DJ Sbu certainly does – it's the quality that has helped him evolve from an ambitious In this book Sbu shares the secrets to cultivating this irresistible quality. DJ Sbu is not your ordinary entrepreneur. He was born to be great and refuses to settle for less. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a. The Art of Hustling: Sell or Surrender - site edition by DJ Sbu, Farai Gundan. Download it Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?.

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Sbusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ Sbu, has shared a video of a practical example of one of the things he teaches in his book Billionaire$ Under. This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for inspiration or motivation. DJ Sbu is a legend and I wasnt aware, until I read this book. Mzansi's number 1 hustler, DJ Sbu has dropped another book.

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Reward Yourself

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Billionaires Under Construction – The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

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It can be frustrating to watch as our leaders reshuffle cabinets, fire ministers, devalue currencies, threaten to build walls and marginalise minorities. However, we also know that we can influence the sphere around us. We can make a difference to the lives that we touch directly, whether inside a business or via an entirely new initiative. Our aim is to inspire you to become president of your own little space on the planet.

The DJ is a very busy body and the way he lives each day might even lead you to believe he has extra hours in the day.

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He often starts his days at 3 or 4 am with prayer then exercise. Each day brings new things for DJ Sbu who also been documenting his life on social media for all to see. He moves form hosting the simulcast radio breakfast show to shouting Mofaya on a street corner in Johannesburg, all with such energy; I have to ask how he does it.

He says, "It's all about the vision.

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Where I am right now, no one can "stop my go" because no matter the challenge, I have seen my destination, no matter what. Also I am living my brands; every different element is an extension of who I am. It is not work, it is me living.

But now that Trump has won, suddenly it doesn't seem like such a crazy idea," he explains. It's clear that the man is an over achiever and he says he has always wanted more, so I ask him if he thinks he has the more he has always been looking for.

I can afford to do what I love just because I love it, not for the money.I absolutely love the goal of leadership and hope that everything works out so we can see the academy come to fruition You're in preview mode.

This book is meant to be shared, I think there aren't enough stories shared about Black entrepreneurs and leaders who can be role models to young Africans.

Whether that's a start-up, a company, a department in a big corporate, a team or a charity organization. He talks about how his mother and then girlfriend were disappointed by his "risk-it-all" stunt that got him fired from Metro FM.

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