Chicago Stars Series. CHICAGO STARS READING GUIDE. FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT, Chicago Stars Book 8, is available now. Readers will see a few old. Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 4 - Dream A Little. Home · Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 4 - Dream A Little. Author: Phillips Suzanne Elizabeth. 56 downloads Views Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 4 - Dream A Little · Read more · This Heart Of Mine.

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Chicago Stars has 15 entries in the series. Chicago Stars (Series). Susan Elizabeth Phillips Author Anna Fields Narrator (). cover image of It Had to Be . It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars, #1), Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars, #2), Nobody's Baby But Mine (Chicago Stars, #3), Dream a Little Dream (Chicago Stars. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Nobodys Baby But Mine Chicago Stars 3 Susan Elizabeth Phillips PDF. NOBODYS BABY BUT MINE CHICAGO.

Learn more about site MatchBook. site Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Susan Elizabeth. Broke and desperate to provide a better life for her son, gutsy Rachel Stone ends up in Salvation when her car breaks down. She knows the place? Dwayne Snopes, a televangelist who fled stealing millions.

Luckily, Gabe Bonner, who owns a drive-in theater where Rachel asks for work, seems to be the only person who doesn't recognize her right off. Rachel's proud mettle distracts Gabe from the grief of his own tragic loss, but enemies strike out at Rachel, while Gabe's brothers mount a family defense against the gold-digging widow. Phillips Heaven, Texas digs deep to expose weaknesses and strengths in the psyche and faith of her characters.

The result is a book that is touching, funny, sexy and humane. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: October 13, Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers Language: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Romance Novels. Book Series.

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Read reviews that mention susan elizabeth elizabeth phillips dream a little little dream nobody baby baby but mine rachel stone north carolina gabe bonner salvation north chicago stars series wife and son son edward rachel and gabe lost his wife brother ethan cal bonner well written highly recommend happy ending.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. Road trips are great way to listen to books, but I would recommend listening to Dream a Little Dream on a road trip.

Not that it was bad. No, it was a great story, but boy did it bring on the ugly cry. I mean the one where you will use anything that is soft to stop the tears. Fortunately, I happen to have a box of tissue in my car and I manage to keep the tears at bay, not very well.

Now her dead husband did shady things, and she has to live with the consequences of his actions. Everyone believes she's this awful person, so she has to prove to everyone she's not the person they saw on TV.

However, that is hard when no one is willing to give her a chance. Anyway, the good people of Salvation, North Carolina are horrible people.

At times I would be like scream you are hypocrites, because they talk about being followers of Christ and then they treated her like dirt. Fortunately there were a couple people that saw she wasn't the devil incarnated, like Gabe and Kristy.

Gabe has some serious issues. He has the hots for Rachel, but there is the issue of her child. It stems that he can never has his family again, so he doesn't want another family.

This is a struggle for Rachel, because she's falling for Gabe; however, her priority is her son. Through most of the book, Gabe is thought to be a block of ice that slowly melts. I mean what Rachel goes through, she doesn't give up on life.

I do like the secondary love story between Ethan and Kristy. Kristy is so in love with Ethan, but all he can see is the big busty women. Bad preacher. He has to face facts that he needs Kristy in life and she's absolutely perfect for him. Wouldn't recommend this book for a long car ride cause the tears were streaming down the face.

However, Susan Elizabeth Phillips does an amazing job with making me have the feelies for this story. Adore Rachel and her inner strength to conquer the past. She's truly a good person, even when no one believes her to be one. I also love how she exacts revenge on Cal and Ethan in the end.

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That was awesome. I like how Gabe comes to realize that he can love again after tragedy. Overall, a pretty darn good story. If you are in a need of a good cry, Dream a Little Dream is a go to read. The rapey alpha males in this book were just too much for me.

Controlling, manipulative, power-wielding men simply do not qualify as romantic heroes. It really doesn't matter if he is motivated by "love"; when a man disables a woman's car so she will have to ride with him it's actually a crime and not a romantic gesture.

I've enjoyed a number of SEP's books, but this one not only misses the mark, it does a real disservice to women.

The ending is everything one could wish for, and everyone is redeemed, but you'd have to overlook a whole lot of unacceptable if not downright abusive behavior in order to let the ending redeem this book. This is also everything the current book offered, in loads.

I cannot stress enough how much I adored, respected and admires Rachel. She had been through hell and her path of pain and humiliation did not end with meeting the hero. And, while I somewhat understand the motivation of the townspeople, knowing the truth, that she was not the big bad, instead she was the most direct and unfortunate victim of her conman husband, I was very protective of her and took her troubles to heart.

And, wanted to beat up and give a piece of my mind to all the ignorant morons. This included the brothers of Gabe, however charming they allegedly were supposed to be, and however much I sympathized with Cal in his own book. Despite this constant bullying, Rachel was hardworking, determined, upbeat and, most of all, she was an incredible sacrifice-herself-in-a-heartbeat mother to her adorable son Edward aka Chip.

Chip was simply delightful. I just wanted to take him and put him in my pocket to protect forever. I did feel, however, that the fearful, somewhat borderline abusing relationship between him and Gabe went a bit too far. The romance between Rachel and Gabe was somewhat bittersweet, a lot more emotional and mature than other SEP books. Thanks for being the first ones to tell me that you liked what I wrote.

Jack Aikens regarded him cautiously. Jack Aikens observed the man who was his most important client. Today Bobby Tom was dressed almost conservatively in white linen trousers, a lavender silk shirt, his purple lizardskin boots, and a light gray Stetson.

They knew that Bobby Tom was smart, driven, and as tough as they came. Are you sure you want to start now? Despite his affability, the former football player was a deeply private person. Not that Jack blamed him.

Everybody in the world wanted a piece of Bobby Tom, and the athlete had learned to protect himself. Every ex-jock, shapely female, or hometown buddy with a hard luck story had come to regard Bobby Tom as an easy mark.

Jack peeled the silver foil coin off the end of the Turns roll. Movies like this, all anybody has to do is kick ass and undress women.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 05 - This Heart Of Mine

Regardless of what his client said, he had to believe Bobby Tom planned to make a success out of his movie career. On the other hand, he certainly was taking his time about it.

Jack settled back in his chair. What do I need fittings for? As usual, Bobby Tom was going to do things his own way. Bobby Tom lowered his boots from the desk and slowly rose. Bobby Tom paused at the door and gave his agent that level, blue-eyed gaze defensive players all over the league had learned to dread.

Bobby Tom always knew exactly what he wanted, and he generally got it. As he slipped the pad under a file folder, he hoped to hell Miss Snow had a gorgeous ass, a mankiller set of tits, and the instincts of a piranha.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars Bonner Brothers 02 - Heaven Texas.pdf

Gracie Snow was having a bad hair month. As the humid night breeze of early July sent a kinky coppery brown lock flying in front of her eyes, she decided she should have known better than to trust a hairdresser named Mister Ed. Half a dozen cars were parked in the curving drive, and as she approached the sleek cedar and glass structure that overlooked Lake Michigan, she heard music blaring. She needed to prove to Willow Craig that she could efficiently discharge her first real responsibility.

It was an unusual house, low and sprawling, with a sharply angular roof. Trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, she determinedly pressed the bell and tugged on the jacket of her best navy suit, a shapeless affair with a hemline that was neither long nor short, simply unfashionable.

She sometimes thought her sense of fashion had become warped from having grown up around so many elderly people because she always seemed to be at least two decades out of date. As she pressed the bell again, she thought she detected the reverberation of a gong from within, but the music was so loud, it was difficult to tell.

A small flicker of anticipation tingled at her nerve endings. The party sounded wild.

Chicago Stars Series

Although Gracie was thirty years old, she had never attended a wild party. She wondered if there would be pornographic movies and bowls of cocaine set out for the guests.

She was almost certain she disapproved of both, but since she bad no actual experience with either one, she thought it only fair to reserve judgment. Not that she would ever experiment with drugs, but, as for pornographic movies. Perhaps just a short peek.

She pressed the bell twice in a row and pushed another wayward lock of hair back into her lumpy french twist. There had been months of green hair from a miscalculation with a bottle of peroxide and raw, inflamed skin from an allergic reaction to a freckle cream.

She could still hear the howls of laughter from her high school classmates when the wadded tissues in her bra had shifted while she was giving an oral book report. That incident had been the final blow, and right then she had promised to accept the Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, words her plainspoken mother had been dispensing since Gracie was six years old. You come from a long line of homely women, Gracie Snow.

She was of medium height, neither short enough to be cute, nor tall enough to be willowy.

Her eyes were neither a warm brown nor a sparkling blue, but a nondescript gray.Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Are you sure you want to start now?

Blue's career as a portrait painter is the perfect job for someone who refuses to stay in one place for very long. Even the starkly designed chaises and chunky tables made of flattop boulders blended with the natural ambience. She had been through hell and her path of pain and humiliation did not end with meeting the hero.

She could still hear the howls of laughter from her high school classmates when the wadded tissues in her bra had shifted while she was giving an oral book report.

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