The Last Summer (of You and Me) Ann Brashares RIVERHEAD BOOKS New York Praise for. The Last Summer (of You and Me) A People magazine pick for a . From the New York Times-bestselling author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Ann Brashares comes her first adult novel In the town of Waterby. Personal Review: The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Ann. Brashares. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I've seen the Sisterhood movie and when I picked up the book, it.

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Get Instant Access to The Last Summer: Of You And Me By Ann Brashares #ced98b. EBOOK EPUB site PDF. Brashares site PDF EBOOK EPUB. Get Instant Access to The Last Summer: Of You And Me By Ann Brashares #ced98b. The Last Summer (of You and Me) is a novel by Ann Brashares. Her first novel for adults, and . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

Chapter 3: Bottles and Stones[ edit ] It brought to mind the problem of babysitting for the children of family friends. They underpaid you because they felt they bestowed a favor by recognizing you as something other than a child yourself.

The Last Summer (of You and Me)

Friends and favors made a mess of commerce, in Alice's opinion. Chapter 4: The Talent for Being a Child[ edit ] Some people had gifts that made them great at being kids. Riley had those gifts. She was fearless, and she was fair. She was effortlessly expert at skateboarding, sailing, running fast, coaxing a fish off of any line.

She was the pitcher on the winning corkball team for seven years in a row. She was the first kid up on a surfboard.

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She was even good at indoor things, like card tricks and video games. She didn't believe in hierarchies - not even mothers.

She was the one kid every other kid wanted to befriend, and she never used her power for ill. Riley made it seem like they were all gods of their world, but Alice know that Riley was really the god. She just gave them turns sometimes. Alice felt disloyal to Riley when she began to realize, much later, that her natural talents, her ability to communicate and observe, her caution, her empathy, her love of knitting, suited her better to the grown-up world.

Chapter 5: Not Getting Ahead[ edit ] She didn't deserve it, which was to say she deserved better. They'll give you money to fight with people. You'll spend your days distrusting people and thinking of what will go wrong.

You're an optimist. You'll get crushed by that. He pulled her to a stop.

Everything beautiful is fragile. She stared at her feet. She tried to blink the water back into her eyes before she looked at him again.

Do love me and let me hate you for a while. She was astonished, and at the same time she knew. There were many things in life like that.

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You couldn't imagine it, and then it happened and you couldn't really imagine it hadn't. I erase by night.

He indicated no knowledge of what had gone on at the beach the night before. Chapter 9: La Bella[ edit ] She'd been so angry with him when she'd fallen asleep the night before, and now his lovely body was all around her, and the anger was nowhere to be found. With Paul, she could never remember where she'd mislaid her anger, even the times she promised herself she would go back and look for it later. Chapter Take Your Life[ edit ] She wanted to see him, but she was afraid to.

She wanted to keep her version of events for as long as possible. She didn't want to give him a chance to remember it all differently, to tuck it away in a package that was easier to seal off and easier to forget.

The chief frustration of romantic love was that you couldn't make it go by yourself. Chapter Look at What You Could Have[ edit ] Maybe they would be the first couple to achieve career success while having sex.

They couldn't really teach classes or go to meetings, but maybe they could do conference calls.

The Last Summer (of You and Me)

She is dyslexic and has attended outdoor leadership school in Colorado. Paul is something of a hippie, following in his father's footsteps. He can be moody and is wary of trusting people. During the summer, Alice and Paul start to have feelings outside of friendship for each other.

Paul goes to great lengths to hide his feelings about Alice. They both realize they have always loved one another, but now in a different way.

Alice even goes as far to give Paul her virginity one night on the beach. They continue sneaking around, hiding their relationship from their families. One night when Alice has gone over to Paul's house to make love, the emergency alarm goes off during the middle of the night.

Alice dismisses the alarm as an elderly person needing attention, but it is not so; the person being helicoptered out is her own sister, Riley.

It seems Riley is suffering from rheumatic heart disease. Alice is overwhelmed with guilt and a rush of feelings. She suddenly leaves the island without explanation to be with her hospitalized sister and parents, leaving Paul puzzled and hurt. Riley refuses to face the urgency of the situation and insists that her medical condition be kept secret from Paul until she can tell him herself.

The following summer, Alice postpones graduate school to work as a groundskeeper and store cashier near the family's Manhattan home, while Riley awaits a donor heart transplant. Alice downloads Riley an indoor pool membership, which Riley is grateful for, trying to carry on normally and ignore her medical condition.

May 06, Pages. Jul 05, Pages. Petite, tenacious Riley is a tomboy and a lifeguard, always ready for a midnight swim, a gale-force sail, or a barefoot sprint down the beach. Beautiful Alice is lithe, gentle, a reader and a thinker, and worshipful of her older sister.

And every summer growing up, in the big house that overshadowed their humble one, there was Paul, a friend as important to both girls as the place itself, who has now finally returned to the island after three years away.

But his return marks a season of tremendous change, and when a simmering attraction, a serious illness, and a deep secret all collide, the three friends are launched into an unfamiliar adult world, a world from which their summer haven can no longer protect them.

With warmth, humor, and wisdom, Brashares makes us feel the excruciating joys and pangs of love—both platonic and romantic.

She reminds us of the strength and sting of friendship, the great ache of loss, and the complicated weight of family loyalty. She lives in New York City with her family. Visit AnnBrashares.He even attends an old island acquaintance's wedding with a beautiful date to spite her.

He unstuck himself from the bench, stretched his legs. What if I want to be able to make some money? As a band of children, they had laid a magical world over the topology of this skinny place, spread it from ocean to bay.

It made her feel only half-visible to the people waiting alongside her. It made it harder, and in another way it made it easier. She was still there. Anyway, normal is the problem.

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