you can download free book and read The Vijay Mallya Story for free here. Do you want to life of Mr Mallaya, his relationship with his family members, his habits and many more things. Book] The Vijay Mallya Story By K. Giriprakash Epub. Vijay Mallya is on time. The Indian tycoon — branded a “fugitive from justice” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government — arrives at suite. - Dr. Vijay Mallya became the Chairman of the UB group. 12; 8. Liquor Tycoon Vijay Mallaya gave the slogan of “Drink and enjoy life”.

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Written with J.R.D. Tata's co-operation, this superb biography tells the J.R.D. story from his birth to , the The Vijay Mallya Story ebook by K Giriprakash. - Read Books Karachi You re Killing Me (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Saba Imtiaz City Adrift: A Short Biography of Bombay (Naresh Fernandes) .. The Vijay Mallya Story is an extraordinarily detailed and lively chronicle of the life of. Sidhartha Vijay Mallya (born 7, ) is an Indian-American model and actor. . Retrieved April 14, ^ "Best Fake Friends". site. Retrieved June 26, ^ "Times of India Publications". The Times of India. Archived from the.

Vittal Mallya was married thrice in his lifetime, and Vijay Mallya was the son of his first wife, Lalitha Mallya. However, the couple divorced within a year of their marriage. Vijay Mallya and Rekha have two daughters, Leanna and Tanya.

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At the age of 28, Mallya lost his father, Vittal Mallya to a heart attack. After the death of his father, in , he became the chairman of the United Breweries Group in As a chairman of the United Breweries Group, he focused on Alcohol business which was regarded to be having much more profitable than the core businesses involved. It is the most consumed beer in India and is also available in 52 other countries.

Vijay Mallya during his youthful days In , when the Indian domestic-airlines market was in its least favorable circumstances, Mallya initiated Kingfisher Airlines with world-class facilities and the airlines became an instant hit.

Later, Kingfisher airlines started international flights; which became a drastic downfall for the company. The company began incurring significant losses and accumulated enormous debt. The airlines shut down on October , and it even failed to pay the salaries of their employees. In , he became associated with the Janta Party lead by Subramanian Swami.

In , with support from Congress Party and the Janta Dal, Mallya contested as an independent candidate from Karnataka. He won and was elected to Rajya Sabha.


Should I, therefore, be a hypocrite? Because one of these businesses failed, should I live my life differently?

It is what it is.

I am not a hypocrite. But then came the global financial crisis, and domestic policy paralysis.

Many Indian companies — especially family-owned businesses, with fuzzy distinctions between company assets and controlling shareholders — ran into severe financial difficulties.

Raghuram Rajan, the central bank governor, and Arun Jaitley, the finance minister, are determined to clean up the banking system weighed down by bad loans.

Men of Steel: India's Business leaders in candid conversation

And all three men seem inclined to make an example of the erstwhile king of good times — and demonstrate they can hold rich debt defaulters to account. Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias was flown in to perform. A few weeks later, Rajan spoke out. If you are in trouble, you should be cutting down on your expenses.

Kingfisher Villa, the beachfront bungalow in Goa Until then, Indian banks had seemed resigned to a protracted legal battle to collect repayment. By the time they petitioned the court, however, Mallya had already returned to the United Kingdom, where he has permanent residency and owns a London apartment, an office and a large country home in Hertfordshire.

How ludicrous can that be! Both before and after the Kingfisher collapse, he was fiercely criticised by employees and in the media for jetting to global sporting events and parties, while failing to pay thousands of Kingfisher employees, who had worked without salaries for months in the hope that the tycoon would manage to keep the cash-strapped airline aloft.

It was disgruntled unpaid engineers who finally grounded the carrier, refusing to certify the planes as safe to fly. Yet at the Dorchester, the businessman scoffs at the suggestion that he misread the current mood in India.

But what did I spend on my birthday party? Yet in a puritanical country — where alcohol consumption is still regarded by many as a sin and highly regulated, and where wealthy businessmen usually keep a low profile — Mallya was always a soft target. As he mingled with his guests, he was followed closely by attendants bearing his phones, drinks and cigars on silver trays. Everyone wants to be like him, and when they cannot be like him, they just hate him.

And it is true that, even before this crisis, in person at small gatherings he had always been a more subdued, and sharper, personality than his image — and fondness for bling — would suggest. I am a very private, simple guy. People are completely swayed and influenced by the professional side of me which is misunderstood to be my personal side.

Vijay Mallya

I am brand ambassador for my Kingfisher in a media dark environment. The reason why I endorsed my own brand was because I wanted to create an aspirational value around the brand identity and the brand image.

Women, fancy cars, aeroplanes. All this was brought into play in creating a brand identity and brand personality of Kingfisher. It all got lumped on me. One bursts into the Kingfisher beer jingle. Mallya says he also hears often from other Indian tycoons, anxious that the onslaught against him is a precursor of a wider offensive against indebted businessmen.

His canniest move came in , when Prime Minister Morarji Desai — who drank his own urine and publicly touted its health benefits — pledged to impose total prohibition in India by Vittal bought up Indian distilleries and breweries from their panicked owners at bargain-basement prices. In , just two years later, Desai was ousted, and the prohibition threat receded.

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In , at the age of 23, he had launched Kingfisher Premium beer, inspired by a defunct colonial brand whose label was buried in United Breweries archives. Alcohol sales are regulated by individual states, which sell beer and spirits at government outlets at controlled prices, with the highest taxes of any industry in India.

United Spirits is said by company insiders to require , separate permits to operate each year. Mallya worked the unwieldy system adeptly, establishing apparently unassailable dominance of the market. United Breweries, led by Kingfisher beer, sold more than half the beer drunk in India. Growth was buoyant.

For Mallya, these were indeed good times. In India, air travel was considered a luxury — transportation for the privileged — rather than a basic service in a modern economy.

Subject to punitive taxes, especially on jet fuel, aviation was dominated by utilitarian carriers, including the former state monopoly carrier and a clutch of no-frills start-ups.

He launched his carrier with great fanfare — and a lavish party — in May , on the 18th birthday of his son Siddharth. Mallya was confident he could win over Indian travellers with a taste of the good life he himself so visibly enjoyed.

Passengers on short-haul economy flights got hot meals and personal entertainment systems. But Mallya wanted Kingfisher to fly abroad. However, months before the launch of Kingfisher, New Delhi had instituted a requirement that Indian airlines had to have been flying for five years, and have a fleet of 20 planes, before they could operate international fights.

This rule — still in force today — is fiercely criticised by aviation professionals and start-up carriers as being designed chiefly to protect incumbent carriers.A few weeks later, Rajan spoke out. Yet at the Dorchester, the businessman scoffs at the suggestion that he misread the current mood in India.

The most popular company of Mallya was Kingfisher which was shut down in but apart from this, he co-owns the Formula One team Sahara Force India as well. Several agencies including the Income Tax Department and the Central Bureau of Investigation are investigating Mallya for charges including financial fraud and money laundering, [50] [51] [48] [52] and the Attorney General said that Mallya's assets abroad are "far in excess to loans taken by him".

Indian authorities have cancelled his passport. As per media reports, he had already left India.

He faces the prospect of either digging deep in his pockets to settle with his lenders, or possibly, never returning to India. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to help him along with that. As a chairman of the United Breweries Group, he focused on Alcohol business which was regarded to be having much more profitable than the core businesses involved.

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