In word association test (WAT) candidate will be shown a word for 15 seconds and whatever comes in candidate's mind he/she needs to Click below to download the WAT practice set. WHAT IS PPDT IN SSB INTERVIEW. Contact - R S Rathore @ visit us - raudone.info WAT (Word Association Test): Practice Set. 1. Attitude -. 2. Always -. 3. Education -. The best way to score more in Word Association Test in SSB is to Practice more and . Word Association Test: + real words for Practice with pdf download.

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this post about Best WAT Word Association Test In SSB (Words +) with PDF Free Download see more here for WAT in SSB. Word Association Test - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Download as PPT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Documents Similar To Word Association Test. Imp Tips for Ssb Interview. SSB Interview Tips_ Word Association Test Examples at SSB - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Human resource is a great strength for a great nation like India. Indian army excels in number, it is the third largest in the world. Defence Indian army is known for the strategy of defence in war like situations. Defence of our nation is vital to safeguard the humanity and the people. Defence against seasonal diseases is a difficult preposition.

Society Population explosion is a cause to the society. Society make the people strong, we have to fight of the solidarity of the nation. Society is responsible to arrest the crime against the women.

Peace Peace and prosperity is advocated by our great nation and great people like Mahatma Gandhi. It is essential to bring peace in Pakistan for progress of South Asia. Peace and prosperity is required amongst nations to fight back terrorism in the present day.

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Literature William Wordsworth is a great poet; he is famous for his outstanding performance in poetry. The literature in form of encyclopedias written by pt. Jawaharlal Nehru is a great contribution to the Indian society and the people. Shakespeare won lot of laurels in English Literature. Death Tornado Wilma, Rita was great setback for the Americans in the coastal areas, resulting in death of large number of people. The untimely death of Princess Diana was setback to the people all over the world.

Weak always blames others. Bomb : Vast population acts as a bom. Calamity: Tsumani was great calamity. Effectively disaster management minimizes the harm in a calamity. Calm and cool mind brings better results.

Careful : Careful preparation keeps errors away. Compel : Compelling reasons win a lot of supports. Capable : Continuous efforts increase capability. Congratulation : Congratulating others on their sucess motivates them to do well again. Company : Of friends gives pleasure. Of good people gives good habits. Cheat : Cheating does not give long-lasting results. Cheaters need strict punishment.

Cult : India is a home of different cults and creeds. Culprit : Is brought to justice by law.

Cruelty of Saddam was the cause of his fall. Cry : To Check growing population is the crying need of the hour. Cup : Life is a cup of joy. Child : Priceless asset of parents. Care : Caring and sharing makes therelations strong. Casual : Attitude harms the success.

Change : Determined people change the fate. Gandhiji fought for a change in the system. Conduct : Conducting environmental campaigns increases awareness. Class : Food for work scheme helps lower class of society.

Class differences are slowly but surely fading. Convince : Confident people convince others easily. Criticize : Positive criticism improves performance.

Word Association Test 500 Original Words

Healthy criticism improves performance. Decide : India and China have decided to improve their relations. Develop : Youth plays crucial role in the development of country. Discourage : Coach encourages team to win the match.

Duty : Duty and responsibility goes hand in hand. Duty implies responsibilities. To perform duty is always joyful.

Delay : Doing work without delay shows sincerity. Dictator : Democracy is the answer to dictatorship. Drink : Clean drinking water is essential for public health.

Word Association Test (WAT) in SSB Interview (100 Words Sample)

Interlinking of revers will provide enough drinking water. Differ : India is a home of different yet unified cultures. Death of a martyr inspires young blood. ASI checks the deterioration of historical monuments.

Disagree : disagreement is removed by pragmatic approach. Doubt : Knowledge removes all doubt Desire : Indian youth desires for a developed nation. Diversity : Crop diversification is beneficial for good cultivate Determined : India is Determined people achieve their goals definitely. Dialogue : Is the only solution of problems like Kashmir.

Difficult : Strong people face difficulties bravely. Demand : Talented people are always demanded. Indian brain is demand in the world. Earn : Honesty earns respect. Gandhiji earned respect from countrymen and others as well. Elder : Is the best inspiration.

Examination : Test the level of preparation Good leader examines problem from all angles. Encourage: Encouragement motivates people, Improve performance.

Efficiency : Encouragement motivates people, Improve performance. Enemy : Lively people have lots of friends. Troops fights with enemy will full enthusiasm.


Excuse : Strong people never give lame excuse. Fight : Indian army fight with exemplary courage. Fear : Courage removes it. Enemy is fearful of Indian troops. Future : Future of Indian space research is very bright. Upcoming generation is the future of country. Failure: Gives chance to mend the shortcomings.

Fair: Is the confidence of multi-cultures. Book fairs draw people from diverse fields. Fellow: Trust and understanding is the bond among the fellows. Follow: Good leaders command healthy following. Is the gift of God. Future : Is good for go-getters.

Family : Always stand together. Indians stand together like a family. Flower : Relaxes and freshens from inside. Favourite : Dr. Abdul Kalam is favourite of all Indians. DUTY- Army people are duty conscious. HELP- Help the needy people.

FIT- The army soldiers are trained well for their fitness. GOOD- The inflation in nations economy is good. BOOK- The books gives us theoretical knowledge. WINE- The wines are made up of grapes used to cure minor ailments.

LOVE- People love their country.Persistent hardwork in right direction brings positive result. Mildly distant reaction: This occur in schizophrenics and also in depressive patients. USE- Use of ideas at time saves efforts. Continued Distant reaction: This occur in chronic unclassified schizophrenic. Lose: Strong people bounced back from their loss.

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