The Field of Advertising, Introduction, Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising and its Advertising Management, Dr. Varma & Aggarwal, King Books. of activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity which stimulate consumer .. The advertising management is mainly concerned with planning and decision making. for Beginners: Response Books, Sage Publications. Advertising Management; Choosing an Ad Agency; Advertising Planning and Research Get to know the company (books, research, product use, people).

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Discuss DAGMAR approach to setting advertising objectives. . evolved by the experts of advertising management to have sound relations between the. PDF | 3+ hours read | "Now in a fourth edition, this popular textbook takes ), which is created by the brand management and then. This book is an examination. from plantations The Advertising Han. the Navy internally operates a local advertising management system possibility of a.

This advertising is on streets, walls, highways that attract the attention of movers and passers-by. What: What type of message is to be communicated?

The plots in the flowchart indicate the pattern of periods that matches with favorable selling periods. The classical scheduling models are commonly known as continuity, fighting, and pulsing.

An advertising budget is the money a company is willing to set aside to accomplish its marketing objectives. When creating the advertising budget, a company must weigh the trade-offs between spending one additional advertising dollar with the amount of revenue that dollar will bring in as revenue.

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Integrated marketing communication plan integrates various methods of marketing such as advertising, public relation, promotion through social networking sites and so on to create awareness of products and services among target audience. Brand communication methods instead of being used in isolation are all put together under one umbrella to increase the visibility of a particular brand and eventually yield higher profits for the organization.

Successful implementation of integrated marketing communication plan relies on clear understanding of target customers - specifically their needs and expectations.

Agencies also download advertising space and time in various media on behalf of different advertisers Clients to find customers for their good and services.

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In India, advertising business is worth around Rs. The creative thoughts that the Indian advertising industry incorporates have come up with many mind-boggling ideas that can be named as masterpieces in the area of advertising world.

They conduct market research and surveys for the client, They help the clients in public relation, marketing and sales promotion activities, They are cost efficient and time saving, and, They negotiate and book advertisement space and time for their clients.

Taproot: Marico, Airtel. Objectives of Sales Promotion To introduce new products To attract new customers To induce present customers to download more To help firm remain competitive To increase sales in off season 43 44 Types of Sales Promotion Types of sales promotion directed at consumers. Types of sales promotion directed at dealers and distributors.

Percentage of sales method. Unit of sales method. Competitive parity method. All you can afford method. If the advertiser has two available media, involving same cost, then media with more reach and coverage of our target audience will be selected.

If ad is given on T. If measurers the number of persons who are exposed at least once to this media in a specific period of time.

Media coverage refers to the potential audience who might receive the message given by media. Higher media reach will ensure higher media coverage, if the media matches with the features of our target audience.


So selected media must match with out target audience. It is possible that a media seems to be costly, but if it can cover large number of audience, then cost per audience will be less. In case, advertisement is to be given in newspapers, then cost of different newspaper is computed on the basis of cost per one lac of its circulation.

Higher media-frequency is preferred. Greater the frequency, more are the chances of advertisement message making deep impression on the minds of consumers.

In case of print media, frequency of newspaper is very less as the receiver is not exposed to the same newspaper for a long period of time. In case of magazine, media-frequency is more as same magazine may be opened by audience may a time, as the magazine will be repeated after a month or after a fortnight.

In case of television, if an advertisement is given in a weekly T. Higher frequency will create better impressions on target audience. So media with higher frequency should be selected.

Image Some media-image vehicles enjoy better image in comparison to other media vehicles. This is commonly examined by measuring the effect on sales, brand awareness, and brand preference, among other things.

Determining whether a campaign accomplishes its appropriate promotional objectives Companies must measure how promotional programs contribute to increased sales and profits One of the most difficult undertakings in marketing 52 53 Objectives Vs Measures 1.

Stimulate an increase in sales 2. Remind customers of the existence of a product 3. Inform customers 4.

Build a brand image 5. Build customer loyalty and relationship 6. Therefore, is important to determine how well the chosen program is working and to measure its performance against a predetermined standard. The testing process should consider the following a Advertising Method ex: Banner vs.

Advertising Management

To safeguard against the indiscriminate use of advertising for the promotion of products which are regarded as hazardous to society or to individuals to a degree or of a type which is unacceptable to society at large. To ensure that advertisements observe fairness in competition so that the consumer s need to be informed on choices in the market-place and the canons of generally accepted competitive behavior in business are both served. Sub Code - Sub Name 59 60 Economic role of Advertising Advertising performs an economic function for an advertiser, affect economic decision of the audience and is an integral part of the whole economic system.

Advertising stimulates demand, educate consumer about new product, policies, programmes services and organizations, increase competition and improve standard of life-style by helping to bring new product to the consumer.

Advertising boosts the economy by helping to introduce new products faster and more effectively to consumer by supporting to achieve the economies of scale faster and by helping to remove the monopoly of the product. At social level advertising plays upon, derives from and contributes to the social texture of a country. Various social changes are brought about or helped by advertising. Adult education, family planning and pulse polio campaign are the examples of few successful social advertising campaign.

It makes role models who can create societal change. Advertising are efficient source of information for product quality, new material or merchandise, new technology and cost.

It reduces distribution costs, encourage competition and increases product quality through brand identity.Following methods are commonly used in determining the size of advertising budget: If advertiser does-not consider competitors move regarding media, then it is possible that advertisers market share is taken by competitors. Fatal diseases. The message.

It mainly include the advertisement through newspaper and magazines.

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