The God Box by Alex Sanchez - Paul, a religious teen living in a small conservative town, finds his world turned upside down when he meets Manuel— a young. Read The God Box by Alex Sanchez for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* I'd been taught that gay or lesbian people had turned away from God. (Mobile pdf) The God Box. The God Box Alex Sanchez audiobook | *ebooks | Download PDF | ePub | DOC. # in Books Simon Schuster.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "With candor, conviction, and compassion, Alex Sanchez dramatizes the plight of teens who struggle to balance their homosexuality. Read/Download The God Box by Alex Sanchez PDF EPub Online Full Book. Alex Sanchez: The God Box Read/Download PDF Epub Online.

Really puts things into perspective. As a gay Christian myself, I would require this for any parent or teen that needs help figuring things out. Lovely romance that refutes biblical disinformation. By AnniemausLike all of Mr. Sanchez' books, this is a simple teen romance that happens to be between boys.

The characters are believable and act the way a reader expects of adolescents. They are believable, flawed, lovable and consistent.

For those of us whose family and friends are wonderful gay folk, thank you Mr. Sanchez for clarifying many of the bible's often misquoted and misinterpreted statements on homosexuality.

I cringe when I hear this disinformation spread in sermons and now use the book as a reference. So Intense and so much FeelingBy D.

I was so impressed with that book, I went on to find more books by him. This book "The God Box" is by far one of the best reads I have ever picked up.

PDF - The God Box

I 'm not much of a big reader but when it came to this story I felt like I couldn't put the book down. His thoughts and actions felt so intense while reading that it put you into his mind like you where him. Manuel was a great and important character in this book.

Manuel really help bridge the gap on "Gods" love and homosexuality. This book is definitely a great read for teens and young adults gay or straight. The story-line was amazing and the writing style was excellent. A Big fan of Alex Sanchez.

Paul, a religious teen living in a small conservative town, finds his world turned upside down when he meets Manuela young man who says hes both Christian and gay, two things that Paul didnt think could coexist in one person. Doesnt the Bible forbid homosexuality?

The God Box

I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles or ever struggled with reconciling the faith they were raised in, and who they are. Great narrator performance, touching story, loveable characters. Even though the plot has some dream-like quality very much needed these days , I can only wish people would listen to this with an open heart. It is not easy to tackle homosexuality and religion, but Sanchez has done it with ease and confidence.

The narrator has done a very good job. I have read and reread this book, as well as listening to it.

PDF - The God Box

It is a wonderful book about the power of God, friendship, and love. Would you consider the audio edition of The God Box to be better than the print version? Would you be willing to try another book from Alex Sanchez? Why or why not?

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YEs, he is my overall favorite author. I have read all of his books. How does this one compare?

Not sure. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? The section where Paul was coming out, and there was very limited drama.

It's the ideal situation. Any additional comments? I really couldn't dive into this book, and I really wanted to. I couldn't relate to alot of characters or place their journey like Alex's other books.

The story itself was great, but I couldn't get into having Paul and Manuel's pairing. I guess I expected it to be more like they became great friends and then Paul met another person to be his love, equally for Manuel.Additionally, Dawn Savage points out that young adult literature is aimed at teenagers who are making a transition into adulthood, thus this literature also has ulterior pur- poses, such as informing, comforting, or inspiring teens He asked us the same sort of stuff and then said, Hey, does your school have a GSA?

Since the materialization of a literary market for teenagers and adolescents during the late s, the value of young adult literature has been greatly focused on utilitarian purposes. Presenta a Atenea en el anverso y su atributo, la lechuza, en el reverso. Sanchez An embrace of his sexual and religious identities facilitated an em- brace of the Mexican-American identity that he desperately tried to keep at bay.

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