Weird Tales | Established in | Rural; Popular Fiction | Edited by Farnsworth Wright For a brief history of the magazine, click here. View FlipBook or PDF. Debuting in , Weird Tales, writes The Pulp Magazines Project, Public Domain PDF page contains many scans of full Weird Tales issues. Weird Tales magazine cover gallery and pdf archive.

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You can now download issues of the pulp horror and fantasy magazine ( ), which includes stories by H. P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury. Download Issues of “Weird Tales” (): The Pioneering Pulp Horror Magazine Features Original Stories by Lovecraft, Bradbury & Many. I am a collector myself of old "Weird Tales Magazine" and " A.D.", among others. This copy of Weird Tales is a pdf so it should work on most devices.

Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , January — January Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , March — March The Tomb — January The Terrible Old Man — August Yule Horror — December The White Ship — March The Tree — August The Port — September Fungi From Yuggoth Part X: The Pigeon-Flyers — January The Familiars — January The City — July Fans of early pulp horror and fantasy—--or grad students writing their thesis on the evolution of genre fictioncan view and download dozens of issues of Weird Tales , from the 20s to the 50s, at the links below:.

Finally, head over to Melt for more scans of Weird Tales' lurid covers, like those you see here. And to learn much more about the history of the magazine, you may wish to beg, borrow, or steal a copy of the pricy collection of essays, The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy and Horror.

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The Pulp Magazine Archive

We thank you! It leads to another page on this site instead. It was about a gladiator that becomes Santa Claus. Seabury Quinn A reverent weird tale of Yuletide and the Crucifixion, and a gladiator from the Northland.

In spite of all the efforts, Weird tales circulation never crossed 50, It terms of readership, it was way behind the bigger players like The Shadow. Newsprint shortage added to its woes. Finally, after issues, Weird Tales ceased publication in Since then WT has seen several reincarnations.

Respected figures like Stephen H. Seagal and Marvin Kaye has managed WT in recent times. These days, critics and readers hold Weird Tales in high esteem.

For The Retro Reader

The Magazine has gained a cult status and a loyal following. It is widely considered as a landmark effort in Weird fiction.

A lot of people still search for old issues of Weird tales, feel nostalgic about the priceless old advertisements that appeared on the magazine, and long for those double column retro pages. The format is still in use for some lengthy serials, like the German science fiction weekly Perry Rhodan.

Weird Tales July 1938.pdf

Over the course of their evolution, there were a huge number of pulp magazine titles; Harry Steeger of Popular Publications claimed that his company alone had published over , and at their peak they were publishing 42 titles per month. Many titles of course survived only briefly. While the most popular titles were monthly, many were bimonthly and some were quarterly.

The collapse of the pulp industry changed the landscape of publishing because pulps were the single largest sales outlet for short stories. Combined with the decrease in slick magazine fiction markets, writers attempting to support themselves by creating fiction switched to novels and book-length anthologies of shorter pieces.

Pulp covers were printed in color on higher-quality slick paper. They were famous for their half-dressed damsels in distress, usually awaiting a rescuing hero. Cover art played a major part in the marketing of pulp magazines.

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The early pulp magazines could boast covers by some distinguished American artists; The Popular Magazine had covers by N. Later, many artists specialized in creating covers mainly for the pulps; a number of the most successful cover artists became as popular as the authors featured on the interior pages. Among the most famous pulp artists were Walter Baumhofer, Earle K.

Covers were important enough to sales that sometimes they would be designed first; authors would then be shown the cover art and asked to write a story to match.

Later pulps began to feature interior illustrations, depicting elements of the stories. The drawings were printed in black ink on the same cream-colored paper used for the text, and had to use specific techniques to avoid blotting on the coarse texture of the cheap pulp. Thus, fine lines and heavy detail were usually not an option.

Shading was by crosshatching or pointillism, and even that had to be limited and coarse. Usually the art was black lines on the paper's background, but Finlay and a few others did some work that was primarily white lines against large dark areas.Also, I had one poignant dream in which the dog was involved.

Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, futuristic dystopias….

He turned back at her call. Submissions must be clearly related to Lovecraft in some way Credit all creative work with the name of the piece and artist in the title Do not post asking where to start with Lovecraft, there is a sticky for that All self-promotion must be disclosed and kept within reasonable limits Use spoiler tags where appropriate.

Howard and Clark Ashton Smith were friends of Lovecraft's, but did not contribute Cthulhu stories; instead Howard wrote sword and sorcery fiction, and Smith produced a series of high fantasy stories, many of which were part of his Hyperborean cycle.

I was afeared he'd catch me watchin' him. I'm not goin' down there," she said, decidedly. With about twenty others, I was sleeping in one of the shallower dugouts.

I felt no trepidation. Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , September — September

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