To order additional copies, visit The last section, Elements of Performance, is about how to be awake. In this book, there are. 年9月3日 Beyond statistics, beyond whether to raise, call, or fold, Elements of Poker reveals a new world of profitability for your bankroll and your life. secret invisible cheating playing cards are the best device to win rummy, flash, poker, teen patti, Andar Bahar etc. you can easy to download these magical spy.

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Elements of Poker [Tommy Angelo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Beyond statistics, beyond whether to raise, call, or fold, Elements of. Tommy Angelo is outdated. All the cool kids But fuck me for googling "book title " pdf Also "How to be a Poker Player" by Haseed Qureshi. Tommy Angelo, "Painless Poker" (excerpt #2) . Angelo's Elements of Poker has revolutionized how serious players approach the game.

Tommy Angelo Presents an Excerpt From His New Book 'Painless Poker'

And therefore, if you are in the present tense, which, in fact, at this time, you are, then at this moment there is no streak in your life. There is no inherent existence to streaks. The streak is there when you think about it, and when you stop thinking about it, it goes away. It blossoms and withers, all in your mind. And when your mind invents a streak, you believe it exists, because you believe what your mind tells you.

But the truth is there is only the hand you are playing. Poker chose me to be her slave when I was but a boy. For the first 15 years or so of servitude, I complained bitterly about the pain and injustice of it all. Then I became a professional poker player and over the next 15 years, gradually I started to see that everything is always fair. And now I thank poker, my tormentor, for this and hundreds more life lessons.

From the Back Cover All of my good streaks and all of my bad streaks of every length and depth have had one thing in common. The key word here is voluntary. Most pots are not straddled.

What is Your Poker "A" Game?

But sometimes every pot is straddled, by player agreement, such as what happened at midnight, when Hammer put ten bucks out and said, "Who's up for taking it up? Mandatory straddles anyone? The chorus sang out, "Let's do it! And the demon's work was done.


Which would normally make the risk junkie happy, except this was too much risk. And too soon. It was all wrong. An overdose.

No longer titillatingly treacherous. More like totally terrifying. I raised before the flop with pocket nines and got called by this loopy fossil named Travis.

Maybe it was the bushy white hair and paisley vest, maybe it was being on a Mississippi Riverboat, but when Travis was in the game, I fancied myself playing poker with Mark Twain. The flop came with two clubs.

I had an overpair and a straight draw. I already knew what I would do if he did that. I shoved all-in. And he already knew what he would do if I did that. He called quick and showed his hand, the ace-five of clubs, giving him a straight-draw flush-draw. And there I was, my life riding on a coin toss. My pair held up. And of course Hank had to comment. The higher stakes also meant that if the cards were kind, a huge comeback was possible.

And that's what happened. Next I won a series of middle-sized pots with a satisfying combo of good cards and good betting. Got me a little cushion now, whew. And some muscle.

Still stuck a ton but feeling okay. The fruit's hanging low and there's nowhere to go. Just playing. Just waiting. You've done it before, been out of the groove, and got back in it. The opportunities will come. To get the money in good. Wait for them. No need to zig and zag.

Steady now. One hour to closing time, Travis and Hammer got busted by Quinn and Hank respectively.

We were down to seven players. Quinn had a big win going, even for him, about ten grand. The other solid regulars were up a grand or two each. And Elvis was still in the building. The main action source was Hank. He was edgy, seeing lots of flops, hoping to get lucky and win a Hail Mary pot to get even before "All ashore! Plus I knew how bad Hank wanted to win a big pot off me, so it seemed sporting to give him a chance. Elvis called Hank's raise too, and three of us went to the flop.

I had 54, and Hank, as it turned out, had pocket aces. The flop came rainbow, giving me an open-ender. I needed a six or an ace for the nuts.

Tommy Angelo Presents: Waiting for Straighters, Part I - Discovery

I called, Elvis folded, and the turn card came—ba-da-bingo—an ace. I checked, he bet, I raised, he reraised, and we were all-in. When the river didn't pair the board, I nearly seized from rapture.

It was the biggest pot I had ever played, and it was all mine boys. Eight thousand dollars. And, I spanked Hank. When he saw my straight he chomped his toothpick in two and threw it at the floor. No fond farewells. Not even a stupid saying for the road. He just stomped up the stairs and out. I resisted the urge to say, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

One of the nit players was in position to put the straddle on. At , Elvis went all-in for a couple hundred, got called, and lost. Nobody could really enjoy losing, could they? First he changed one black chip to a stack of reds. Then he tipped the dealer ten bucks before the next hand. And then he gave us the old, "Come 'n' git it boys, cuz this is awl you git. With ten minutes to closing time, the demon flew by and flicked Elvis's ear.

I said come git it! The next four players fold, fold, fold, folded.And behold, the demon bore a child. They did not exist in your mind. But that's not your concern because I am programming you to be a rock.

Painless Poker

All of my good streaks and all of my bad streaks of every length and depth have had one thing in common. I had 54, and Hank, as it turned out, had pocket aces. The action was on Quinn. It's about basing some of your preflop decisions on whether or not you have a straighter.

Reraising or not on the button. In short it is good but flawed and I would recommend it to anyone interested in either poker or mindfulness. We know these people.

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