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A autocratic participative decision-making style B structured decision C unstructured decision D consensus participative decision-making style Answer: Concept 23 An organization uses a formula to compute the reorder quantity of an item in inventory.

This is an example of a n decision process. A structured B unstructured C corporate D strategic Answer: Concept 24 A company's top managers meet to decide on a potential merger with one of its competitors.

They discuss various aspects of the merger, such as business valuations and conducting due. This is an example of decision making. A asynchronous B unstructured C structured D operational Answer: Application 25 Which of the following questions is best answered through unstructured decision making? A How many overtime hours should be used to fill this order?

B Should we continue to outsource our bookkeeping processes? C What is the acceptable defect ratio for this product?

D When should the next batch be scheduled to reduce idle time? Application 26 Which of the following decisions is least likely to involve collaboration? A How much of product A should be ordered from vendor B?

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B What products should we include in the new product line? C Should our company acquire company A? D What type of relationship should the company maintain with company A? Application 27 Which of the following observations about the relationship between decision type and decision process is true? A Managerial decisions tend to be highly structured, whereas operational decisions are unstructured.

B Decisions at the operational level tend to be structured, whereas decisions at the strategic level tend to be unstructured. C Higher-level organizational decisions should be highly structured. D Need for collaboration is highly significant for lower-level, structured decisions. Concept 28 The need for collaboration is greatest for decisions.

A operational B procedural C strategic D managerial Answer: Concept 29 decisions are the most structured and have very little need for collaboration.

Concept 30 The fundamental purpose of the starting phase of a project is. A accomplishing the project tasks effectively B determining tasks and dependencies C managing tasks and budgets of the project D setting the ground rules for the project and team Answer: Concept 31 An organization defines the rules that govern a project and the responsibilities of the project team.

The project is in the phase of project management. A starting B finalizing C doing D planning Answer: Concept 32 Team roles, responsibilities, and authorities are established during the project. A starting B planning C doing D evaluating Answer: A set up the project scope and initial budget B accomplish the project tasks effectively C determine who will do what and by when D establish team roles, responsibilities, and authorities Answer: Concept 34 Identify a task that should be performed during the planning phase of project management.

A reporting project progress B determining the schedule C performing project tasks D preparing archival documents Answer: Concept 35 A project manager defines the tasks that her team members have to perform and determines the schedule for carrying out each of the tasks. This project is in the phase of project management. A planning. B starting C doing D finalizing Answer: Concept 36 A project manager has to manage tasks and identify schedule problems during the phase of project management.

Using MIS, 8th Edition

A planning B starting C doing D finalizing Answer: Concept 37 One of the procedures of a collaboration project is documenting and reporting progress. This is performed in the phase of the project. A starting B planning C doing D scheduling Answer: Concept 38 Identify the project management phase in which the budget and tasks of a project are managed.

A finalizing B doing C planning D starting Answer: Concept 39 Project teams should document project results and information for future teams. Which of the following is the project management phase in which the teams perform this function? A doing B planning C starting D finalizing Answer: Concept 40 Project data is data that is.

A part of the collaboration's work product B used to manage a project C used to schedule the tasks of the project D part of documents such as schedules and budgets Answer: Concept 41 Project metadata is data that is. A summarized after the completion of the project B utilized to manage the project C developed to design new offerings D used in documents to describe recommended solutions Answer: Concept 42 Which of the following is an example of project data?

A list of project tasks B schedule C budget D design document Answer: Concept 43 According to Hackman's three criteria for team success, which of the following IS requirements will be categorized under the growth in team capability criterion? A rewarding accomplishment B managing many versions of content C supporting intra-team training D building team espirit Answer: Concept 44 According to Hackman's three criteria for team success, which of the following IS requirements will be categorized under the meaningful and satisfying experience criterion?

A documenting definitions B rewarding accomplishment C managing many versions of content D managing tasks Answer: Concept 45 communication occurs within a team when all team members meet at the same time.

Concept 46 Asynchronous communication occurs when team members A cannot arrive at consensus after discussions B engage in conflicting discussions C do not meet at the same time.

D communicate in a sequential manner Answer: Concept 47 The use of a conference call is an example of communication. A sequential B synchronous C indirect D asynchronous Answer: Concept 48 Who among the following are most likely to use asynchronous communication? A members of a team who work in different time zones B managers who work in the same office C employees who work in an assembly line D a group of directors who regularly meet for board meetings Answer: Concept 49 Which of the following tools facilitates asynchronous communication?

A videoconferencing B multiparty text chat C discussion forum D screen-sharing application Answer: Concept 50 is a popular commercial webinar product used in virtual sales presentations. Concept 51 Discussion forums are better suited than emails in asynchronous communication because.

A they are best suited to transmit personalized information B they facilitate real-time communication between participants C they keep the discussion from getting off track D they ensure that all team members are involved in the discussion Answer: Concept 52 The term refers to a collaboration tool where team members can easily respond and the management can easily identify the people who have not responded to a request.

Using MIS, 8th Edition

A discussion forums B management surveys C webinars D team surveys Answer: Concept 53 Which of the following alternatives for sharing content provides version control? A lack the features needed to track changes to shared documents B provide features and functions to accommodate concurrent work C prevent more than one user from checking out the same document D provide version control to limit and direct user activity Answer: Concept 55 Which of the following statements is true about working with Google Drive?

A Google accounts are not necessarily required to edit documents. B Documents are stored on the user's personal computer. C Multiple users are not allowed to simultaneously see and edit documents. D Google tracks document revisions, with brief summaries of changes made. Concept 56 is a process that occurs when the collaboration tool limits, and sometimes even directs, user activity.

Concept 57 In the context of shared content with version control, shared documents are placed into shared directories called. A caches B tables C libraries D sessions Answer: Concept 58 Which of the following statements is true of sharing a task list on Google Grid? A Sharing a task list on Google Grid is a very complex procedure. B Team members can share a task list without having a Google account. C Google Grid gives every team member permissions to edit, but restricts their contributions to the task list.

D Google Grid allows simultaneous edits. Information Technology; Interpersonal Relations and teamwork Difficulty: Concept 59 Which of the following statements is true of managing tasks? B No benefit will come from the task list unless every task has a date by which it is to be completed. C Accountability and follow-up are seldom required for task management.

D For team members to utilize a task list effectively, they need to keep it confidential. Concept 60 Which of the following is a comprehensive tool for communication?

Concept 61 Which of the following is a feature of Microsoft Lync? A multiparty text chat B blogs C concurrent editing D discussion forums. Cooperation is a group of people working together, all doing essentially the same type of work, to accomplish a job.

A group of four painters, each painting a different wall in the same room, are working cooperatively. A cooperative group can accomplish a given task faster than an individual working alone, but the cooperative result is usually not better in quality than the result of someone working alone.

Collaboration occurs when a group of people work together to achieve a common goal via a process of feedback and iteration. Using feedback and iteration, one person will produce something, say the draft of a document, and a second person will review that draft and provide critical feedback. Given the feedback, the original author or someone else will then revise the first draft to produce a second.

The work proceeds in a series of stages, or iterations. Concept 2 According to J.

Richard Hackman, what are the three primary criteria for judging team success? According to J.

Richard Hackman, there are three primary criteria for judging team success: Concept 3 What is the difference between structured and unstructured decisions?

Give an example of each. Structured decisions are those where an understood and accepted method for making the decision exists. The process through which financial institutions avail credit is an example of structured decision making. Unstructured decisions are those where there is no agreed-on decision-making method.

Predicting the future direction of the economy or the stock market is a classic example of unstructured decision.

Analytical Thinking. Concept 4 Explain why structured decisions seldom require collaboration. A structured decision process is one where there is an understood and accepted method for making the decision. Since the decision process is already understood, there is no reason for collaboration to determine how to make the decision.

Concept 5 Are most strategic decisions unstructured?

Give an example of an unstructured strategic decision. Yes, most strategic decisions are unstructured. Since they are made less frequently and generally have a long-term time horizon, most strategic decisions are relatively unstructured. Long-term labor planning comprises unstructured strategic decisions.

Concept 6 Describe project data and project metadata. Project data is data that is part of the collaboration's work product. For example, for a team that is designing a new product, design documents are examples of project data. A document that describes a recommended solution is project data for a problem-solving project.

Project metadata is data that is used to manage the project. Schedules, tasks, budgets, and other managerial data are examples of project metadata. Both types of data are subject to iteration and feedback. Concept 7 What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communications? Provide examples for each. Synchronous communications are collaborations where all the team members meet at the same time.

Examples include face-to-face meetings, videoconferencing, conference calls, and multiparty chats. Asynchronous communications occur when team members do not meet at the same time. Emails, discussion forums, and team surveys are examples of asynchronous communication.

Information Technology; Written and Oral Communication. Concept 8 What are team surveys? What are their benefits?

Team surveys are a form of communication technology. With these, one team member creates a list of questions and other team members respond. Surveys are an effective way to obtain team opinions. They are generally easy to complete, so most team members will participate. Also, it is easy to determine who has not yet responded. Concept 9 Why is version control important for shared content? Version control involves one or more of the following capabilities: This gives managers better control over shared content.

Concept 10 Explain the importance of using task lists. Managing with a task list is critical for making progress. Task descriptions need to be specific and worded so that it is possible to decide whether or not the task was accomplished.

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Views Total views.A day-to-day activities B utilization of resources C organizational issues D allocation of tasks Answer: Which collaboration IS is right for your team? C Accountability and follow-up are seldom required for task management. Concept 13 Moving a factory from Detroit to Mexico is an example of a strategic decision. Application 7 Which of the following is the most important trait that an effective collaborator should have?

WordPress Shortcode. Concept 42 Which of the following is an example of project data?

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