you are going to accomplish. From this point on, your energy, your focus, and your life will be defined in relation to the goals you have just set. He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how. Most people would love to have a healthier, leaner, more energetic body, so why are they not doing anything about it?

Do you think that these same people would take action if their doctor told them they will be dead in 90 days if they do not lose 20 pounds of fat?

You bet! So why is that? Why does it always take something significant to move us to action? The answer lies in the reasons we use to justify our behavior. When you attach powerful and motivating reasons for behaving a certain way, you get leverage and can follow through with that new behavior. For example, I know that if I do not get up tomorrow morning at a.

If I am late or miss my appointment, I may lose my client, resulting in a loss of income not good. This will also disappoint my business partner, who depends on me each day. Of 20 CHAPTER 2 course I would like to sleep in—that feels good at the moment—but the reason I have attached to getting up has given me the leverage I need to overcome my desire for extra sleep.

The key to achieving your goals lies in attaching powerful, emotionally charged reasons that support your new behavior. These reasons will then work to instill within you a burning desire to succeed. The more intense the desire, the greater the results. Do you value your physical body? Now, ask yourself why do you value your health? Why do you value your body? What would it feel like if you did not have the health you enjoy today? How would you feel if you had decreased mobility?

Have you ever stopped to think about this? Anyone who has ever visited or cared for people who are losing their health has experienced a heightened appreciation of their own well-being, mobility, health, and vitality. Acknowledging the reasons why you value your body and health will help create the leverage necessary to support you in the achievement of your goals. Your answers to these questions contain powerful reasons for achieving your goals.

2-Week MMA Fighter & Boxer Diet Plan

Next, I want you to write these reasons down in a notebook or wallet card together with your goals. The more you do this, the more often you will reinforce your positive, goal-achieving behavior, and the easier it will become for you.

As a matter of fact, after a while it will become a part of your very being. Dreams filled our young imaginations with awe and excitement. Now that we are older, our dreams stay in the back of our minds and are not an actualized part of our lives. But why is this so often the case? Why is it that so many of us fail to have our dreams materialize?

The answer lies in deadlines. You have heard it before: Goals are dreams with a deadline. This is the power of positive pressure through the use of deadlines. Once you attach a deadline to your dream of getting in shape, improving your health, or breaking a habit, you have transformed your dream into a goal.

Once you plant that goal in your mind, your subconscious mind will begin to steer you in the right direction. However, also like the autopilot function of an airplane, once you have set your course, you must continue to pay attention and monitor progress.

It is important to remain alert and to guard against external forces that may distract you from your purpose. His two or three other meals are really large snacks that include nuts and dried fruit, guacamole and chips or protein bars. Fight Week and Cutting Cutting refers to the process of dropping significant pounds the week before a fight to make weight for competition. Some fighters starve themselves this week to lose as much weight as possible, but Manley says this can leave you feeling weak and unable to perform at your best.

During the week or two prior to a fight, you should still stick to multiple meals per day, consisting mostly of lean proteins and vegetables, but cut back on serving sizes and drink more water. Mac Danzig, who weighs in at pounds, consumes about 2, calories per day in the two weeks leading up to a fight -- all while conducting three punishing workouts daily.

He may have a meal replacement drink for breakfast, an energy bar for lunch, yogurt and fruit with low-carb tortilla chips and salsa for a snack and a protein bar after each of two workouts. For dinner, he'll stick to a broth-based soup with tofu and fruit, instead of his normal sorbet or vegan cookies, for dessert. A late-night meal could consists of a salad, again with tofu, and fruit.

This amount of calories would never sustain him during his primary training season, but it enables him to lose weight but still have enough energy to train in the last week or two before a big fight. Supplements Protein supplements are a mainstay of an MMA fighter's diet.

Although most people get plenty of protein in their regular diet, athletes who exercise at high intensities doing both strength and endurance work require more protein daily to support muscle growth and recovery.I appreciate that you explained the benefits and disadvantages of foods and why it is important to our training. Would this work for me? This book has information written for amateur fighters same-day weigh-in. Hi Ron, I appreciate the question and chance to explain.

I was ripped. Measuring your progress is quick, easy, and key to achieving your goals. Hey Johnny I love your site, I took up boxing about 6 months ago and your site has really helped me. The book includes menus for the plans at different calorie levels as well as lists that allow you to exchange menu items.

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