2. Chapter 02 - The Southern Lights. 3. Chapter 03 - Civil Wars (Part 1). 23 4. Chapter 04 - Civil Wars (Part 2). 5. Chapter 05 - Peacekeepers Avatar Korra - (Book 2 Spirits). Topics Korra. Korra SHOW ALL. Episode List Season 2. Rebel Spirit. S2, Ep1. 13 Sep. Rebel Spirit. ( 1,). 0 Korra struggles to find a deeper connection with the Spirit World as she and the gang attend .. Animated TV Shows to Stream Now With Prime Video. The Legend Of Korra season 2 episode 12 review: Harmonic Convergence of Korra struggling to stretch its story out enough to fill all the episodes it's got.

The Legend Of Korra Book 2 Full Episodes

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See also: List of The Legend of Korra episodes 14, 2, "The Southern Lights", Pierrot, Ian Graham, Story by: Michael Dante DiMartino. The Legend of Korra download Episode 2 HD $ . and the Equalists, get ready to relive the exciting adventures of Avatar Korra in this complete Book 1 recap!. Book Two: Spirits (神靈) is the second book of The Legend of Korra, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Book Two: Spirits (DVD), All episodes of Book Two, July 1, Why wasn't the first half of TLA book 2 well received?.

But it's during episodes like "Peacekeepers," "The Sting" and "The Guide" -- all of which were done by Studio Pierrot -- that things start to look, well Usually, the culprits are off-model characters: crossed eyes, misshapen noses or no noses at all and, most obviously, choppy movements.

In terms of the Blu-ray, watching the episodes back to back -- especially in HD -- doesn't exactly help matters.

That said, Pierrot's animation is only occasionally distracting, and in the grand scheme of things their work is actually very good particularly the action scenes. Same as last time, creator commentaries are provided for every single episode, with Mike and Bryan on hand for each of them.

Avatar The Legend of Korra Book 2 Fire E01 - Rebel Spirit

Alas, no voice stars this time around Janet Varney, where art thou!? As a result, the commentaries focus a little more on technical aspects of the show rather than story, but all major plot points are discussed at length.

Mike and Bryan even go over some of the discrepancies fans brought up during Book Two's airing. Also included are 15 "Scene Bending" animatics, featuring character sketches, layouts and rough animations that play alongside the final product.

Then there's "Inside the Book of Spirits," which gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at how The Legend of Korra is made, as Mike and Bryan go over development, scripting, recording, animation and more.

Finally, the meatiest featurette is "The Re-Telling of Korra's Journey," which is basically a minute recap of Book One, with narration provided by J. Simmons as Tenzin. Suffice to say, if you haven't seen Book One in awhile, this is the perfect refresher.

Plus, I'll take any excuse to hear Steve Blum voice Amon again. The embossed cardboard sleeve features beautiful new artwork from Konietzko and Dos Santos. Nothing too fancy here, but the set will fit right in with the rest of your Blu-ray collection.

More importantly, it looks great next to Book One on Blu-ray, which is complementary in design. Like the Book One set, this latest home video release includes a ton of extras -- 14 audio commentaries, 15 animatics and four featurettes -- totaling up to over five hours of bonus content.

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While Book Two's animation gets a little wonky in certain episodes, the Blu-ray transfers themselves look great, and the sound is absolutely stellar. Why Story Matters.

Retrieved on November 30, September 13, The Legend of Korra. Season 1. Episode June 27, Season 2.

Episode 1. Everything is irrelevant now.

Lukas Exemplar. Yes, I already read them myself.

I reall enjoy them. Katara was totally correct about the decimation of cultures. And it seems l Deist Zealot.

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Lily Orchard, as far as I'm concerned, is digging for things to piss and moan about.According to the series' creators, about half of Book Two takes place in Republic City and the other half takes place in other areas of the world. Korra and Unalaq then battle each other in their respective Avatar States.

NowSix months after the events of the Anti-bending Revolution, Korra, having learned to bend all four elements and achieved status as a Fully Realized Avatar, must once again become the student when she delves into the realm of spirits under her paternal uncle's teachings and tutelage.

New to Own: Jinora's spirit illuminates the fragment, and Korra withdraws Raava and purifies Unavaatu, killing Unalaq and defeating Vaatu.

While the spirit escapes, the other spirit, Raava, explains that she is the spirit of light and peace, and that the spirit Wan had inadvertently freed is Vaatu, the spirit of darkness and war; Wan has inadvertently initiated an age of darkness for the world. Other than that It was entirely forgettable.

Perhaps with Jinora's new spiritual gifts she can somehow find a way to restore Korra's connection? I became caught up in the moment. At the South Pole, Unalaq fails to open the sealed North Pole portal himself, and reports to Vaatu, who promises that Korra shall come to them.

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