Sudeep Nagarakar (born 26 February ) is an Indian novelist and writer of fiction. His first His book It started with a friend request was the most popular fiction book of You're the password to my life – The protagonists of this book are Virat and . "You're Trending in My Dreams /Sudeep Nagarkar /Book Review". Results 1 - 16 of 44 Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Looking for books by Sudeep Nagarkar? See all books authored by Sudeep Nagarkar, including Few things left unsaid, and That's The Way We Met, and more.

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First thing sudeep nagarkar is one of the best indian author and i really love his writing. It started with a friend request 2. What is the review of newly released book "She Swiped Right Into My Heart " by Sudeep Nagarkar?. If you are a reader of Romance, then you must add Sudeep Nagarkar books list to your Nagarkar books list with the release of It Started With a Friend Request. Sorry, You're Not My Type by Sudeep Nagarkar has all the spices of love, The next entry to the Sudeep Nagarkar books list is You're the Password to My Life. The Romance Collection: Few Things Left Unsaid/That's the Way We Met/It Started with a Friend Request/Sorry, You're Not My Type (Set of 4 Books) by. Sudeep.

It is nice. I like it very much.

The title of the novel has been matched very well to the cover. The title of this novel sounds cool. It reflects the whole story and matches the story.

Thank you Mr.


Sudeep Nagarkar for gifting us such kind of story. It reflects the practical social life of a love affair. This type of love affair practically happens now a days.

Sudeep Nagarkar Books

All characters play an important role here in this novel. Specially Aditya ans Jazz , main characters are rectified well. One can learn grammar skills from this novel. Appropriate grammars have been used here. Writing style is nice. Simple words have been used so that all people can understand easily.

God also helps them to stay connected with each other. Feb 25, Nandhitha rated it it was ok.

First of all,I must appreciate Sudeep Nagarkar for writing about so called "taboo" issues in his book,and also for writing about so many issues at once: But that is where I draw the line on appreciation,and begin to focus on the faults. Shibani is a passionate biker.

Should'nt biking form atleast a small part of the story? It is instead just written to show out her character: Also,I never felt very connected with her,she remained a one dimensional character,though I sympathised with her in the end.

Tushita was a character who was even more one dimensional than her sister,Shibani. Though she had mental and physical scars,the hurt which she felt kept being displayed almost in the same words,that I lost interest.

Sudeep Nagarkar Books Price List

Tushita's Prince the way she depicts her ideal man was again,repeated so many times. Also,Tushita coping with the scars arent exactly shown. Geet was a character I liked,given her superior intelligence.

But the fact I did not like in Geet and the entire book was that a girl had to become pretty for the guy to like her. Rudra didn't give Geet a second glance till she turned pretty.

Also whatever the girls wore was heavily discussed some times only,I admit but that put me off.

Sudeep Nagarkar Books

Rudra was very badly characterised,in fact I could not understand what even was his character. Geet could perceive well, but apart from that,I didn't understand what even drew them together,or why Geet is said to be kind and all that.

Vivaan was good. I liked him especially when he was the only one who understood Shibani. Ending was very stereotypical. The book could have been written much better. May 12, Lanaya rated it did not like it. I bought a copy because I was researching on what kind of books sell and I noticed that this was a best seller. I sincerely thank the author for writing this because it gave me a lot of confidence in my own writing.

I possibly cannot write any worse than this abomination.

I do not understand how people give out 5 or 4 star reviews for this book when the writing lacks depth and characterization. It was just 80 or so pages of incoherent rambling without any real dialogue. I would say 6th class stu I bought a copy because I was researching on what kind of books sell and I noticed that this was a best seller. I would say 6th class students of our high schools would have a better love story to tell than this guy.

The author should retire storytelling ideally but his legion of fans wouldn't let him. He brings the caliber of Indian authors down. I literally wept for the people that had to read this monstrosity. Jul 20, Qaynaat Banatwala rated it did not like it. This book sucks. I never read Indian authors but i was forced to read this on a train journey. Im someone who wants to complete the book once started no matter how bad it is.

I painfully finished this book as fast as I could. The story was lame typical bollywoodish kind. The characters were very plain. His writing style and vocabulary is of a 4th grade student who is forced to write an essay in exam and he writes whatever the hell he can manage to score marks.

I wish we had better authors in Ind This book sucks. I wish we had better authors in India and most importantly, better readers because as long as people keep reading and making such shitty books bestsellers, we are never going to get rid of these pathetic 'writers' Oct 31, Mira rated it it was ok.

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The introductory part was so interesting that I thought it would end with an interesting climax. The narration made me lose interest too childish. It ended to a boring story. I think author was able to make too good. However, I don't understand how could Geet forgive Shivani so easily? I can understand the feelings of Shivani, but it doesn't allot her the right to upload private pics of her best friend?

The only thing I liked was the nature of Vivan. A good example of an ideal personality. Overal The introductory part was so interesting that I thought it would end with an interesting climax. Overall, I don't recommend to read it.

Jan 01, Reader Women rated it liked it. A nice plot with twists and turns and many revelations is the peculiar thing about the novel. I am not much into romantic novels so for me the novel is okayish. This is my first book from the author and so I started reading it with no hopes and no expectations. After the completion, what themes i could note from it were that some touching as well as adult issues have been discussed along with the title of each chapter.

Friendship was the main theme around which the whole story revolves and binds A nice plot with twists and turns and many revelations is the peculiar thing about the novel. Friendship was the main theme around which the whole story revolves and binds up the characters.

Dec 22, Raja rated it liked it. Not up to that mark Narration was fabulous no doubt, But the story is little bit common. In my point of view it was not a one time read too Reviews for Popular Sudeep Nagarkar Books. That's The Way We Met. I had read few things left unsaid and when i heard that Sudeep Nagarkars next book is going to release soon i immediately logged into flipkart and preordered Mrunmayee Ambekar Certified downloader Jun, Just awsm Feel the Vibes..

Nice work Sudeep Suraj Jadhav Certified downloader 10 months ago. It Started with a Friend Re I recently read many books but this one stands of all.

It takes you to mesmerizing ride of life which leaves you stunned midway and forces you to read more a Nikhil Jul, Ganpat Khatri Certified downloader 18 days ago.

This soul-stirring book has been appreciated by many readers and considered to be one of the best works of Sudeep Nagarkar. This book introduces us to the heartwarming story of Virat and Kavya. These two are best friends, despite their differences in personalities.

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Virat is shown as a shy character, whereas Kavya is quite outgoing in nature. Their interesting story keeps readers hooked until the end. The three of them have different personalities but despite that, they are close friends.Never read a more dumb book! His books have been translated into various languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Telugu. It ended to a boring story. Always inclu One of the Dumbest book that i have ever read.


Friend Reviews. For more information about Sudeep, you can visit https: May 28, Geet, one of the most unpopular girls in college, is best friends with the beautiful and sought after Shibani.

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