The Trial of. Dedan Kimathi. (). By Ngugi wa Thiong'o and. Micere Githae Mugo. Digitalized by. RevSocialist for. SocialistStories. The whole story weaves about Dedan Kimathi, the protagonist and Kenya's hero. Dedan Kimathi He was also subjected to trials at court. The play opens in the. The Trial of Dedan Kimathi. Ahmed Badran. The Trial of Dedan Kimathi () By Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Micere Githae Mugo Digitalized by RevSocialist for.

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PDF | Research in African Literatures () Through the subtitle of his Kahiga's portrayal of Dedan Kimathi and the Mau Mau war of independence has .. Ochieng' is certainly referring here to The Trial of. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Trial of Dedan Kimathi. The Trial of Dedan Kimathi written by Ngugi wa Thiongo and Micere Mugo. Complete summary of Ngugi wa Thiong'o's The Trial of Dedan Kimathi. eNotes plot summaries cover print Print; document PDF. This Page Only · Entire Study .

Though the imperialist forces do everything possible to perpetuate their hold on the exploited Kenyans, Kimathi and the committed revolutionists demand justice and self-determination. All my life I have been running.

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On the run. On the road. Men molesting me. I was once a dutiful daughter.

A nice Christian home. I ran away from school because the headmaster wanted to do wicked things with me. Always: you remain behind Though there are temporary setbacks the people concerned do not waver in their resolve to free Dedan. Yesterday was a day of setbacks.

First the screening and the Johnies! That was a crucial contact gone.

This upset all the plans. What was I to do?

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I dressed as a fruit seller so that you could easily recognize me. The court adjourned sooner than I thought: I then followed the crowd. I was going to speak to the Warder, another contact.

I found that he too had been transferred to another place. So only you remained. I kept on looking for you. Between here and Majengo, there is not a place I have not visited.

Great risks: but the task once started must be completed. Neither the revolutionists nor the compradors of the ruling powers are romanticized as the scenes shift from the courtroom, the street, the cell and the guerrilla camp. While the play winds up, it acquires a swift but gradual tempo towards the denoument, and a definite but hardly predictable resolution. Boy and Girl.

The Plot: The plot of the play is largely diachronic except for the monochromic sequence of the historical phases in the opening scene. The encounter between Boy and Girl constitutes the sub-plot of the play. It is the same old story. The same old story.

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Our people Our own food eaten and leftovers thrown to usin our own land, where we should have the whole share. Instead of fighting against one another, we who struggle against exploitation and oppression, should give one another strength and faith till victory is ours.

Girl: Despondently It is hard. It is hard seeing that we are weak. Woman: United, our strength becomes faith that moves mountains. Girl: What are you now going to do? You, alone? Woman: contemplating Boy and Girl : I am not alone.

You are there! Girl: jumping up —excited—proudly : I am ready! Boy: also jumping up : I too am ready! But what shall we do?

The course of action is carefully and confidentially detailed for the benefit of the Boy and the Girl whose commitment to the Cause has taken shape gradually, waiting to be translated into action. Woman: thoughtfully : Listen.

The trial of dedan kimathi

Kimathi is a genius in this struggle. It is therefore important to rescue him even at the cost of a few lives. The struggle must continue. I shall first go in, dressed to kill. When I cough, you start shooting. In the confusion, Dedan will follow me. An enexpected surprise can do miracles. Once five fighters made a whole Homeguard post surrender. Once there, none can find us. The Plot is closely-knit with reconstructing the heroic struggle and vision of Kimathi.

Boy : I have also heard it said that he could turn himself into an aeroplane Girl : That he could walk for a miles on his belly Boy: That in the forest , he could laugh and no enemy would hear him.

Girl: That he could mimic any noise of a bird and none could tell the difference- Boy: How then could they arrest him? Girl: They have caught his shadow.

Even today, they sing of the battle of Mithari; the battles he waged in Mount Kenya; the battle of Niavasha. Yes, they sing of the enemy aeroplanes he brought down with only a rifle!

He was a wonderful teacher: with a laugh that was truly infectious. But above all, he loved people, and he loved his country.

He also hated the sight of Africans killing one another that he sometimes became a little soft with our enemies. When this struggle is over We shall erect at all the city corners Monuments. His father died in September , a month before Kimathi was born. Kimathi was raised by his mother, Waibuthi, one of his father's three wives. He had two brothers, Wambararia and Wagura, and two sisters.

At the age of fifteen, he enrolled at the local primary school, Karuna-ini, where he perfected his English. He would later use his language skills to write extensively before and during the Mau Mau uprising.


He was a Debate Club member in his school and also showed ability in poetry. Kimathi balked at any efforts to discipline or control him, and was constantly in trouble with his teachers, [5] and as a result, to have drifted in and out of education.

In , Kimathi enlisted in the British Army , but was discharged after a month, allegedly for drunkenness and persistent violence against his fellow recruits. As the group's influence and membership widened it became a major threat to the colonial government.

As branch secretary, Kimathi presided over oath-taking.

He believed in compelling fellow Kikuyu by way of oath to bring solidarity to the independence movement. To achieve this he administered beatings and carried a double-barrelled shotgun. This marked the beginning of his violent uprising. He formed the Kenya Defence Council to co-ordinate all forest fighters in Thirty-two settlers and about British soldiers were killed by the Mau Mau, but many of Kimathi's most brutal attacks were aimed at members of the Kikuyu tribe , the largest ethnic group in Kenya, who remained loyal to the colonial administration.

Hundreds of others who defied Kimathi were hacked to death. He has killed more Mau Mau than any member of the security forces. Ian Henderson , dedicated his work during the Emergency to capturing or killing Kimathi [13]. Henderson's hunt for Kimathi was aided by deserters from within Kimathi's force caused by his brutal enforcement of discipline, Kimathi executing dissenters from hs own ranks then burying them in antbear burrows.

He was charged with possession of a firearm a. His appeal was dismissed, and the death sentence upheld. The day before his execution, he wrote a letter to a Father Marino asking him to get his son an education "He is far from many of your schools, but I trust that something must be done to see that he starts earlier under your care.Dedan Kimathi is charged of possessing a revolver without license. It was only 15 years later in , during his second visit to Kenya, that Mandela finally managed to meet Mukami as well as two of Kimathi's children.

The prison guard has been changed and replaced with another guard. International Hotels Dedan does not give an answer to the question, rather he objects the rule of a European judge over an African in an African court of law.

He fought against the European colonialism and the idealism of imperialism.

In the prison where he was held, Kimathi was mercilessly tortured, beaten and dehumanized. Girl: Despondently It is hard. After the bank executive, the politician and the Indian have left, the priest comes out of the dark.

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