The sailor, from the very nature of his craft, has a dependence u on rope and a consequent familiarity with knots that is demanded o no other workman. It follows . knots in your long-term memory files. If such were the case,. I could be book about knots is a book about personal organization on the real world level. Knots Book. Dear Reader: I was always intrigued by how much we use rope and string in our daily lives and yet know so little about knot- ting them. Until I took.

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Useful tips: Always practise tying knots using proper rope or cord and not string. Get to know what the finished knot looks like, then you will know what you're. The Ashley Book of - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. updating and revising "the knot enthusiasts' bible," The Ashley Book of Knots (by Clifford Ashley). The values in the last column are from.

The list of knots is extensive, but common properties allow for a useful system of categorization. For all the knots, see Category: From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

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Followng the arrow, reach inside the loop just formed and pul the over- hand loop while holding the running end against the underhand loop x. The overhand knot will tighten. Then pul the working end to jam the knot.

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To untie, push on the part marked A and pul on the part marked B. They may be tied in either the end or standing part of the rope to check it from slid- ing through a block, hole, or part of another knot. They may be used tem- porarily to stop fraying when a rope s not whipped.

Often used n such places as the end of a string when tying a package with a slipknot or in the end of a rope forming a lariat loop. This is the same as the figure eight, except that t has an extra loop that gives it more bulk at the end of the rope if that is required.

Snug it care- fully so that strands tighten evenly. You can trim the ends or twist them together again and whip the end.

SQUARE KNOT You can loosen the square knot eas- ily by either pushing the ends toward the knot or by "upsetting" the knot by pulling back on one end and pull- ing the other through the loops. The purpose of the extra twist is to give added fric- tion to hold until the second crossing is made.

The weaver's knot is exactly the same knot as the sheet bend, but tied in a different manner. It is simply two overhand knots, one holding the right-hand line and the other the left-hand line.It remains one of the most important and comprehensive books on knots.

Snug it care- fully so that strands tighten evenly. Then weave the end o the smaller rope up through the eye, around the bight, and back under itself.

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Hangman's Running bowline Running highwayman's hitch Tarbuck. The weaver's knot is exactly the same knot as the sheet bend, but tied in a different manner.

Sheet bend and double sheet bend for tying two ropes together in general situations Two half-hitches for quickly tying a rope to something. Bight Loop Turn List of knots List of knot terminology.

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