Link to PDFs of all the Sourcebooks, Character Sheets, and some modules Help statting KX series (raudone.inforsd20) . d20 Star Wars Revised SRD?. D20 - Star Wars - Core Rulebook (Revised).pdfJun M. Bookmark D20 - Star Wars - Coruscant And The Core M. Welcome to the latest edition of the Star Wars Ralepiayt'ng Game. a great opportunity to give Star Wars Miniatures Home players another way in which to use.

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In no way does the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Revised, Expanded, and Updated intend to represent itself (as an entity) as licensed propriety of the license. D20 - Star Wars - Core Rulebook (Revised).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Star Wars D20 - Manual Basico - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

Saving Throws have been changed to a series of "Defenses". Virtually all attacks and offensive powers now require a roll against one of three defenses — Reflex Defense, Fortitude Defense, or Will Defense.

These Defenses are analogous to both Saving Throws and Armor Class or Defense as in the previous system in other d20 games. Skill points have been eliminated. Characters have a number of "trained" skills they can pick based on their class and Intelligence bonus.

Star Wars D20

Skills themselves have been simplified and integrated, with such skills as Deception covering the former skills of Bluff, Disguise, and Forgery. The Mechanics skill now encompasses Repair, Disable Device, and Demolitions as well as crafting devices in the expansion books. Force sensitive characters now have a single "Use the Force" skill, which allows them to do a number of things such as moving small objects and searching their feelings. Force Powers are special abilities such as Force Choke or Move Object that form a "suite" of powers, similar to a hand of cards, which are used up, and recharge between encounters; all Force Powers involve a "Use the Force" skill check, and a greater margin of success on the check will produce a stronger effect.

Force users can also select Talents related to the Force, and prestige classes grant Force Techniques and Force Secrets which further improve their ability to use the Force. The game includes an optional Destiny system. Characters receive "Destiny Points" which are more powerful than Force Points. They allow such things as scoring an automatic critical hit without rolling, gaining 3 Force Points, or automatically succeeding at a virtually impossible task.

Destiny Points are used to help characters with a predetermined fate usually determined during character creation eventually fulfill their specific overarching goal. The character class Attack Bonus progressions no longer allow for multiple attacks during a full-round action.


Instead, a character wielding a single weapon must pick the new "Double Attack" feat for one extra attack and "Triple Attack" feat for two extra attacks , but both incurring significant attack roll penalties uniformly to all attacks that turn. Class A class represen ts 3 waY of life embraced by a character; It serves. You can build upon that professtou as your hero improves, or you ran branch out in to a dlfferen tel ass if it better sui ts how you want the character to develop.

You tan cheese trom frillger, noble, scoundrel,.

These a bilitie! A score of 10 Or I I ill an ability is i1veraQe. Higher scores givl. VitalitYllolnis represent the character's abili1;y to tum deatlly a uacks into 9 hmt!

Whtm a character suffers damage. This represents a lass or ene. When a character's vi [alily p ilm are depleted, further damage reduces the character's WOII rld pain ts.. Wound pOIl'l1. S represent how much physkal damage a character mn su ffer before -dying. A character's class and level determine his number of vilality points, and that number increases with each level 9a1l1ed.

A character's wound polrns are equal lO his Constitution score. They do not lnerease with level advancemen t un less speci fled by a class leatu re 0 r a feat Skills and Feats Skills represent how well a character does at dramatic tasks other lhan combat All characters are assumed La have a wide selection of averaqeskills: the game only measures ihe skill..

Skills are measured in ranks. See the class descriptions in Chapter Three ror the skills that are associated with each class, All skill descrlprlons can be found in Chapter Pour. All characters start Wi1h at least one feal, thOUgJl certain classes and spertes provide addilional feats.

It's a game, Tlol homework. Once yo II understand the bastes, start pi ayiligl Use this book as a reference during play. Rondier in comba land either drnmatk situa t ions when the success or an scnon is in doubt. The d20 is used to determine results in combat and when making skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws. The 01 her dice [d4, cl6.

Usually, the- e! We call these group- 'featecl stories "advenlures. Typirally, lhe game consists or adventure, that resemble episodes in the movie sage. One adventure ti1ighi play out in a single gam session; another might stretch across several ewning! A e S can last as Inng as you're comfortable pia in9, from a short as one hour to as long lJS a twelve-hour marathon, Most groups gel rogetlrer and play for two to rOUT hours at 3 lime.

When there's combat going on, play is much more casual. The GM describes the scene and asks the players whai their characters do. When combat breaks out. While the rules tor makIng the e rolls follow the core mechanic, ea 11 type ef'roll is used lor II slightly difFerent purpose.

Skill Checks To make iI skill check, roil a d20 and add your character's skill modifier For [hal particular skill. Unopposed Chaoks: An unopposed skill clieck's uccess depends only on your character'S action. The DC For an opposed check is tile check result or the character opuosinq your action.

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The opponent's check might be made using tile same skill you are using OT a different skill. The character with the higher result sucre cl at the action being perfurmed, while lhe character with the lower result fails.

In the ase or a tie, roll the checks agei" lmln one character achieves a higher result thsn the other, For example, if your character tries to hide from an opponent, your Hide check is opposed by the opponent's Spa I check 1 r YOtH result is hlgher. If your result is lower.

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Ability Checks Ability checks art usee! Trying to move a heavy cargo centalner, tor example.

To make an abili y heck, roll a d20 and add your character's modirler for rlre appropriate ability. Ir the result j equal to or greater than the DC of the task, the check succeeds.

Attack Rolls To aLtack an opponent, roll a d20 and add your character's attack bon us.

Roll the type of diet' indicated for the w apon u cd and arid any modifiers thai apply. If your character uses a Jightsabcr.

Damage reduces vi ra lity poin ts frrs l. When a II 0 f a rharacI er's viI ality points are gone. An aua k may cause a critical hi! That result represents the threat or a critical hit. Then the attacker makes a second attack roll to cenfurn the critical hit.

If this second attack roll sl. A longed attack uses 3 weapon thal attacks opponents al il distance, such as a blaster or a bowcaster. J lO determine e results of their characters' actions. A round represents 6 seconds in the game world, regardless orhow long it takes the pl3yers 10 complete the round. At the start of a baulc. This order of play is used in every fill!

When your tum in the order comes up, you perform ,all rheacrlans you arc eruitled to in Ihe current round. In a rou n d, you ran do one or the rollowing things [but see Chapter 6ight lor additional infotm!

MOV,8 Acti[]ns A move acl ion lets. Yo u can move and al tack, in ei I her order, ill a round. Allacking more than once- if you are of sufficient level to do sol or usinp a skill or feat tha t requires a full round to accomplish is considered a full-round action. Free Actions Fret' actions consume almost no time or effort. YOll can perform a Free aolian in addluon 10 rJerfarming olher actions in a round. Reactions Some skll1 checks are instant reattions [0 specmc events.

The GM tens you when a reaction check is appropriate, dCf. A reaction takes no lime and is nOI ccnsidered to be an actkm.Any Force-user making a See Force check DC 15 can see the message, but only those with this ability can read it.

D20 - Star Wars - Core Rulebook (Revised).pdf

The spirit form appears anywhere within 60 meters of the spirit master, and can travel anywhere in this area, though it does not travel any differently than the spirit master. All classes are locked into their class skills entirely until the feat Cosmopolitan in the Hero's Guide. Reference Book: After all, what would a big star be doing in a place like this?

The character may ask one such question per day for every two levels she has attained in the spirit master prestige class. The Emperor personally selects who will become a Moff and hands down that appointment through a Grand Moff.

Mixed parties tend to have many other characters overshadowed by the Force Users. A Shadow Wing captain gains 1d8 vitality points per level. This leads to a major problem when parties get together.

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