A mysterious book with a mysterious past, first published in , The White Magic Book serves up answers to life's daily questions. "This book," Farber writes in. raudone.info: The White Magic Spell Book eBook: Deran Gray: site Store. - White magic is anything which induces positive energies and results. Most of Wicca magic is White Magic for instance, and so are a wealth of.

White Magic Book

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The White Magic Book book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. A mysterious book with a mysterious past, first published in , Th. Free white magic spells are always a must-have for any new witch, and you can find them for pretty much anything. This section is dedicated to white magic, but. White magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for selfless In his book, A History of White Magic, recognised occult author Gareth Knight traces the origins of white magic to early adaptations of.

Zambelli places academics like Giordano Bruno in this category of "clandestine" practitioners of magic.

A Treatise on White Magic

Christianity referred to white magicians as saints. They believed that the control of the elements was bestowed upon the saint and that he could effect all sorts of abnormal phenomena by means of special favor bestowed above him from above.

Referred to acts of white magic as miracles. Miracle motives were driven underground and powers of the saints were distributed in favors of the good witch, wise woman, the astrologer and others of like ilk who ceased to have an ethically divine sanction.

Such wielders of magic were at once liable to arouse popular suspicion of having selfish motives. Their lives were of little value in periods of frenzied outbursts against the kind of witchcraft which operated with avowedly evil intentions.

The metamorphosis of drink and food is an object of concern in nearly half the miracles. The change of water into wine The change of water into milk The change of water into honey The change of water into blood The change of water into oil The change of water into balsam In the " Golden Legend " we are told of three drops of water which has ran together to from a jewel.

The metamorphosis of bread into stone which was used as punishment to an inhospitable person who has refused to give a crust to the saint or a poor person. Place provides a broad modern definition of both black and white magic, preferring instead to refer to them as "high magic" white and "low magic" black based primarily on intentions of the practitioner employing them. The author calls it 'New Magick Power', for he was the first to de-codify and simplify what was previously too complicated.

And the results are astounding! There are simple chants that could put you knee-deep in cash!

Invocations that compel the odds to favour you! Amulets that lead to hidden treasure! You can manipulate them but you should really onluy use this sacred power for good uses.

The Book Of Shadows rights wrongs! You can exact retribution on those who have wronged you. For centuries such magick was kept hidden from view.

The Book Of Shadows has page after page of magick. Apart from in the Introduction there are no case histories, no unnecessary theory.

Only explaining what the aspiring magician needs to know and what results to expect. The Book Of Shadows contains the highly potent symbols of New Magick Power, that once charged, create the vibrations around you that you seek. Through The Book Of Shadows you can see future events before they happen!


Avoid harm to yourself and loved ones! Through New Magick Power you can lead a charmed life. Others will marvel at your new found luck - and you will be protected from their jealousy! You are shown how to summon an Invisible Spirit Helper who will protect you and lead you to wonderful opportunities for the good of yourself and your loved ones.

This is not an evil spirit - no evil spirits are conjured here. You can repel malicoius psychic attack!

You can protect yourself from the ill wishes of others, rebounding on them ten-fold! You can disarm - solely through new Magick Power - anyone with ill intent towards you.All titles are sold and supplied by Finbarr Books Direct.

The White Magic Book: Fortune Telling at Your Fingertips

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